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Microsoft Innovates some Vulnerabilities

Wednesday, March 27th, 2002

During a period of boredom while waiting for the laundry machine to do its thing, an amusement came over me, recalling the fun that Microsoft recently allowed into the ‘net with Nimda and Code Red. I felt I might as well check how many hits I’ve received since the last time I flushed the Apache logs. This brought about the fact that this site has received more traffic from Microsoft powered zombies then legitimate visitors. After a small script writing frenzy, these hits are now displayed proudly on the front page. An excellent way to boast in regard to Incoherency.Net’s invincibility (relative to Microsoft servers).

Hosting my very own DNS

Wednesday, March 20th, 2002

After some playing around with BIND Incoherency.Net is now hosting its own DNS services. Not only is this sexier, but so far it appears to be faster. Later, when I’m feeling ambitious I’ll replace this stinky old hardware with my shiny new OpenBSD server.

24 MB of RAM just isn’t Enough

Tuesday, March 5th, 2002

I guess I shouldn’t have picked at it. Incoherency.Net has now had its first non-connection related down-time after 72 days of straight uptime. Somehow I caused a server process to keep spawning. I was unable to stop it as it ate up all my available memory to the point that I could not log in.

Perhaps more then 24 MB of RAM would be in order considering everything this machine is running.