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Retro Gaming and Beer

Friday, November 19th, 2004

Frank, a friend and co-worker of mine managed to dig up an old Super Nintendo from some pawn shop of sorts. On invitation I couldn’t resist popping over for some classic Nintendo gaming action and slightly excessive beer consumption.

Played Mega Man X primarily throughout the evening, was probably one of my favorite game series of that era. I’m not sure if my Nintendo touch has eroded over the last decade or if it was just due to the addition of Molson, but I remember being at least a little better. I did manage to complete a half decent chunk of the game before I could no longer stand up straight though.

Passing of a Friend

Saturday, September 11th, 2004

I just learned yesterday that Nathan Allen, a good friend of mine has passed away, sadly taking his own life. His funeral was today. I originally met Nathan working at my former employer (OA Group). After he left OA we got together regularly, either when he needed some help with whatever computer problem he was currently unable to solve or he just wanted to get together for a couple beers. He was an amazing guy to hang out with, he always had the biggest shit eating grin on his face, and a fun loving personally that was sure to crack me up regardless of how cynical of a mood I was currently in. The guy was consistently armed with a smart assed remark for any imaginable situation. It’s impossible for me to imagine what kind of situation he felt he was in that he couldn’t see an alternative to his demise. The guy was so fun loving any time I saw him, he had a small army of his friends always ready to help him out with whatever he needed. Regardless of whatever situation lead him to this end, he will be greatly missed.