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Death of the Big Harv

Tuesday, February 1st, 2005

The unthinkable has happened. I went to Harvey’s to satisfy my standard diet of a poutine, a coke, and a Big Harv. Imagine my absolute shock when I was informed the Big Harv was no longer with us. It has been discontinued!

What am I to do now? The Big Harv is what swayed me from the deathly habit of McDonalds to the new and meaty world of Harvey’s. Now it’s gone Instead, I had to have a Sirloin burger! A damn Sirloin burger!!!

I am unable to determine with absolute certainty who is behind this monstrosity, although I believe it to be part of a conspiracy involving the same group that have brought us such damning outrages as changing the Big Xtra packaging from a wrapper (protecting your in vehicle seat lap from the bombardment of lettuce, onions, and other various burger condiments to the now useless tiny cardboard box. I believe it’s the same group that toy with our emotions by constantly removing, and later restoring our access to the Bacon Mushroom Melt from Wendy’s.

If only I could find these horrible people, the world of soon-to-kill-ya fast food would be a much safer place. Until then, I can only hope that I may someday love another burger.