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Hacking Prowl and Irssi

Tuesday, July 7th, 2009

The moment I stumbled upon Prowl (a new iPhone App that routes Growl notifications to your iPhone via Apple’s push service) I knew I would find some powerful uses for it.

At Tera-Byte, several of my colleagues telecommute. In order to stay in constant communication with each other, we all use good ol’ IRC. In order to be readily available and allow quick roaming from one location to an other, I use Irssi‘s proxy module which runs continuously within a screen session on my co-located server.

On my Desktops and iPhone I run Colloquy which connects to my Irssi proxy. Although push capabilities are planned for Colloquy, it’s not ready yet. Prowl appeared to be the perfect band-aid for the situation.


Moving to Tera-Byte

Friday, March 28th, 2008

After nearly six years with Triton Networking Solutions Ltd. today marked my last official day.

Shortly after the merger of Tera-Byte’s wireless internet service with Triton’s AirSurfer Wireless Network I decided to move on. Although I’ve enjoyed my position at Triton, the opportunity of a new position in a different organization was too enticing to turn down. Sometimes change is just welcome after a long stay in the same position for years on end.

For the time being I’m running twelve hour NOC shifts while I familiarize myself with the organizations business and systems. Later it’ll be back to my regular 9-5 lifestyle.

Although I’m not yet 100% clear on what this new position will entail, I look forward to the challenges that it will bring from this point forward.