About Me

Where does one begin when writing about ones self? Why does one even bother. Perhaps I have nothing better to do. Perhaps I have better things to do but just don’t feel like doing those things. Perhaps I just have a sick obsession with polluting the world wide web with yet another narcissistic display of self importance.

Introduction aside, I’m just an average schmuck living my life in Edmonton with my red-headed wife, Jessie and my two ridiculously cute daughters, Natalie and Allison.

I have a persistent, unfaltering addiction to computers and technology. This is nothing new. I’ve been an enthusiast for as far back as I can remember. Back then for reasons I can’t explain I was simply intrigued by the humble beige boxes of my era.

Gradually I became more involved, fixing computers for neighbours and building desktops for whomever would ask. This inevitably lead to my first full time job – selling full PCs, components and anything related at OA Comp Inc. While at home, I never stopped playing. More programming languages, operating systems, networking gear, everything I could get my hands on.

Shortly before OA’s receivership I ended up working for Triton Networking Solutions Ltd / AirSurfer Wireless. Serving as their CTO, I was finally in a position with a legitimate use for the skills I had casually acquired.

The rest is history, each role I’ve taken on since has built on the roles that came before… I guess that’s how its supposed to work…