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Incoherency.Net E-mail now with SPF

Thursday, August 26th, 2004

Email as a legit communications platform has become useless due to spam producing scum. After finally getting fed up with the massive pile of spam I receive at Incoherency.Net (200+ messages per day) I have implemented SPF with the strictest configuration. After recently getting a Gmail account I have forwarded my mail to Google’s servers to take advantage of their spam filtering, however I disliked the idea of not being able to fully utilize my own personal domain for receiving email directly. Instead, I’ve now taken the strict SPF route, obviously the implementation used here is not yet feasible on the networks I maintain professionally, but for my own network, for my use, until your ISP or mail provider publishes SPF records I’d rather lose your mail then receive the pile of crap I receive each day.

Down with Telus!

Tuesday, August 17th, 2004

After some technical hurdles all at this site is back up and running. First off Telus thought it would be cute to start blocking incoming port 80 and a colorful assortment of other ports. At first I rebelled and setup all sorts of workarounds, but in short time I thought it would be even cuter to flip Telus the bird they deserve and switch to Shaw Cable. Shaw is not blocking any ports and with their new extreme package has speeds far exceeding Telus.

Slightly before the whole “down with Telus” fiasco I upgraded the server to PHP5 which broke the web mail interface. After some additional upgrades web mail is now functioning. Time to catch a movie!