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A tale of two AirPorts

Sunday, September 28th, 2014

The concept of a “guest” WiFi network, open to anyone but isolated from the rest of my home LAN has always been appealing… The feature has existed in the AirPort Extreme routers since the third generation (circa 2009).

Originally the feature would disappear the moment you turn off router functionality and place the AirPort in bridge mode. This combined with my insistence on letting my FreeBSD box serve as the Internet gateway for my household negated my ability to use the feature.

In a firmware update some time ago, this feature re-appeared, even while the router was in bridge mode… I tried it once, discovered I could get no traffic to flow through it, shrugged it off and disabled it…



Banishing Inferno to the Basement

Monday, June 1st, 2009

I’m now back to my regular ol’ routine, just finished a week long “staycation.” So other than spend quality time with the family, what does a system administrator who doesn’t have to go to work for a week do with his time? Pull some CAT5 and clean up my home network, of course!

Inferno, my FreeBSD home gateway, file, web and everything else server has been irritating me with its typical PC fan whirring for too long. It was high time to uproot the beast from its cozy spot on my office floor, where it sat for nearly eight years and drag it to the basement and finally bring tranquility to my office.


Preppin’ Baby’s Room

Sunday, July 22nd, 2007

Never quit moving this whole weekend. Finally managed to dedicate the time, along with Jessie’s parents to get the baby’s rooms ready for the arrival.

Started at around 10:00 AM Saturday morning and did not stop until this evening…


Electrocutions, Sliced Fingers and Switches

Monday, April 16th, 2007

Most of the light switches in our house are the Leviton decorative types. We only had about four switches that were of the ugly, old fashioned variety.

Jessie, for some reason, had the ambition to see to it that we replace the eye-sore light switches yesterday evening. Seeing as how I’ve also been thinking of doing the same thing, I agreed that yesterday was the time and we picked up the appropriate number of switches and plates.