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Keep calm and trust the iCloud?

Saturday, December 31st, 2016

Although I’ve used Dropbox over the years, I never fully trusted it for documents that were too personal or private in nature. A few high profile compromises later made me accept those gut feelings were correct.

On the other hand… iCloud document syncing has always been a bit of a gong show. The Apple iWorks suite had intermittent issues where documents on the Mini would fail to open or otherwise be out of sync. Dropbox certainly had the reliability advantage.

Dropbox was eventually relegated to only accommodating my 1Password synchronization. With 1Password for Teams I ended up dropping Dropbox entirely.

Fast forward to macOS Sierra. Document created by the iWorks suite seem to be syncing pretty reliably these days. I recently picked up a shiny new MacBook Pro (touch-bar) but find myself going back to my aging 2010 Mini for no other reason than it’s where a ton of my files are stashed.

Sierra has been encouraging me to place my Documents and Desktop folder into iCloud. Maybe this would actually be a decent idea? Ultimately it’s something that Apple will need to get right if they haven’t accomplished this feature already. Going to a particular machine or relying on local storage is starting to feel pretty archaic.

I should write more…

Friday, September 5th, 2014

Too many moments happen in between the rigorous fits of self documentation I disseminate here. My older (of two) daughters is about to turn seven (tomorrow!) and I have a new born son that doesn’t exist if you base your facts on said missing ramblings.

It’s easy enough to make excuses, some more legitimate than others:

I do have the odd blog post in recent years, but they mostly share a common theme: “Let me jump on my soapbox, I feel the need to whine about my current first world problem!”

Some of my older entries have been more enjoyable… More personal… If nothing else, useful for my own reminiscing… I’ve satisfied that itch with the occasional entry in Day One, but I wonder… Maybe, like opensource software, the fear of embarrassment will force a higher quality if I just hang it all out there…

Failing that, maybe this can, at least, serve as a cheap thrill for the voyeuristic impulses of random passer-bys.