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Miscellaneous Updates

Tuesday, July 8th, 2003

Haven’t had the ambition to scribble something in here for a couple months. Just in case anybody actually reads this, I better write or somebody may think I got hit by a bus or something (it’s been known to happen).

Got the land title to my house on July 4th, nobody on the title that shouldn’t be, anymore. Party on! Went and saw T3 on Sunday, an excellent source of testosterone! Received a nice beefy raise from work, woohoo! Oooh, and I fixed my left-turn signal in my truck (damn corroded wires) after realizing it hasn’t been working for months. Did a horrible job involving CAT-5e cable and electrical tape, I’m hoping it will last a week or two.

Essentially, all is groovy.

Truck Repairs & Beer

Tuesday, March 25th, 2003

Score! Bernie came by yesterday and drank all my beer! Wait a minute… Damnit! He drank all my beer! Normally I would attempt to injure him over such behavior, but he also fixed my truck, woohoo! Damn it feels good to be driving again.

Should feel good until I run out of gas and have to fill up at the probably hugely inflated prices (I’ve been off the road for about a month, so I’ve lost track). In other news, I got a brand new t-shirt! It came free with the beer! I’m just so happy!

Dakota Trouble

Saturday, March 1st, 2003

Look at me! I made it through another month! Reinforcing my excellent track record of luck with anything resembling an automobile, my ol’ Dakota threw in the towel on Wednesday. According to my older brother it’s either the ignition module (conveniently built into the main computer chip in this one) or some component in the distributor (I forgot what he called that). I’m hoping it’s the latter as that would be significantly cheaper.

Uugh, I’m broke, tired, about as grumpy as a get (not very, unfortunately), and also very broke. So that’s me… What’s new and exciting in your world?

Death of the Aries

Tuesday, May 21st, 2002

Rotten son of a…! On my way to Falher (fortunately only a couple hours away from the city) my car ran itself out of oil and died. The car has been leaking oil bad as of late, as I had just filled the oil before I left on my camping trip a mere few days ago. Since the sun outside was so bright I was unable to see my oil light when it went on, by the time the engine stalled and I pulled over to add more oil it was too late. The good ol’ Aries is likely a goner.

This leaves me in a real rough spot. First off my vacation is screwed, second I don’t have a vehicle nor the money to get one. What a way to ruin the day. If you excuse me, I’m going to go kick a post multiple times while screaming various obscenities.