1. That’ll get you a cavity search to go with your freedom massage as you pass through security theatre.

    Sun 2017.03.19, 4:14pm

  2. Hooray! 🎉

    Fri 2017.03.17, 10:11pm

  3. Lost me at installing Java.

    Wed 2017.03.08, 4:45am

  4. That’s cool. Your move,

    Wed 2017.03.08, 2:37am

  5. Shiny new . This thing is tiny! (thumb drive for scale)

    Tue 2017.03.07, 3:31am

  6. .@UberEATS ಠ_ಠ

    Thu 2017.03.02, 9:24pm

  7. So much fail, . Don't condition people to be less suspicious of phishing!

    Thu 2017.03.02, 2:05am

  8. Safari’s reader view is your best friend...

    Wed 2017.03.01, 3:16am

  9. No, it won’t. Who the hell wants a curved screen?

    Tue 2017.02.28, 11:29pm

  10. Holy shit!

    Tue 2017.02.28, 12:03am

  11. Can I use this towards a new roof from my good friend, ?

    Mon 2017.02.27, 11:59pm

  12. Glad never transmits my account key. Hooray for a solid design.

    Fri 2017.02.24, 3:23am

  13. By the time NASA has a press release confirming extraterrestrial civilizations, we’ll be desensitized from their mo...

    Wed 2017.02.22, 3:59am

  14. This will be fine. Everything is fine.

    Tue 2017.02.14, 4:10am

  15. Got tired of waiting (a decade) for to deploy IPv6. Got my own damn IPs and ASN and did it myself.

    Wed 2017.02.01, 7:02am

  16. That does look like me! nailed it.

    Wed 2017.01.25, 6:06pm

  17. iOS is a quick learner.

    Sun 2017.01.22, 9:12pm

  18. Ah-ha! No more manually entering my passphrase and loading SSH keys into my agent manually (like animals do):

    Sat 2017.01.21, 7:22am

  19. I think scotch has a Denis problem.

    Thu 2017.01.19, 11:36am

  20. Explains why he left Apple.

    Tue 2017.01.10, 11:46pm

  21. If they hurry and do it right... maybe Model 3 can deliver itself.

    Tue 2017.01.10, 2:35am

  22. Want!

    Thu 2017.01.05, 9:25pm

  23. A good Thunderbolt 3 dock might be handy... but really? VGA?! Are you going to buy a CRT monitor to go with that MacB...

    Tue 2017.01.03, 7:22pm

  24. I'm not letting borrow the Delorean, ever again!

    Mon 2017.01.02, 8:44pm

  25. I think I need a new one... #HappyNewYear

    Sun 2017.01.01, 10:54pm

  26. Only three more years until the roaring twenties. #GoodTimes

    Sun 2017.01.01, 8:42am

  27. Tesla (0L) $0.00 Bring on the Model 3!

    Sat 2016.12.31, 2:56am

  28. The Voice of Siri via

    Sat 2016.12.31, 1:06am

  29. Inbox zero (for the first time since 2010)! Thunderbird and IMAP handled my 30,000+ message inbox gracefully.

    Thu 2016.12.22, 9:20pm

  30. Archiving tens of thousands of messages with Gmail / Google Apps - no problem, done in seconds. Office 365 - impossible.

    Thu 2016.12.22, 8:48pm

  31. Now someone tell before a bunch of idiots pass bill C-51.

    Thu 2016.12.22, 2:18am

  32. Squeeee!

    Tue 2016.12.20, 12:51am

  33. Happiness. Just did something on vi in my days old new MacBook Pro. Successfully hit the ESC “soft” key without thinking about it.

    Sat 2016.12.17, 7:24pm

  34. Who has two thumbs and kicks ass at Mario? #thisguy

    Sat 2016.12.17, 5:24am

  35. What time is it? Scotch o’clock!

    Sat 2016.12.17, 4:09am

  36. When you’re ready, , I volunteer to help remove the trash you left on my lawn....

    Tue 2016.12.13, 11:43pm

  37. Sure, but qbasic rather than pascal.

    Tue 2016.12.13, 6:20pm

  38. Good riddance. More than a decade overdue.

    Wed 2016.12.07, 12:48am

  39. Hooray! No more scammers at my door.

    Fri 2016.11.25, 11:43pm

  40. 🎶the wheels on the bus go round and round! 🎶

    Wed 2016.11.23, 8:17pm

  41. Cue the sudden, permanent increase in our electrical rates to 6.8 cents. You heard it here first.

    Tue 2016.11.22, 8:32pm

  42. It seems Teams for Windows has stopped dead at 666 records (I have 670 records altogether... Do I need h...

    Thu 2016.11.17, 5:21pm

  43. Yes, I’m #OpenlySecular. I try not to be overly obnoxious about it (ok, usually) but nobody should ever have to hide their lack of religion.

    Wed 2016.11.16, 3:29am

  44. MagnaVolt: man, I wish this was a real product!

    Wed 2016.11.16, 2:58am

  45. Started a trial of a couple of weeks ago... Rather enjoying it...

    Sat 2016.11.12, 10:28pm

  46. Parenting win: one of you two stuck the gum here! Both of you go talk about it and come out with an answer! (While I listen at the door)

    Fri 2016.11.11, 3:17am

  47. Online orders end up looking like a filled prescription. A fitting parallel, come to think of it.

    Fri 2016.11.04, 4:14pm

  48. Blue bar of death.

    Thu 2016.10.27, 7:20pm

  49. Now even people who know how to edit text properly will be unable to quit vi! #noescape

    Thu 2016.10.27, 3:44am

  50. Is tomorrow the day macOS runs on ARM? Can I keep my escape key?

    Thu 2016.10.27, 12:54am

  51. Had a couple hours to kill while Natalie was at Muttart with Girl Guides. Walked it off.

    Tue 2016.10.25, 2:16am

  52. “Next time,” indeed... I regret nothing! #noshame #breakfast

    Sun 2016.10.16, 4:49pm

  53. Well... next time... off to Montreal for a couple nights then Ottawa for the rest of the week.

    Sun 2016.10.16, 4:15pm

  54. Aw, man! Why'd I get this coffee, I could have had some at instead. It's noon at my destination, don't judge.

    Sun 2016.10.16, 4:11pm

  55. Someone needs to patch vim to do :set ts=Fibonacci

    Sat 2016.10.15, 11:45pm

  56. That should do it... #friendlyfeedback

    Sat 2016.10.15, 10:26pm

  57. One year later and the epost app still doesn't do Touch ID on iPad. #incompetence

    Sat 2016.10.15, 10:11pm

  58. Well... that sucks!

    Tue 2016.10.11, 3:59pm

  59. Welcome to 2016 where I have native IPv6 to my iPhone over LTE but still insists customers live in an IPv4 cesspool of NAT.

    Sun 2016.10.09, 4:41pm

  60. Hey, ... I’m beyond thrilled you’re rolling out IPv6! Why only on my iPhone and not iPad?

    Sun 2016.10.09, 4:00pm

  61. Right, if EPS wanted your money they’d just passively collect it from you via photo radar as you drove by.

    Sat 2016.10.08, 1:05am

  62. Between this and their ePark abomination, the should just understand apps are NOT their forte. Stop...

    Thu 2016.10.06, 2:19pm

  63. That’s a solid SIP signalling node you put together... Have a whisky, good sir! Sure thing, me, maybe I will!

    Thu 2016.10.06, 2:45am

  64. It was me. I killed by refusing to subscribe. The universe bends to my spiteful will.

    Mon 2016.10.03, 1:49am

  65. Vote for me for Prime Minister, I’ll replace all passport offices and employees with a single and an internet connection.

    Thu 2016.09.29, 4:38pm

  66. ...but their hardware was nice! It’s their software that sucks. They have no future.

    Wed 2016.09.28, 5:03pm

  67. It’s like the staff are paid by the hour on a per beer pour basis and need to maximize their earnings.

    Tue 2016.09.27, 2:11am

  68. TIL cables have a lifetime warranty. I think I’ll take them up on that!

    Sat 2016.09.24, 6:35pm

  69. Well... it WAS a new door for 119 days, at least...

    Fri 2016.09.23, 12:19am

  70. iGiggity...

    Fri 2016.09.16, 11:28pm

  71. C’Mon, bring me my precious...

    Fri 2016.09.16, 9:18pm

  72. Out for delivery! 📦📱🎉

    Fri 2016.09.16, 5:30pm

  73. Sweet!

    Mon 2016.09.12, 10:17pm

  74. I won’t download an app that looks like that. Gross.

    Mon 2016.09.12, 9:24pm

  75. Went to the open house... Roger has a nice place!

    Sun 2016.09.11, 12:05am

  76. Samsung Galaxy users be like...

    Fri 2016.09.09, 11:58pm

  77. iPhone 7 preordered for launch day delivery. In store reservation for plan B. Now who wants my still shiny iPhone 6?

    Fri 2016.09.09, 5:02pm

  78. 1:01 AM... Lies.

    Fri 2016.09.09, 7:04am

  79. Black or Jet Black... how am I gonna settle this?

    Fri 2016.09.09, 5:25am

  80. What a life saving, magical feature in watchOS 3. How’d I ever breathe without it?!

    Thu 2016.09.08, 7:58pm

  81. Bwahahahahaha, snortle... Hahaha... Oh god... yeah... Blackberries come back is imminent now! Let me buy some shares.

    Thu 2016.09.08, 3:31pm

  82. 🍿

    Wed 2016.09.07, 5:01pm

  83. No more more monkeys driving cars!

    Fri 2016.09.02, 2:03pm

  84. Ape McApeface...

    Thu 2016.09.01, 12:51am

  85. I, for one, welcome our new strong signal emitting overlords.

    Mon 2016.08.29, 10:29pm

  86. This is just the direction watches were already going... Right?

    Fri 2016.08.05, 7:07am

  87. It this took until 2030 I’d be immensely pissed off.

    Wed 2016.08.03, 3:04am

  88. Maybe bought so they could teach their people how IPv6 works. #showerthoughts

    Tue 2016.08.02, 3:31am

  89. Hey , if I wanted to review my plan I would do so myself and then contact you. Stop calling me!

    Thu 2016.07.28, 10:00pm

  90. Looking at you,

    Mon 2016.07.25, 4:46pm

  91. It took Logitech over 25 years to sell their billionth mouse. Apple will soon sell their billionth iPhone... Less than 9 years.

    Mon 2016.07.25, 3:22pm

  92. Mmmm, bandwidth... 'bout time improves my upstream. Hooray!

    Sat 2016.07.23, 11:10pm

  93. Welcome back, !

    Fri 2016.07.22, 6:19am

  94. No, thanks , I won’t be installing Flash. It’s 2016.

    Tue 2016.07.19, 9:37pm

  95. Did not know this! Signatures from preview on desktop are even synced. Slick!

    Tue 2016.07.12, 11:12pm

  96. Swift Playgrounds in iOS 10 is fun! Where was this when I was a kid learning how to code?!

    Sat 2016.07.09, 6:55am

  97. What about Edmonton, ? How did Calgary get Flyover before the provincial capital?

    Fri 2016.07.08, 10:40pm

  98. iOS 10 public beta? Sure! Let’s use the iPad as my gateway to start breaking ALL my iDevices.

    Fri 2016.07.08, 4:08am

  99. I put a high voltage sign on my timelapse so this wouldn’t happen. I should electricity it.

    Sun 2016.06.26, 7:47pm

  100. This is the best daddy perk there is...

    Fri 2016.06.24, 3:06am

  101. Amazing: World’s largest retailer can launch a complete failure and not realize it in advance. Somebody tell them?

    Thu 2016.06.23, 2:54pm

  102. Life. It has little problems and big problems. Fortunately beer is sized for both. #hiccup

    Sat 2016.06.18, 1:38am

  103. Makes sense. I think we should use coffee instead of gold to back currencies.

    Wed 2016.06.15, 2:20pm

  104. Seem to have gotten double charged at ... Wonder what the 'easy' way to follow-up on such things is...

    Wed 2016.06.15, 1:54am

  105. So long, ...

    Tue 2016.06.14, 11:32pm

  106. This will be great for ‘s Bria app!

    Mon 2016.06.13, 11:37pm

  107. Perhaps should support two-step auth without the SMS dependency?

    Sat 2016.06.11, 2:38pm

  108. People complained when the iPhone was bendable.

    Tue 2016.06.07, 2:58pm

  109. Shazam!

    Tue 2016.06.07, 4:04am

  110. If I must go, this is how I want it to happen.

    Mon 2016.06.06, 4:06am

  111. For those of you still dependent on 19th century communication modalities... I found the box. It was behind my grass.

    Sun 2016.06.05, 4:59pm

  112. I HATE odd numbers! Even multiples of 3 or any multiple of 5 is tolerable. Multiples of 4 and powers of 2 are my favorite! Just me?

    Sat 2016.06.04, 4:05am

  113. No

    Sat 2016.06.04, 12:38am

  114. Can’t wait until returns...

    Wed 2016.06.01, 2:02am

  115. Who would fall for this? Everyone knows EPS runs automated road side donation collection systems.

    Wed 2016.06.01, 12:08am

  116. Aw, man... gave me what I asked for instead of what I wanted. Mocha != Macchiato. Ordering coffee is hard without coffee.

    Mon 2016.05.30, 3:17pm

  117. Accidentally watched a movie based on a bad teenie bopper novel. I hate it when that happens.

    Sun 2016.05.29, 5:17am

  118. That’s really cool... but how do we keep Edmontonions from smashing big trucks under it, like the High Level Bridge?

    Sat 2016.05.28, 2:07pm

  119. Have to open an app to pay. Already a failure and wasted effort.

    Fri 2016.05.27, 10:27pm

  120. Hooray! is in #yeg! Wait a minute... Aw...

    Fri 2016.05.27, 1:50am

  121. Hey, , internet seems to be flapping today and speeds in my neighbourhood are abysmal lately. What gives?

    Tue 2016.05.24, 8:01pm

  122. That “problem” where your two year old has rearranged your iPad icons. You don’t know what’s moved but you know it’s “wrong.“

    Sat 2016.05.21, 3:36am

  123. ...or maybe they shouldn’t have bundled . Android didn’t kill Java. Java killed Java...

    Thu 2016.05.19, 1:23pm

  124. Oooh! New version of BIRD dropped when I wasn’t looking. Now with BGP multipath. Nice!

    Wed 2016.05.18, 1:53am

  125. There’s people without internet access? How the hell do they tweet?

    Wed 2016.05.18, 12:49am

  126. Won’t say I told you so, but I did!

    Mon 2016.05.16, 11:43pm

  127. Calling CurrentC an Apple Pay rival is like calling walking with two broken legs a Tesla rival.

    Mon 2016.05.16, 11:37pm

  128. It works!

    Thu 2016.05.12, 1:50am

  129. Hooray! Apple Pay for debit and VISA! This is a great day for wallet haters!

    Tue 2016.05.10, 1:53pm

  130. Need more fibre in my diet.

    Mon 2016.05.09, 10:01pm

  131. If I wrote an app that looked like this I'd be way too embarrassed to write my name on it let alone ship it.

    Sun 2016.05.08, 2:12am

  132. Tabs, damnit! Tabs!

    Thu 2016.05.05, 1:17am

  133. supports HTTP/2. Tested by #http2 #webperf

    Thu 2016.05.05, 1:07am

  134. I really like my Kindle but on #DayAgainstDRM it’s probably worth pointing out how awful its DRM and proprietary books are...

    Tue 2016.05.03, 5:05pm

  135. How much research, science, man hours and trial and error went into perfecting the most uncomfortable seats in the world for aircraft use?

    Mon 2016.05.02, 3:54pm

  136. How is it that neither or put the gate number on their electronic boarding pass? Inexcusable.

    Mon 2016.05.02, 2:52pm

  137. What's a selfie of your feet called? A footsie?! I'm so pretty!

    Fri 2016.04.29, 11:03pm

  138. Oooh la la... Check out the redhead in the Mustang convertible! (Don't tell my wife)

    Fri 2016.04.29, 8:34pm

  139. Was going to go for breakfast but the restaurant gave me a 404.

    Fri 2016.04.29, 3:10pm

  140. Remember the brief time when it was quick and easy to book a ride to the airport? Thanks for ruining that . I miss .

    Fri 2016.04.29, 10:27am

  141. Nice, but why force cable? Its time to cut ties with the old-school cartel. Let me pay you directly.

    Fri 2016.04.29, 1:21am

  142. When is going to fix their terrible iPad app?! These images open perfect in Safari. Stop it.

    Sat 2016.04.23, 10:46pm

  143. M’eh, if you’re unhappy with the Canadian library, just unsubscribe. Vote with your dollars. #easy

    Thu 2016.04.21, 10:09pm

  144. This is the direction needs to go as well. Stop making crappy hardware. Time for TV to be an app over IP.

    Thu 2016.04.21, 9:59pm

  145. Why? They don’t have to be perfect. Just better than human drivers. “Easy.”

    Fri 2016.04.15, 5:45pm

  146. Slick.

    Thu 2016.04.14, 1:14am

  147. You hear that SSG? That is the sound of inevitability.

    Wed 2016.04.13, 4:03am

  148. Sweetness. Apple TV is now a game console.

    Sat 2016.04.09, 9:14pm

  149. Finally getting around to compiling and side-loading Provenance on the Apple TV. This should be awesome.

    Sat 2016.04.09, 8:00pm

  150. The update several vulnerabilities ago should have been an uninstaller.

    Fri 2016.04.08, 2:34pm

  151. Hrm. Enabled “Insider Builds” and moved the slider to the “Fast” track. No sign of 14316... Guess it’ll happen at a more inconvenient time.

    Fri 2016.04.08, 1:48am

  152. Dare I jeopardize my stable system for UNIX goodies? Insider builds have been harshly buggy at times. Can I resist?

    Thu 2016.04.07, 11:31pm

  153. Alright, is my hero for building this and making useful.

    Wed 2016.04.06, 11:54pm

  154. Who are they to judge? They also held their phone the wrong way while recording the video.

    Tue 2016.04.05, 1:42am

  155. I appreciate what is trying to accomplish... but I wish they had the option to just upload a CSR and be done with it.

    Mon 2016.04.04, 4:08pm

  156. This!

    Sun 2016.04.03, 3:09am

  157. Yolo?

    Sat 2016.04.02, 12:01am

  158. Second night in a row with Shaw issues. Enjoying that I have two ISPs right now.

    Fri 2016.04.01, 6:26am

  159. This bash on Windows thing better not be an early April fools gag... I’m looking forward to Windows having a text editor.

    Thu 2016.03.31, 5:58pm

  160. I’m not sure what’s more offensive... Assuming I want Yahoo! as my “homepage” or your checkbox/label alignment...

    Thu 2016.03.31, 12:43am

  161. This nonsense with routers not recursively resolving IPv6 next-hops is getting old fast.

    Sat 2016.03.26, 6:32am

  162. What about all the other publicly funded religious schools? Oh...

    Fri 2016.03.25, 10:37pm

  163. So the waste of tax dollar abominations, built on my property against my will are also a safety hazard? Perfect.

    Fri 2016.03.25, 10:28pm

  164. Buying the 2nd generation “Magic Touchpad” for my Mac Mini has ruined my rMBP. Now its touchpad feels all stiff and mechanical...

    Fri 2016.03.25, 9:53pm

  165. I miss the days where the internet didn’t reveal everything from an $APPL keynote months in advance.

    Tue 2016.03.22, 1:05am

  166. Hooray! A browser just can’t be a browser without

    Sun 2016.03.20, 12:36am

  167. Solid demo of... Something broken at the ... #snortle

    Sat 2016.03.19, 9:12pm

  168. Hey I was going to switch my wife’s Telus phone to my share plan but the kiosk insisting on charging $10 for a SIM killed it.

    Mon 2016.03.14, 9:07pm

  169. What if DST is the reason extraterrestrials haven’t made contact? Maybe the concept lead them all to write off intelligent life on Earth.

    Sat 2016.03.12, 7:55pm

  170. “Hey Siri, start a timer for four minutes”, I say into my watch as the iPad across the room responds... #toomanydevices

    Wed 2016.03.09, 6:59pm

  171. Such a historic building. We should turn it into a museum! Oh... Right...

    Wed 2016.03.09, 3:03am

  172. Really?! I thought we were past this by now...

    Mon 2016.03.07, 5:10am

  173. Man with funny hat and medieval era superstition states his irrelevant opinions about Bill 10 and student rights.

    Thu 2016.03.03, 4:09am

  174. One less (of very few) reasons for Canada Post to exist, let alone build mailboxes on my lawn. Yay!

    Wed 2016.03.02, 9:10pm

  175. That feeling of cleanliness when you close 100 open browser tabs spread across three devices. I have a serious problem.

    Wed 2016.03.02, 5:29am

  176. .@bmasonndp counting the days until can return. This is an immensely disappointing outcome. #abpoli #YEG4UBER

    Tue 2016.03.01, 6:11am

  177. Why is it a “fight?” I want modern, secure payment systems regardless of platform. Room for both.

    Mon 2016.02.29, 7:33pm

  178. Groan. Such a waste of tax dollars.

    Sat 2016.02.27, 1:11am

  179. Blasphemy!

    Sat 2016.02.27, 12:57am

  180. Unbelievable.

    Fri 2016.02.26, 11:42pm

  181. It seems IPv6 is completely broken right now. You know native IPv6 is the ONLY reason I'm taking your service for a spin, right?

    Thu 2016.02.25, 3:38am

  182. Apple’s customers elected by purchasing their products instead of alternatives with lax privacy.

    Sun 2016.02.21, 10:17pm

  183. "You can allocate 10 million addresses/second in a /64 and not run out of addresses for fifty eight thousand years"

    Sun 2016.02.21, 3:11am

  184. This! Why, OH WHY! Didn’t we let GIF die in the 90s!?

    Sat 2016.02.20, 5:00pm

  185. Maybe should watch this video.

    Sat 2016.02.20, 4:31am

  186. Hey, , if I’ve already setup my family on Teams beta do I have a way to migrate to the new family plan?

    Tue 2016.02.16, 9:15pm

  187. Want!

    Fri 2016.02.12, 2:38am

  188. Interesting... chat rep says they can open my ports if I call them. Listening to narrowband hold music now. Let’s see what happens.

    Wed 2016.02.10, 3:42am

  189. Hosting VMs is so dirt cheap... I could also work around this a million cute ways... but in principle I’d prefer be a dumb pipe.

    Wed 2016.02.10, 12:52am

  190. Whoops, scratch that IPv6 is filtered too... My successful test was through my Shaw based IPIP tunnel.

    Wed 2016.02.10, 12:51am

  191. Interestingly ’ draconian port filtering only applies to their IPv4 addresses. IPv6 works fine. Intentional oversight?

    Wed 2016.02.10, 12:49am

  192. Ah, yes. Port blocking. Now I remember why I switched away from 12 years ago...

    Wed 2016.02.10, 12:44am

  193. Oh, recursive route next-hop resolution isn’t actually weird, its just broken for IPv6.

    Tue 2016.02.09, 2:34am

  194. Native IPv6. I have it. I’ve been waiting for this day for a LONG time!

    Mon 2016.02.08, 7:40pm

  195. Hey ... Look what just happened. You know why? Because rolled out IPv6 while you were sleeping!

    Sat 2016.02.06, 9:35pm

  196. Not going to lie, pretty jealous of ’s native IPv6 connection. Excuse me while I glare at and their obsolete protocols.

    Tue 2016.02.02, 5:03am

  197. Ward 12, has many candidates, . Drilling a sign into my fence without permission eliminates one!

    Mon 2016.02.01, 12:13am

  198. The behaviour of recursive route next-hop resolution on a MikroTik is just plain weird.

    Sat 2016.01.30, 8:25am

  199. Well, I tried.

    Wed 2016.01.27, 4:27am

  200. Bah! iPhone is disabled, you say! This doesn’t bode well.

    Wed 2016.01.27, 2:46am

  201. Apple Logo!

    Wed 2016.01.27, 2:38am

  202. I’ve attached just the screen for now... Waiting for it to have enough charge to startup... Oh, the suspense...

    Wed 2016.01.27, 2:28am

  203. Who knew iPhone surgery involved such tiny little screws? I’m growing very empathetic for the children of Foxconn.

    Wed 2016.01.27, 2:18am

  204. X-Files. F*ck, yeah!

    Mon 2016.01.25, 4:23am

  205. Alright, kill the damn fooseball feed, already!

    Mon 2016.01.25, 4:17am

  206. Oh, come on! GIF is a terrible format that needed to die decades ago! What a terrible mis-feature.

    Tue 2016.01.19, 4:17am

  207. If they don't like it they can always, y'know, forgo public funding.

    Thu 2016.01.14, 7:33pm

  208. Also doubles as a visualization of countries that write dates wrong.

    Mon 2016.01.11, 2:36am

  209. Ramen.

    Fri 2016.01.08, 12:54am

  210. Finally, a GPU you can drop in a suitcase and take anywhere!

    Thu 2016.01.07, 5:35am

  211. New FreeRange is actually pretty awesome. Now they just need an Apple TV app and we can toss out our archaic cable boxes.

    Thu 2016.01.07, 3:16am

  212. Glad I ordered my HD Fury when I did. I’d like to use the 4K set I paid for, thanks! HDCP be damned.

    Mon 2016.01.04, 8:41pm

  213. Splurged on shiny 4K TV... Too bad it’ll most likely be crippled by its already obsolete HDCP implementation.

    Sun 2016.01.03, 4:49am

  214. Still overpaid.

    Fri 2016.01.01, 11:56pm

  215. You get an SSD... YOU get an SSD. Everyone gets an SSD!!!

    Mon 2015.12.28, 10:12pm

  216. Don’t get me wrong, I love more pixels. It just amuses me when last years crisp consistently gets re-marketed as next years pixelated trash.

    Tue 2015.12.22, 2:23am

  217. We’ve seen this kind of disingenuous imagery back when 1080p was pitched. We’ll see it again for 8K in a few years

    Tue 2015.12.22, 2:22am

  218. ScreenOS != all Juniper.

    Tue 2015.12.22, 2:04am

  219. A $2 fee to hail a cab? Keep digging your grave while I ride

    Sun 2015.12.20, 5:16am

  220. Clean desk - clean mind... (cluttered desk drawers)

    Fri 2015.12.18, 9:35pm

  221. Blackberries (wrong) opinion really doesn’t matter when nobody actually uses their devices.

    Fri 2015.12.18, 2:47am

  222. Hope WIND customers enjoy biannual gratuitous price increases for the same services.

    Thu 2015.12.17, 4:30am

  223. I’ll take “Failed before it even launched“ for $500, Alex.

    Thu 2015.12.10, 10:30pm

  224. I’m tempted to try the Cortana app but I fear Siri might get territorial.

    Wed 2015.12.09, 9:58pm

  225. You don’t realize how much you use apostrophes until you wake up one morning and Windows thinks you’re using a French Canadian keyboard.

    Wed 2015.12.09, 5:23pm

  226. Not a lot of Twitter time now that I’m driving to work again. I need a curated daily summary based on who I follow to see what I’ve missed.

    Wed 2015.12.09, 7:00am

  227. Boxes of KD no longer have the heart stopping instructions on the box?! Damnit, !

    Mon 2015.12.07, 5:56pm

  228. Fragmented UDP DNS packets over IPv6 can give you a bad time...

    Fri 2015.12.04, 8:07am

  229. A turd by any other name...

    Tue 2015.12.01, 5:26pm

  230. You say this in a way that implies "third party deals" not working isn't something everyone would prefer.

    Tue 2015.12.01, 4:28pm

  231. Any slower and these trains would be going backwards.

    Wed 2015.11.25, 2:18am

  232. Said nobody, ever.

    Wed 2015.11.18, 3:41am

  233. This is a can of Chunky. There are many like it... but this one was purchased via and Pay.

    Tue 2015.11.17, 10:21pm

  234. I’ll stop judging until I’ve walked a mile in his shoes...

    Tue 2015.11.17, 5:37pm

  235. No, , I will not fill out my “security questions.” You have my mobile for two step auth, use it!

    Tue 2015.11.17, 3:24pm

  236. Maybe if I play Guitar Hero enough I can develop fake calluses on my fingers so I can learn to play a real guitar like a real boy.

    Tue 2015.11.17, 5:46am

  237. Took home Guitar Hero for Apple TV. Fingers are worn to nubs. Arthritis and carpel tunnel are setting in. Maybe I’ll let play.

    Tue 2015.11.17, 5:40am

  238. Damnit, . You’ve failed me again.

    Mon 2015.11.16, 11:46pm

  239. A big reason had to go...

    Sat 2015.11.07, 5:07pm

  240. Told my daughters these are poison. If they find any to let me know and turn them in. They believed me! #win

    Sun 2015.11.01, 2:33am

  241. 80% want to eliminate this farce. When can we start?

    Thu 2015.10.29, 2:46pm

  242. Target... who?

    Fri 2015.10.23, 4:57pm

  243. Heard had rolled IPv6. Chatted with an agent online who said it ain’t so... I’d switch ISPs instantly for IPv6... The Future is Later... :(

    Fri 2015.10.23, 3:26pm

  244. Why did nobody tell me how terrible Jurassic World was?!

    Fri 2015.10.23, 6:38am

  245. #TBT when your ISP only gave you a single IP address and you had to use terrible translation mechanisms. Oh... right.

    Fri 2015.10.23, 3:19am

  246. “This is the phone I’ve GOT to have!“ — nobody

    Thu 2015.10.22, 3:47pm

  247. I am grateful we elected a government that will tolerate and protect my choice to wear a colander!

    Tue 2015.10.20, 7:07am

  248. Congratulations, ! That was a little tight...

    Tue 2015.10.20, 6:57am

  249. If only we had some sort of digital machine that was good at dealing with numbers... why do we still vote with paper?

    Tue 2015.10.20, 6:00am

  250. Congratulations, ! You had my support. Now when can I expect you to come get this crap off my lawn?

    Tue 2015.10.20, 3:51am

  251. Nah, instead I’ll vote against the party that brought us the abomination that was bill C-11.

    Sun 2015.10.18, 8:41pm

  252. Cool that the epost app finally has Touch ID... but only on iPhone? C'mon! Enable it on iPad too!

    Sun 2015.10.18, 2:16am

  253. Don’t tease me with such a perfect outcome.

    Fri 2015.10.16, 11:35pm

  254. TIL CSS colors are from X11.

    Wed 2015.10.14, 2:53pm

  255. Hopefully is all over this. It’s of “bank switching“ importance to me! #walletssuck

    Tue 2015.10.13, 11:00pm

  256. Another plane with WiFi. Living in the future rocks. Off to Montréal, I go!

    Mon 2015.10.05, 2:12pm

  257. The suffering of having to reach for my phone, iPad or watch to turn off the lights is coming to and end. Hey, Siri!

    Mon 2015.10.05, 2:11pm

  258. Discounted Yubikey U2F keys for GitHub users? $5 each? Sure, I’ll take a couple of those. Why not? #takemymoney

    Sat 2015.10.03, 12:40pm

  259. I’m usually not “that guy” who read the book before seeing the movie... First time for everything. #themartian

    Fri 2015.10.02, 1:30am

  260. Doomed.

    Tue 2015.09.29, 12:43am

  261. I’ve been looking forward to IPv4 depletion for over a decade! I really should have had a speech prepared but I’ve got nothing.

    Thu 2015.09.24, 7:35pm

  262. Never minimize disruption, . Disruption is always good.

    Tue 2015.09.22, 11:08pm

  263. Are these the aggressive, overly entitled people you want driving you around?

    Tue 2015.09.22, 9:29pm

  264. Oh, look! has erected their pillars of obsolescence. #wastedspace #wasteddollars #eyesore

    Thu 2015.09.03, 12:37am

  265. If only we had a vaccine... oh, right...

    Wed 2015.08.26, 10:34pm

  266. Where’s my clue-by-four?! “shifting from 2.5GHz frequencies to a 5GHz network doubled the prior emissions“

    Wed 2015.08.26, 10:21pm

  267. Sure but imagine if they were autonomous and routed dynamically based on trip demands!

    Mon 2015.08.24, 11:38pm

  268. Or maybe they could just suck less at their core business and let the market sort it out?

    Mon 2015.08.24, 5:26am

  269. Ok, is my new hero! Your move, my pad is ready for you!

    Sat 2015.08.22, 4:08pm

  270. Just chillin’ in my WiFi enabled sky chair. Haven’t looked at Twitter all week. What’d I miss?

    Sat 2015.08.22, 12:46am

  271. This hotel's WiFi is useless. Hooray for LTE.

    Tue 2015.08.18, 3:29am

  272. Toil, toil proxies in trouble... Binaries compile and legacy crumbles...

    Tue 2015.08.18, 12:54am

  273. Good idea... While you’re at it, , can we get both parents in on the day pass action?

    Tue 2015.08.11, 1:26am

  274. Downloading 8.1 for the third time. Awesome that the media creation tool just tosses it if something goes wrong writing to USB.

    Sun 2015.08.02, 5:50am

  275. So pleased to be resorting to clean installing 8.1 over my 10 install to please an activation system that shouldn’t exist.

    Sun 2015.08.02, 5:30am

  276. This free #Windows10 upgrade is starting to upset me, . #UpgradeYourWorld, indeed!

    Sat 2015.08.01, 5:43pm

  277. Everything up and running and happy again. Runs like a top with a fresh OS. Imagine if new PCs actually SHIPPED this way.

    Sat 2015.08.01, 7:30am

  278. Alright. Let’s try this once more with a proper thumb drive. Shall we?

    Sat 2015.08.01, 6:10am

  279. This DVD-R drive is now spinning up and down again and again. Hadn’t moved past 62% in a while. Will this make it? Just like old times.

    Sat 2015.08.01, 3:53am

  280. Going to do this fresh install of Windows 10, old school!

    Sat 2015.08.01, 3:08am

  281. Hey! Who touched the timelapse web cam in my office?! What gives?

    Sat 2015.08.01, 2:51am

  282. Error 404: legacy IP space not found. #get6

    Mon 2015.07.27, 2:34pm

  283. Sweet!

    Mon 2015.07.27, 2:30pm

  284. Still crashes on El Capitan. Drat!

    Fri 2015.07.24, 4:05pm

  285. Finally.

    Tue 2015.07.21, 10:55pm

  286. That’s alright, I abandoned optical media in 2011.

    Sat 2015.07.18, 12:50am

  287. Cool, but still not a very discoverable feature.

    Sat 2015.07.18, 12:38am

  288. Maybe if and get their act together.

    Fri 2015.07.17, 11:31pm

  289. Too bad.

    Fri 2015.07.17, 11:13pm

  290. Am I the only one who relentlessly strips utm_source variables from any and all URLs before passing them on?

    Fri 2015.07.17, 11:01pm

  291. ...but did they remember to remove the lens cap?

    Wed 2015.07.15, 1:13am

  292. Same... #exceptforhashtags

    Tue 2015.07.14, 11:24pm

  293. I think it’s time Adobe deploy an emergency uninstaller instead.

    Tue 2015.07.14, 4:58pm

  294. Only 200 legacy IPv4 /24 blocks left. Let’s burn them and move on, shall we?

    Tue 2015.07.14, 2:16pm

  295. Been locked out all week. This update can’t come soon enough! Cold, hungry! Been using a dead raccoon as a pillow.

    Tue 2015.07.14, 1:53am

  296. This!

    Mon 2015.07.13, 10:51pm

  297. Oh, this is beyond unacceptable! Someone needs to burn for this!

    Fri 2015.07.10, 2:30am

  298. Love that Apple does public betas for non developers now! Time to break my iPhone. Thanks, !

    Fri 2015.07.10, 12:11am

  299. Can’t paste a new password into ’s web interface?! That’s horrifically misguided. Guess I’ll use a less secure, easier to type one.

    Thu 2015.07.09, 11:49pm

  300. Fragmented UDP packets make me sad.

    Thu 2015.07.09, 4:02am

  301. #tweetfrom2008

    Wed 2015.07.08, 11:42pm

  302. The dark age of the Internet is nearly over. A new era of end to end connectivity awaits. #get6

    Wed 2015.07.08, 2:12pm

  303. Well said... Take note , !

    Wed 2015.07.08, 3:33am

  304. Complete with painted tunnel openings?

    Mon 2015.07.06, 11:28pm

  305. Someone should tell so they don’t have to do this the hard way.

    Sat 2015.07.04, 7:25pm

  306. Not quite, but so close I can taste it.

    Thu 2015.07.02, 11:20pm

  307. Progress! Alberta next, please!

    Wed 2015.07.01, 2:42am

  308. My strategy of avoiding the dentists until the procedures become less barbaric is working!

    Wed 2015.07.01, 2:17am

  309. Every damn time!

    Tue 2015.06.30, 8:05pm

  310. That’s what they want you to think.

    Mon 2015.06.29, 9:06pm

  311. ♬♫♪♩ It’s the final count-down! ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ #get6 #dieNATdie

    Fri 2015.06.26, 4:39am

  312. That late night moment where you debate using the last 20% of your iPhone battery on reading Twitter or saving it to summon

    Thu 2015.06.25, 7:09am

  313. Not 100% at all angles but overall I would call operation iPolish a raging success.

    Wed 2015.06.24, 8:31pm

  314. A new level of incompetence has been achieved.

    Wed 2015.06.24, 3:10pm

  315. Just to be clear, . Nobody wants Suretap. Apple pay is functionality I would switch banks for...

    Wed 2015.06.24, 3:07pm

  316. LoLoLoL

    Wed 2015.06.24, 6:28am

  317. A mobile payment solution has to be quicker than using a plastic card. If you have to unlock your phone and launch an app... You’ve failed.

    Wed 2015.06.24, 4:00am

  318. Big telcos back guaranteed to fail mobile wallet app:

    Wed 2015.06.24, 3:54am

  319. I need a tool that analyzes who I follow on Twitter and tells me which 10% to drop to cut my timeline activity by 90%

    Wed 2015.06.24, 3:19am

  320. Have daughters and you'll never need to style your own hair again. So pretty!

    Mon 2015.06.22, 1:43am

  321. First Apple Watch gnarly scratch of sadness. Apple needs to invest all their R&D into unscratchable materials. #iSad

    Sun 2015.06.21, 2:00am

  322. Cool, moved the Great Divide Waterfall from the High Level Bridge to Central #yeglrt station.

    Fri 2015.06.19, 2:13am

  323. If you didn’t want to allow automated syndication of your content... Why do you have RSS feeds?

    Wed 2015.06.17, 11:06pm

  324. Coffee... is there anything it can’t do?

    Wed 2015.06.17, 11:01pm

  325. The Spotlight search API in iOS 9 catches iOS up with the way my Palm IIIe could globally search within app data in 1999. Finally!

    Sun 2015.06.14, 9:07pm

  326. Just ran through this to enable TRIM on the Samsung SSD in my Mini. Sweet.

    Sat 2015.06.13, 2:13am

  327. Then all I’ll need is a real live IPv6 carrier and ISP.

    Sat 2015.06.13, 12:24am

  328. Might as well beta-up the iPad to iOS 9 while i’m in a self-punishing mood.

    Fri 2015.06.12, 4:45am

  329. El Capitan has been so impressive on my rMBP... I can’t help but install the beta on my 2010 Mini as well...

    Fri 2015.06.12, 3:45am

  330. Best dialogue box, ever.

    Fri 2015.06.12, 3:12am

  331. Absentmindedly stayed on my bus past my stop. Maybe app will leverage watchOS 2.0 APIs to give me a friendly tap next time.

    Fri 2015.06.12, 1:14am

  332. It’s 2015 and your iPhone doesn’t charge unless you connect BOTH ends of the cable... Outrageous.

    Wed 2015.06.10, 6:12pm

  333. defaults write ~/Library/Preferences/ TrackpadThreeFingerDrag -bool true

    Wed 2015.06.10, 3:25am

  334. Not very committal.

    Wed 2015.06.10, 1:56am

  335. Android migration and recycling, for your convenience. #iOS9

    Tue 2015.06.09, 12:53am

  336. Sweet.

    Tue 2015.06.09, 12:14am

  337. Microsoft: we’re bringing dot net to Mac! Apple: we’re open sourcing Swift and bringing it to Linux! That’s quite the face stab.

    Mon 2015.06.08, 10:54pm

  338. Better yet... ssh agent auth for RDP...

    Mon 2015.06.08, 3:02pm

  339. Just in time for my 118th birthday...

    Mon 2015.06.08, 2:44pm

  340. Scully!!! #nerdgasm

    Sat 2015.06.06, 12:38am

  341. Just wrote an e-mail to for details on their IPv6 setup... If I like their answers I may tell to get lost.

    Fri 2015.06.05, 2:36am

  342. I do like the idea of phasing out coal.

    Fri 2015.06.05, 1:50am

  343. Wait... it works over water?!

    Tue 2015.06.02, 3:04pm

  344. Weapons, sure... but water bottles or nail clippers?

    Tue 2015.06.02, 2:38pm

  345. This. Put it on your ice cream. Your life is better now. You're welcome.

    Tue 2015.06.02, 3:41am

  346. You have no choice but to wait it out.

    Tue 2015.06.02, 3:20am

  347. My favourite redhead. Sorry .

    Tue 2015.06.02, 3:07am

  348. Was it really necessary to make floppy drive icons for Windows 10?

    Sat 2015.05.30, 1:21am

  349. Just tested this on my poor unsuspecting wife... it works!

    Wed 2015.05.27, 5:44am

  350. Didn’t know this was a thing...

    Mon 2015.05.25, 11:25pm

  351. So it WILL be taller than the Bow tower...

    Mon 2015.05.25, 11:01pm

  352. Does seeing the LRT roll past the arena make anyone else hot and bothered? Just me? Maybe it's just the weather.

    Mon 2015.05.25, 10:54pm

  353. So... progress?

    Sun 2015.05.24, 9:22pm

  354. Just gave my Apple Watch an under the tap rinse... The results are glorious... It survived and its shiny!

    Sat 2015.05.23, 6:03pm

  355. Wanting to modify games is precisely why I started learning about software development in my pre-teens.

    Sat 2015.05.23, 12:20am

  356. Power over Ethernet. You're doing it wrong.

    Fri 2015.05.22, 2:21am

  357. Yes , I totally found the bug that caused you to run screaming from your room. Totally got him! Go back to bed! #dadlies

    Thu 2015.05.21, 1:45am

  358. A calculator just isn’t a calculator without RPN. Love it!

    Wed 2015.05.20, 11:49pm

  359. Impressive.

    Fri 2015.05.15, 11:48pm

  360. Welcome to the year 2000!

    Fri 2015.05.15, 2:35pm

  361. That thing where you have an idea and someone already built it. pam_ssh_agent_auth might change my life. Bad idea?

    Fri 2015.05.15, 4:37am

  362. Where you subconsciously touch your face and inadvertently discover you missed a spot shaving. It will now drive you crazy for the day.

    Mon 2015.05.11, 2:45pm

  363. Oh, hey! Another shiny new certificate has arrived! #LFCE

    Sat 2015.05.09, 6:15am

  364. Caramel drumstick with no caramel. What gives, ?! #fml #notok

    Fri 2015.05.08, 2:35am

  365. Whoever created the sound Facebook’s iOS app now makes when you refresh your timeline deserves a stab in the ear with a letter opener...

    Thu 2015.05.07, 3:28am

  366. I want AI dictation that can punctuate based on my tone and pauses... Do I have to wait for the singularity?

    Thu 2015.05.07, 3:00am

  367. Dictating to Apple Watch feels natural until I have to say comma, period, ellipsis & exclamation... When will auto punctuation be possible?

    Thu 2015.05.07, 2:57am

  368. Windows 10 build 10074 broke my start menu. Powershell snippet at fixed it. I have no idea what those cmdlets do.

    Thu 2015.05.07, 1:01am

  369. Thanks, ! #NDP

    Wed 2015.05.06, 3:53pm

  370. She has an LCD TV and Blu-ray player but they apparently can't compete with the thrill of playing a DVD in her 2003 iMac G4...

    Wed 2015.05.06, 1:25am

  371. My 5 year old just waltzed into the room and triumphantly told me how wrong I was about Blu-Rays being playable in her computer. #DVD

    Wed 2015.05.06, 1:22am

  372. I voted for Kodos.

    Wed 2015.05.06, 12:36am

  373. Your move !

    Mon 2015.05.04, 8:25pm

  374. Oh, look! I DO know how to Linux! #LFCS Next up: LFCE exam on Tuesday...

    Fri 2015.05.01, 10:07pm

  375. Riding through the river valley with was a phenomenal experience! Happy anniversary !

    Wed 2015.04.29, 11:21pm

  376. Another half hour until i challenge Linux Foundation LFCS Exam... Let's see if I actually know how to Linux or if I've been faking it.

    Tue 2015.04.28, 6:28pm

  377. Hey , my ICF-CS15iPN has stopped working. What's the warranty on these?

    Sat 2015.04.25, 7:53pm

  378. Preparing for Shipment? Thanks! You're a swell guy !

    Sat 2015.04.25, 3:42am

  379. Me holding my delivery on Apple Watch day... Why has forsaken me? #processingitems

    Sat 2015.04.25, 1:18am

  380. Sadly this one goes to , mine remains in Apple purgatory.

    Fri 2015.04.24, 5:07pm

  381. This should invoke in your imagination the Zelda sound when one acquires an item.

    Fri 2015.04.24, 5:05pm

  382. What could it be?

    Fri 2015.04.24, 5:03pm

  383. This is my life now...

    Wed 2015.04.22, 11:44pm

  384. I may just do this... By the time I have to face the consequences I'm almost guaranteed to be a dead guy...

    Wed 2015.04.22, 3:31am

  385. This is gonna be a serious problem.

    Tue 2015.04.21, 4:27am

  386. This is unacceptable. Wife’s Apple Watch is preparing for shipment and mine isn’t. Ordered just over a minute apart. #1stworldproblem

    Tue 2015.04.21, 1:15am

  387. Got playful and built a Gentoo install around systemd... Doesn't seem as bad as all the flames suggest. Sure is fast!

    Sun 2015.04.19, 6:29am

  388. November?! Aw man...

    Fri 2015.04.17, 7:32pm

  389. Just got back from wrist modelling at the Apple Store.

    Sat 2015.04.11, 2:19am

  390. Done and done.

    Fri 2015.04.10, 7:06am

  391. Initial reaction to iOS 8.3: feels like I just bought the new iPhone 6S.

    Thu 2015.04.09, 4:42am

  392. Some days would be easier if could give me a quaranta octo macchiato.

    Wed 2015.04.08, 3:49pm

  393. The bird in this context is the BIRD Internet Routing Daemon. Quagga has been showing me a bad time.

    Thu 2015.03.19, 4:44am

  394. Well everybody's heard, about the bird! Bird bird bird, the bird is the word!

    Thu 2015.03.19, 4:20am

  395. Bird is the word.

    Wed 2015.03.11, 2:35am

  396. A little bummed there was no concrete announcement around Apple Pay today... Patience is hard.

    Tue 2015.03.10, 12:19am

  397. Brilliant, look at all the extra daylight we got today! Next we should shift our week back a day and get longer weekends!

    Mon 2015.03.09, 5:38am

  398. If you followed my system and ignored all clocks that don't auto set themselves in the fall... They're now correct again. You're welcome!

    Sun 2015.03.08, 4:22pm

  399. Thanks, for forcibly extracting value out of tax dollars that was happily wasting!

    Fri 2015.03.06, 3:21pm

  400. Well... That's about enough narcissism for one night...

    Wed 2015.03.04, 7:10am

  401. Bought Big Hero 6 forgetting I ordered a Blu-ray with Digital Copy. Apple refunded. Redeemed. Now it’s French. #fml

    Wed 2015.03.04, 3:18am

  402. Can’t wait to “feel” phantom taps like people feel fantom phone vibrations today...

    Thu 2015.02.26, 2:40am

  403. Your move,

    Wed 2015.02.25, 2:47am

  404. Saw this surfing the Internet: Decided I must learn how. Search YouTube. Found this:

    Tue 2015.02.24, 5:15am

  405. Those moments where you learn you’ve been making a task needlessly difficult... Someone finally shows you the way:

    Sun 2015.02.22, 1:37am

  406. After a 14 year relationship with , I cheated and NETFILED with this year. I regret nothing.

    Sat 2015.02.21, 4:39pm

  407. ♫ They're Pinky and The Brain Yes, Pinky and The Brain One is a genius The other's insane.♫

    Fri 2015.02.20, 4:30am

  408. That thing where the ambient sounds suddenly disappear and are replaced by a ringing in your ear...

    Wed 2015.02.11, 5:02am

  409. Ugh! wants to put their "community junk mail" boxes on my lot. That sucks! Hope I can get this changed.

    Sat 2015.02.07, 2:42am

  410. Why would you select a grade level LRT station for a WiFi pilot?

    Thu 2015.02.05, 4:27am

  411. Exclusive: cab drivers react to offering free rides:

    Sat 2015.01.31, 3:18am

  412. Outlook for iOS looks nice. Though I haven’t discovered a reason to use it over the built in app yet...

    Fri 2015.01.30, 3:46am

  413. Sign the petition to support in #yeg

    Wed 2015.01.28, 5:08pm

  414. Yoda Star Wars item is labelled "Try me!" but on pressing the button Yoda insists "there is no try." Dick move, Yoda!

    Wed 2015.01.28, 3:49am

  415. We also need to mandate MS-DOS versions of popular PC apps....

    Thu 2015.01.22, 10:28pm

  416. I swear all four of my doors had a window when I parked it here... #fml

    Sat 2015.01.17, 5:56am

  417. Was able to create 8.1 media and clean install with an 8.0 key. That’s a baby step in the right direction, MSFT!

    Thu 2015.01.15, 5:17am

  418. Hoping March launch rumors for Apple Pay in Canada hold up... Wallets are for that awful era before pocket computers.

    Fri 2015.01.09, 9:45pm

  419. My order of 400 garbage bags has arrived from . Who's not buying garbage bags again until 2017? This guy!

    Wed 2015.01.07, 3:19am

  420. My wife is so old. Is it too late to trade 'er in for a newer model? #30

    Thu 2015.01.01, 8:00am

  421. Botched the "SmartKey" rekey procedure on the doorknob I got to complement my deadbolt. Now neither key works. #fml

    Tue 2014.12.30, 4:29am

  422. First attempt at using a French Press was a success. This may change my life. Great coffee.

    Thu 2014.12.25, 10:22pm

  423. Keep Saturn in Saturnalia. Happy winter solstice!

    Sun 2014.12.21, 6:39pm

  424. Just took my first ride in #yeg. Awesome!

    Fri 2014.12.19, 6:08am

  425. Umm... Why does my thermostat send IPv6 RAs for ULA prefixes?

    Mon 2014.12.15, 6:21am

  426. First tweet from the sky via in flight WiFi... Awesome!

    Sun 2014.12.14, 12:19am

  427. Just had my first ride with in Ottawa. What a great experience! We need this in #yeg, ! Make it happen.

    Sat 2014.12.13, 7:40pm

  428. A tip of the hat to the courteous gentleman who dropped me off at this fine venue for a pint (or three). Damn Canadian of you, sir!

    Sat 2014.12.13, 7:01am

  429. Wow this coffee is awful! Oh... Didn't put the K-cup into the Keurig... #firstcoffeeproblems

    Wed 2014.12.10, 2:51pm

  430. Off to Ottawa for the week...

    Tue 2014.12.09, 3:45pm

  431. The monthly price I pay has increased by $46/month since August 2011. Ripping me off by $600.80. No improvement of services.

    Sat 2014.12.06, 11:18pm

  432. Yet another price increase. Still no sign of promised (in 2011) phase 2 upload speeds. No apparent IPv6 plans. You suck, Shaw.

    Sat 2014.12.06, 10:52pm

  433. Lies. They left out their number one query "Google."

    Mon 2014.12.01, 6:30am

  434. Arduino... Fun!

    Thu 2014.11.27, 8:04am

  435. Hey , it hurts credibility when your doorway minions say your 50 Mbps is faster than ’s 100 Mbps!

    Thu 2014.11.27, 2:30am

  436. Hey, , if you insist on having your iOS apps erroneously sign me out so frequently... At least bake in support!

    Thu 2014.11.27, 12:34am

  437. Where will I see native IPv6 first? My cable modem or LTE on the iPhone and iPad? Let's go! Pretend it's a race.

    Mon 2014.11.17, 10:17pm

  438. TIL IPv6 RA packets don't like going through dummynet.

    Mon 2014.11.17, 7:13pm

  439. Leaving the restored 10.0-RELEASE-p12 in place for now. This is a fight for another night! #fml

    Sat 2014.11.15, 5:24am

  440. If I had no backups, I would have been in far more pain... Not sure what happened here... Anyone else freebsd-update to 10.1?

    Sat 2014.11.15, 5:22am

  441. Trashed my system twice with freebsd-update this evening. A segfaulting blaze of glory!

    Sat 2014.11.15, 5:21am

  442. Well this upgrade went horrifically wrong...

    Sat 2014.11.15, 3:46am

  443. The is offline due to a low battery. It's been cold so it's had opportunity to charge... What gives?

    Tue 2014.11.11, 2:42am

  444. Am I doing this right?

    Sat 2014.11.01, 1:18am

  445. The decision is obvious:

    Wed 2014.10.29, 5:39pm

  446. MCX and CurrentC is a complete failure. They just don’t know it yet.

    Wed 2014.10.29, 5:37pm

  447. Any one in #yeg recognize the red truck or the tire thieving crook in this video?

    Wed 2014.10.29, 4:15am

  448. Wait. This isn't how I left them. Either they've been going "Toy Story" on me or someones was playing with my toys...

    Tue 2014.10.28, 5:38pm

  449. Sparkles... Sparkles everywhere... So many sparkles!

    Tue 2014.10.28, 3:16am

  450. Quite the backlash towards and disabling NFC to support #MCX's nonexistent payment system. What a train wreck.

    Sat 2014.10.25, 6:55pm

  451. A tale of two AirPorts:

    Sun 2014.09.28, 6:00pm

  452. Dang! Performance bug with AirPort in this scenario. Recommendations for a dual band 802.11ac AP with SSID to 802.1Q mappings?

    Sat 2014.09.27, 11:55pm

  453. TIL Apple AirPorts in bridge mode tag guest network traffic with VLAN 1003, allowing my FreeBSD box to handle the traffic upstream. Nice!

    Sat 2014.09.27, 3:01pm

  454. Off I go....

    Fri 2014.09.26, 7:28pm

  455. Well that settles it.

    Fri 2014.09.26, 3:34am

  456. Help make it happen for Buy a Brick for The Nikola Tesla Museum #indiegogo via

    Thu 2014.09.25, 10:55pm

  457. This is why I love Twitter. /CC

    Wed 2014.09.24, 6:09pm

  458. Oh, Apple... #sadness

    Wed 2014.09.24, 5:33pm

  459. New iPhone is causing nothing but #1stworldproblems!

    Sat 2014.09.20, 6:11pm

  460. Alright... I'm just gonna do it. Going to have to eventually... Naked new iPhone is going into Jean pocket. It's gonna be ok.

    Sat 2014.09.20, 3:32pm

  461. Seems to be some sort of queue in front of the Southgate Apple Store... weird... I guess I’ll join it. #costlydecisions

    Fri 2014.09.19, 12:23am

  462. License plate boondoggle scrapped. Hooray!

    Thu 2014.09.18, 10:02pm

  463. Apple Maps...

    Fri 2014.09.12, 8:22pm

  464. What, now I'll have to use all this cash to pay for food, diapers and other family necessities? Unacceptable!

    Fri 2014.09.12, 7:32am

  465. Lies!

    Fri 2014.09.12, 7:02am

  466. On a two-factor auth kick... Two factor all the things!

    Thu 2014.09.11, 5:32am

  467. What have I done to the suggestions keyboard?! Innocence lost!

    Tue 2014.09.09, 2:45pm

  468. Women in elevator inadvertently hits 8 before hitting 5. Apologizes. New person gets on at 7th en route to 8th. Universe had a plan. Funny.

    Mon 2014.09.08, 3:21pm

  469. Soon... Soon we see what's in the big white box... #rubshands

    Mon 2014.09.08, 1:23pm

  470. Yes to this! little bit more walking in exchange for far greater efficiency! Make it happen, !

    Fri 2014.09.05, 2:23am

  471. No price matching at . Now I'm that "show rooming" guy. Stupid and their Prime awesomeness. Look what you made me do!

    Thu 2014.09.04, 11:36pm

  472. My first computer was a Kaypro II:

    Thu 2014.09.04, 7:34pm

  473. Mmmm, bandwidth:

    Wed 2014.08.27, 3:15am

  474. Just me or is there an almost Orwellian feel to 's voice playing on the LRT welcoming you to a double plus epic event.

    Mon 2014.08.25, 11:37pm

  475. Utility relocation in preparation for the #yeg Valley Line LRT. #justgotreal

    Mon 2014.08.18, 3:20pm

  476. It’s getting harder and harder to tell death hoaxes from the real thing... Robin Williams death a hoax or not?

    Mon 2014.08.11, 11:17pm

  477. This "Danish" fellow has an excellent taste for coffee... Whatever, saw it first. Mine now!

    Fri 2014.07.25, 9:17pm

  478. Hooray for Yosemite allowing creation of Apple ID / iCloud accounts for kids under 13! Kids' iPods backup to their own accounts now.

    Fri 2014.07.25, 1:02am

  479. Free coffee and cookie from the in #yegdt this morning... Score!

    Thu 2014.07.24, 2:56pm

  480. Just challenged the IPv6 Forum Network Engineer Silver Certification exam... 88%. Who’s your daddy?

    Wed 2014.07.23, 6:00pm

  481. When you tighten your belt and the waist and button of your jeans respond by creeping down below said belt... I hate that! #fatguyproblems

    Wed 2014.07.23, 3:29am

  482. Shined these right up, yessiree! #likenew

    Tue 2014.07.22, 1:25am

  483. They should call the iOS shift key the Schrödinger key. It has no state until you hit a letter.

    Fri 2014.07.18, 4:37am

  484. Proprietary VPN clients: garbage. Every last one of them. Can we please just deploy IPv6 and just use prefix based ACLs from now on?

    Wed 2014.07.16, 6:57pm

  485. If they’re going to have a vote: include a “keep the old one, stop dreaming up new ways to waste our money” option.

    Tue 2014.07.08, 11:11pm

  486. Jesus SMASH!

    Tue 2014.07.08, 1:41am

  487. Unicode 7.0 implements a long overdue character: 🖕 (1F595) Best invention since the symbol!

    Sat 2014.06.28, 9:53pm

  488. It’s a done deal! 4:53 am. 7 lbs 6 oz. Welcome to the world, my son!

    Tue 2014.06.17, 11:30am

  489. It begins. #vaguetweet

    Tue 2014.06.17, 1:18am

  490. 22.44 GB?! #docbrown What’s up with your caches ?

    Tue 2014.06.10, 7:26pm

  491. I get to watch the last #Cosmos early. You wish you were me right now.

    Sat 2014.06.07, 7:04pm

  492. I must say, out of all the mythology delivered to my front door, Jehovah material is the most... Um... Creative?

    Wed 2014.06.04, 1:48am

  493. Streamed the WWDC Keynote over LTE. More than my monthly quota in one sitting. Performed great though!

    Tue 2014.06.03, 8:14pm

  494. For a first beta 8.0 isn’t too bad... but reverting to 7.1.1 due to some issues. Not riding out the beta pain train? I must be getting old!

    Tue 2014.06.03, 2:55am

  495. Another year, another stable iOS to say goodbye to. So long iOS 7, I hardly knew ye! #freshbits #crashytime

    Mon 2014.06.02, 10:52pm

  496. Look at my wood. LOOK at it! Don't pretend like you're not impressed.

    Sun 2014.06.01, 1:03am

  497. Achievement unlocked: wield axe, split firewood.

    Sat 2014.05.31, 11:13pm

  498. Hooray! My blatant disregard for gadget use rules while flying has been legitimized.

    Mon 2014.05.26, 7:01pm

  499. Good idea: SMS epost notifications from . Bad idea: regular and useless subscription reminders.

    Mon 2014.05.26, 3:14pm

  500. The box running this house is now clearly marked as such. Thanks !

    Fri 2014.05.16, 2:03am

  501. See that "PUSH" sign? It was put there SPECIFICALLY for . They STILL can't figure out how to open a door!

    Fri 2014.05.09, 8:28pm

  502. This Internet Explorer ad is extra relevant today. #hewasright

    Mon 2014.04.28, 4:58pm

  503. If I was in charge, would just give the last /8 as a prize to whomever has deployed the most IPv6.

    Wed 2014.04.23, 9:06pm

  504. Seeing 30% packet loss/150ms pings with ... Not my home, I can hit default gw ( in 8 ms with no loss. #sadness

    Fri 2014.04.04, 5:56am

  505. Verifying myself: I am denis on cbgyl3sOyNLk2mojAYBUenJts8h8YRUGh_Ek /

    Fri 2014.04.04, 4:50am

  506. Another exciting price increase from ... Gouging your remaining customers (suckers) isn’t a good “cord-cutter” strategy, guys...

    Wed 2014.03.26, 1:04am

  507. This tool might have worked brilliantly if it didn't terrify her. Jessie got it out with a tiny screwdriver.

    Wed 2014.03.26, 12:08am

  508. Came home to a screaming child and panicked wife. Allison had this bead stuck up her nose. #thedadlife

    Wed 2014.03.26, 12:03am

  509. Whoa, Microsoft just opened sourced their operating system and Office software!

    Tue 2014.03.25, 9:40pm

  510. This all sounds very positive, but it's not official until says I can use the #happydoniveson hashtag.

    Tue 2014.03.11, 5:22pm

  511. Can we call it? Is it #happydoniveson meme time?

    Tue 2014.03.11, 5:15pm

  512. TIL what a rapidly deflating Jeep tire sounds like... #hiiiissssssss

    Sat 2014.03.08, 11:13pm

  513. Mastered for 4K... Downscaled to 1080p. Shamelessly misleading. What will they call the real 4K content? True4K™?

    Wed 2014.03.05, 9:56pm

  514. Gotta love it. Video with unbelievable claim on the Internet... Must verify this... Quick... Check... the Internet!

    Tue 2014.03.04, 8:24pm

  515. Finally!

    Tue 2014.03.04, 8:20pm

  516. Lego movie!

    Sat 2014.03.01, 2:24am

  517. They refused to make guarantees... but I think the ultrasound is pretty conclusive!

    Mon 2014.02.24, 6:18pm

  518. The #yeg4lrt campaign needs a pic of holding a sign that says “If I get 1000 RTs says I can have LRT funding!”

    Sat 2014.02.22, 10:42pm

  519. After nearly 2 years, I finally got the other screw of the antenna plate back into my 2010 Mini: #winning

    Sun 2014.02.16, 2:55am

  520. What’s with the crane at 16:14?!

    Wed 2014.02.12, 7:32am

  521. “Let’s add an invisible delete button that appears on hover and put it right next to the flag.” - MS Office UI guy

    Wed 2014.02.05, 7:59pm

  522. Backing up to the Passport USB drive hasn’t crashed the system since upgrading to 10. Here’s hoping.

    Sun 2014.02.02, 1:02am

  523. 10 year old me stole my VISA and bought us a 3DS XL and the Zelda to go with it. High five, man! Always thought you were cool!

    Tue 2014.01.28, 4:11am

  524. Previous hotel guest must have left this novel here. Read it. Was terrible. No wonder it was abandoned.

    Sun 2014.01.26, 3:12am

  525. I ran out of fresh blades due to this delay but made amends before I even complained. You guys rock.

    Fri 2014.01.24, 11:16pm

  526. Let’s see how bad this goes if I let pkgng replace all from ports packages with prebuilt ones...

    Wed 2014.01.22, 5:04am

  527. My habit of building a custom kernel annoys me every time I run freebsd-update. Smoother process with GENERIC. Talk me out of it?

    Wed 2014.01.22, 4:30am

  528. I think I’ve officially run out of reasons to run a custom kernel. GENERIC should do.

    Wed 2014.01.22, 4:19am

  529. Saw a spike in latency and packet loss on my home connection. Pings to first hop out were fine though. Having a funny day ?

    Tue 2014.01.21, 11:37pm

  530. I would have thought connecting a USB drive and having it function reliably would be a simple task in 2014...

    Sun 2014.01.19, 9:42pm

  531. Wind? What wind? Oh... THAT wind! #yeg

    Wed 2014.01.15, 4:43pm

  532. Oh, great! Now Google will have access to the motion sensors in my house... Creepy! /CC

    Mon 2014.01.13, 10:26pm

  533. I don’t always do “Follow Friday” but when I do... It’s because a local (@christyfoley1) is a candidate... #ff #yeg

    Fri 2014.01.10, 6:38pm

  534. Quality Allure floor installation by . Unresponsive to date. Guaranteed, indeed!

    Fri 2014.01.10, 5:42am

  535. Successful candidates should rack up credit cards, live up their final Earth days. “Oh, I owe you money? Come collect!”

    Wed 2014.01.08, 2:32am

  536. Crap like not playing on is why people will continue cutting the cord. TV industry is overdue for disruption!

    Sun 2014.01.05, 2:13am

  537. Haven’t dabbled with ZFS since 2009. Tempted to give it a REAL go with my main box when 10.0 is released. Experiences? Stable?

    Sat 2014.01.04, 5:44pm

  538. Whoa... ... Helped! We’ll see for sure next bill, but they apparently addressed and resolved my issue. #refreshing #thanks

    Tue 2013.12.17, 7:15pm

  539. Why did I keep chat transcripts and screenshots? Cause I EXPECTED to f*ck things up per their usual norm! Pathetic.

    Tue 2013.12.17, 5:23am

  540. Screwed by . Weaseled their way out of 10 months of free iPad data sharing. Won’t acknowledge chat transcripts confirming promo.

    Tue 2013.12.17, 5:22am

  541. Trying 's slick new "eDeposit" feature for the very first time! Am I doing this right?

    Sat 2013.12.14, 7:42pm

  542. C’mon UPS... Bring on the iPad goodness. This empty case is killing me. #1stworldproblems

    Mon 2013.11.25, 9:51pm

  543. Changed to a /24 and now they’re happy. Really Sony... REALLY?! You didn’t test non-classful blocks? CIDR is from 1993! #wtf

    Sun 2013.11.24, 6:15am

  544. Eventually I dropped the separate WiFi interface, but I kept the /25 netmask. Been that way for over a decade. Seems that was the issue.

    Sun 2013.11.24, 6:09am

  545. I used to have two interfaces in my gateway, they both shared a /24, so a /25 subnet on each... One for WiFi and one for the wired LAN.

    Sun 2013.11.24, 6:08am

  546. I think I’ve finally figured out why my 3 Sony BDP-S1100 and 1 BDP-S185 Blu-ray players refuse to connect to my home LAN.

    Sun 2013.11.24, 6:07am

  547. Telecommuting for most of the week exposes my addiction.

    Fri 2013.11.22, 5:36pm

  548. Hope I filled this out correctly!

    Fri 2013.11.22, 4:37pm

  549. Should have seen it coming:

    Thu 2013.11.21, 9:31pm

  550. Discovered the new Harmony® Control app also works with the original Harmony Link. #happy

    Wed 2013.11.20, 8:18pm

  551. Hooray! The $1,300 in bitcoins I bought are now worth $5,659.91! Too bad I invested them all in losing stocks. #iSad

    Mon 2013.11.18, 8:01pm

  552. Not only can mdfind find files from Terminal by tag, but xarg’ing to scp with -E switch will preserve the tags. #happygeek

    Fri 2013.11.15, 6:05pm

  553. Finally! A card skimming device for the masses!

    Fri 2013.11.15, 1:45am

  554. 10: Pick-up iPhone Get distracted by other shiny things... Put down iPhone. Remember why I picked up iPhone. GOTO 10

    Wed 2013.11.06, 5:41pm

  555. Decent article, terrible headline. CGN isn’t the dark side of IPv6. CGN is the dark side of NOT deploying IPv6.

    Tue 2013.11.05, 11:11pm

  556. Well if can Facebook it, I can tweet it! Our offspring will soon be a trilogy! 3rd is on the way! Who’s your daddy?!

    Tue 2013.11.05, 12:11am

  557. ...and don’t get me started on the mechanical date display on non-digital watches. They break every leap year. Why include broken features?

    Sun 2013.11.03, 6:39pm

  558. Reminder: go around your house and discard all clocks that are an hour off. If it can’t set itself it’s unfit for its only purpose.

    Sun 2013.11.03, 5:34pm

  559. Sriracha Steak Melt, you say?! #lunch

    Fri 2013.11.01, 8:08pm

  560. Well that wasn’t a long wait... app released. All up and running. Very cool!

    Tue 2013.10.29, 3:15am

  561. So it seems the Kevo shipped a bit early. No iOS app yet and is not yet live. For now this is just a dumb lock.

    Mon 2013.10.28, 10:50pm

  562. No more unlocking doors like a knuckle dragging Neanderthal! Yes!

    Mon 2013.10.28, 8:40pm

  563. Looking forward to the AAPL “disappointing record smashing iPhone sales” quarterly results call...

    Mon 2013.10.28, 6:39pm

  564. All this time and a micro-fibre cloth and a credit card “fixed” my optical drives read issue per this tip... Neat.

    Sat 2013.10.26, 5:31pm

  565. I’ve never liked ’s UI. It was tacky and out of place on any iOS version. Now I do. Great update!

    Fri 2013.10.25, 4:04am

  566. Just installed my old iWork ’09 (disc version) to get a free update to the App Store version of Keynote. Nice!

    Thu 2013.10.24, 9:51pm

  567. Flawless victory! #yegvote

    Tue 2013.10.22, 3:58am

  568. I've not once been mislead by a sidewalk. Time to place my #yegvote for per the chalk's advice.

    Mon 2013.10.21, 10:53pm

  569. It’s Oct 21, did you give your #yegvote to yet? Get on it!

    Mon 2013.10.21, 5:16pm

  570. Microsoft RDP app for iOS. Nice!

    Thu 2013.10.17, 6:49pm

  571. So... I’ve upgraded to 8.1 via the Store... Is there a way to create clean install media for future recovery?

    Thu 2013.10.17, 4:22pm

  572. Little bit of headroom...

    Sun 2013.10.13, 6:07pm

  573. Now that the Mini is upgraded to a 1 TB SSD, the Mini has agreed to donate its 750 GB 7200 RPM drive to the 40 GB PS3. How kind.

    Sun 2013.10.13, 3:02pm

  574. Wanted to backup my 40 GB PS3 without wiping my Time Machine backup. Extra partition did the trick. Apparently PS3 CAN read GPT disks.

    Sun 2013.10.13, 3:01pm

  575. The SSD equipped Mini lives! Mission accomplished.

    Wed 2013.10.09, 5:53am

  576. Whew, nearly five hours later, clone is complete. Time for some iSurgery.

    Wed 2013.10.09, 4:52am

  577. Cloning drive data to a lightning fast SSD via snail-like USB is painful.

    Wed 2013.10.09, 1:50am

  578. I’d like to apologize to my future self who will be crying on the toilet tomorrow morning. Mmm. Ghost-pepper burrito for lunch.

    Tue 2013.10.08, 8:21pm

  579. Ordered some sweet, sweet solid state goodness to breath new life into the mid-2010 Mac Mini. #toys #geebees

    Mon 2013.10.07, 4:41pm

  580. Squeeeeeee! #nerdgasm

    Sat 2013.09.28, 5:36pm

  581. Really, ? Another price bump? You just gave yourself a raise in April! Tough times? Do you hate having customers?

    Fri 2013.09.27, 3:15am

  582. It’s not copying, it’s the only obvious colour you could make a phone:

    Wed 2013.09.25, 6:10pm

  583. I missed the official dock. Glad they brought it back with the 5S. The DX knock-offs just weren't the same.

    Tue 2013.09.24, 12:05am

  584. Feels like I'm never going to be able to talk to the remaining Blackberry user via iOS.

    Sun 2013.09.22, 3:23am

  585. Oh snap, that promo specifically said 5S or 5C... but, don’t’cha like the way I think? #sadtuba

    Sun 2013.09.22, 12:10am

  586. Buy my unlocked IPhone 5: take it to and it’ll nearly pay for itself: #shameless

    Sun 2013.09.22, 12:01am

  587. The need to PIN unlock my iPad like a knuckle dragging Neanderthal is just going to upset me now. #1stworldproblems

    Fri 2013.09.20, 9:16pm

  588. Well whatever. I don’t care what the millions of people around the world lining up cash in fist think... my new iPhone 5S is awesome!

    Fri 2013.09.20, 8:15pm

  589. AAPL stock down today due to lack of consumer interest in the new iPhones. Time to sell!

    Fri 2013.09.20, 8:13pm

  590. Time to find coffee and join the iHerd.

    Fri 2013.09.20, 7:21am

  591. I wonder how many people will inadvertently get bitten by the iCloud activation lock feature selling their current iPhones.

    Thu 2013.09.19, 8:41pm

  592. Put to work on my “Camera Uploads” folder. 2.9x reduction saving 2.3 GB. Impressive.

    Fri 2013.09.13, 2:51am

  593. ...and with that loses push notification privileges on my devices...

    Thu 2013.09.05, 1:05am

  594. Holy f*ck my iPhone is finally a Super Nintendo! #omgwtfbbqlol!!!

    Wed 2013.09.04, 10:10pm

  595. How much efficiency could we gain if we only had to support ONE school system? #justasking #yeg

    Wed 2013.09.04, 12:12am

  596. $25 per month so our daughter can eat lunch at school... Are you serious? That’s just ludicrous... #EPSB

    Tue 2013.09.03, 10:30pm

  597. Spectrum allocations are totally the same as water! Spend less on whining. Focus on improving your services!

    Sat 2013.08.31, 4:58pm

  598. If nothing else, this will be useful for the no-crapware-included "Signature" PCs...

    Mon 2013.08.26, 10:07pm

  599. Just bought shares in MSFT.

    Fri 2013.08.23, 3:30pm

  600. Now the aisle seat is a BETTER window seat!

    Fri 2013.08.23, 1:52am

  601. Put together a rudimentary landing page for my #yegarena time-lapse. Latest image uploaded every 10 minutes. #fun

    Thu 2013.08.22, 6:07am

  602. Image quality is not where I'd like it to be... Any recommendations for a "better" Linux compatible webcam?

    Mon 2013.08.19, 6:28pm

  603. Trying to setup a "Raspberry Pi in the Sky" rig so I can timelapse the #yegarena construction.

    Mon 2013.08.19, 6:20pm

  604. iOS 7’s app switcher seems to magically update thumbnails for orientation on iPad... It’s actually a clever slight of hand... Well played.

    Sat 2013.08.10, 3:48am

  605. Hey , remember in 2011 when you promised a 16 month “phase 2” rollout would double the “Broadband 100” upload to 10 Mbps? I do.

    Fri 2013.08.09, 7:16am

  606. Somebody tell the founder of this project about airplane mode or the power button...

    Sat 2013.08.03, 3:48pm

  607. TIL crabs can remove their own limbs... and they regenerate.

    Sat 2013.08.03, 1:55am

  608. I think I just found THE killer application that'll finally lead to breakout sales of Microsoft Surface RT!

    Fri 2013.08.02, 4:23am

  609. Hooray!

    Tue 2013.07.30, 8:39pm

  610. How did my go from "out for delivery" to (fictitiously) delivered and then back to enroute?

    Tue 2013.07.30, 6:23pm

  611. There's a knock at the door and... Well, it's no Leap... but this is pretty bad ass, too!

    Tue 2013.07.30, 1:06am

  612. Leap Motion has been out for delivery all day. What a tease. C'mon, daddy wants to play.

    Mon 2013.07.29, 11:39pm

  613. Don't pretend like you're not impressed. #birthday #pedicure

    Sat 2013.07.27, 7:03pm

  614. Slipped out with the family at lunch. The girls had a fun cool-off splash at City Hall.

    Thu 2013.07.25, 10:03pm

  615. Swapped failing drive in inferno. Mirror is now rebuilding. Yay for resiliency.

    Sat 2013.07.20, 5:12am

  616. The sad part is Wi-Lan used to be a real company with actual products. Made some solid backhauls.

    Wed 2013.07.17, 1:05am

  617. This makes me a little paranoid. OS X without its Terminal and BSD's userland would be a child's play thing.

    Thu 2013.07.11, 2:57am

  618. If you’re a web developer and you’ve ever set user-scalable to 'no.' Please immediately quit your job, you suck at it, anyway!

    Thu 2013.07.11, 2:14am

  619. Tile looks cool. It's a little too pricey for a disposable item though. Only lasts a year?

    Wed 2013.07.10, 5:02pm

  620. TIL why I should tighten down the terminal screws on electrical receptacles even when using the “Quickwire™” (backstab) wiring method.

    Wed 2013.07.03, 4:51am

  621. Automatic app updates in iOS 7 is convenient, but it feels like someone continuously opening my xmas gifts and quietly putting them away.

    Sat 2013.06.29, 2:41am

  622. I can't even tell this is a beta version of iOS!

    Tue 2013.06.25, 3:20pm

  623. Why not just cut mail delivery down to just one day a week. Daily is excessive for a barely relevant service.

    Fri 2013.06.21, 3:30am

  624. Oh god, it’s Ike Android and Windows Phone had too many drinks and iOS 7 was their bastard child...

    Tue 2013.06.11, 4:47am

  625. Goodbye iOS 6. We've had some good times, you and I...

    Tue 2013.06.11, 4:07am

  626. So how long before PC manufacturers start making big cylinder computers and claim it’s just a shape - the only way to do it?

    Mon 2013.06.10, 11:04pm

  627. TIL I should try the volume up button prior to overanalyzing Bria's 200 OK / SDP while troubleshooting a 1-way audio issue.

    Sun 2013.06.09, 5:29pm

  628. There isn't a clue-by-four big enough to beat the love for NAT and broken networks out of users... Sad.

    Fri 2013.06.07, 3:36pm

  629. I wonder if this 3-in-1 cable is pitching is the same as the one on DealeXtreme?

    Thu 2013.06.06, 4:41am

  630. Ridiculously responsive service from ! Well done! Shameless referral link:

    Wed 2013.06.05, 1:53am

  631. What's the deal with and their fees?! (Insert clever 'esque punch line here)

    Tue 2013.06.04, 7:59pm

  632. Say the Same Thing just sent me this push notification saying: delete me immediately. Weird.

    Mon 2013.06.03, 1:31am

  633. Make that line-feed, not carriage return... Wonder if anyone would have called me out on that? #unix #ascii

    Fri 2013.05.31, 4:19pm

  634. TIL: OS X Terminal could use a feature that strips carriage returns from commands you paste into it. #rm

    Fri 2013.05.31, 4:09pm

  635. My frivolously recalled magnets have arrived! Not sure how expects me to eat these all in one sitting!

    Thu 2013.05.30, 5:25pm

  636. Cookies everywhere... It's barbaric!!!

    Thu 2013.05.30, 3:35am

  637. Stupid Oreos, with their fancy-pants packaging! Now normal cookie packages just offend me... I can't even eat these!

    Thu 2013.05.30, 3:33am

  638. Hey! Xorg 7.7 made it into ports! Now I'm tempted to build XFCE on my box... Just cause I finally can...

    Thu 2013.05.30, 1:14am

  639. Just drop the hot corner stupidity. A new mouse won't help me click an invisible start button via RDP on Server 2012.

    Thu 2013.05.23, 8:38pm

  640. Actually I ordered four more cubes. Don’t ruin my fun while protecting stupid people. Let natural selection work its magic, ok?

    Thu 2013.05.23, 1:34am

  641. You can’t have my buckyballs, I already ate them!

    Thu 2013.05.23, 1:23am

  642. Took Natalie to her school. Nice flat area for her to ride loops and get some practice. She's getting the hang of it!

    Sun 2013.05.19, 9:56pm

  643. Swapped the tube on Natalie's bike and even managed to inflate it! Hooray! #superdaddy

    Sun 2013.05.19, 7:58pm

  644. I saw an Apple Store in our arena district concept images... you heard it here first.

    Fri 2013.05.17, 1:56am

  645. Whoa did a AMA. I still blame her for my infatuation with redheads.

    Thu 2013.05.16, 6:47pm

  646. Natalie wanted to try riding her bike. Tire was deflated. Asked daddy for help. Now it's broken. #handydaddy

    Wed 2013.05.15, 1:52am

  647. I'll finally be able to talk to Blackberry users via iPhone! Both of them! Hooray!

    Tue 2013.05.14, 8:12pm

  648. Being unable to order a car direct from a manufacturer offends me. Dealers should have to *earn* business. #Tesla

    Tue 2013.05.14, 5:38pm

  649. I guess I'll try and live with the Gmail app for push e-mail until a better option comes along... IMAP IDLE in iOS 7, maybe?

    Sun 2013.04.28, 12:43am

  650. Wait... Is Google Sync disabled for new devices on my Google Apps account? Lame! Time to ditch Google Apps and go back to self hosting?

    Sun 2013.04.28, 12:24am

  651. Finally swapped my iPhone 5, had an intermittent power button... Though I got more hassle at the Apple Store than I expected... Restore time!

    Sat 2013.04.27, 10:57pm

  652. Nice that FINALLY updated their Mac client. I miss the clean aesthetics, but now I'm hooked on 's timeline syncing.

    Fri 2013.04.26, 2:40am

  653. Oh, ... You're usually smarter than this... One surge bar per large box... Really?

    Wed 2013.04.24, 4:28pm

  654. What the hell? My car is missing its thick protective coating of filth?! Never lending my car again!

    Wed 2013.04.24, 2:43pm

  655. TIL HDMI 1.4 devices can support an audio return channel (ARC). How awesome is that?!

    Fri 2013.04.19, 2:18am

  656. I thought I was the only one!

    Fri 2013.04.12, 3:57am

  657. Am I the only one that never retweets a quoted or manually RT’d tweet? I always track down the original and natively retweet it.

    Thu 2013.04.11, 1:19am

  658. I've got Girl Guide cookies and a . Questions?

    Tue 2013.04.09, 3:37pm

  659. Alright, fine: 4.4000 BTC at $220. Filled! Now it needs to continue its insane rise... Ok? Promise?

    Tue 2013.04.09, 1:43pm

  660. Trying to buy 5 bitcoins at $190... C'mon... Bite!

    Mon 2013.04.08, 7:58pm

  661. This is why I can never find the matching sock!

    Sat 2013.03.30, 3:49pm

  662. Instead of superficially turning your lights off for #EarthHour, make a real difference: replace your incandescent bulbs with LEDs.

    Sun 2013.03.24, 1:02am

  663. Selection of a pope merits about as much media coverage as someone voted off a reality TV show. Pick a superstitious geezer and move on!

    Wed 2013.03.13, 12:17am

  664. My days of being a productive member of society are over. Now, I'll just sit here playing with my balls.

    Tue 2013.03.12, 4:00pm

  665. Daylight savings time: the act of cutting a meter off the top of a blanket and sewing it to the bottom, to make it longer. #fail

    Sat 2013.03.09, 6:44pm

  666. Guns don't kill people. Dogs with guns kill people.

    Wed 2013.02.27, 9:18pm

  667. Dear Childhood: welcome home!

    Tue 2013.02.26, 7:29pm

  668. The eight year old version of myself would have been terribly disappointed in who I've become if I didn't order this.

    Tue 2013.02.19, 3:00am

  669. Well... That was fun.

    Sat 2013.02.16, 7:18am

  670. Rogers will unlock your under contract phone after 90 days for $50, starting in March. Better than the status quo!

    Sat 2013.02.09, 6:01am

  671. Hey , fix your 1-click free Prime shipping, please!

    Wed 2013.02.06, 3:17am

  672. I think I totally got away with it... Whew.

    Sat 2013.02.02, 2:39pm

  673. That awkward moment when you're awake stupidly early and need to go to the bathroom but fear waking the 2 year old if you dare to move...

    Sat 2013.02.02, 2:23pm

  674. Took advantage of the 50% sale to switch to the #MacAppStore version of 's "Things!"

    Thu 2013.01.24, 10:54pm

  675. Loved the video. Still hate the browser.

    Thu 2013.01.24, 8:09pm

  676. Another disappointing quarter. What losers!

    Thu 2013.01.24, 3:13am

  677. For reference, Apple has been using EFI and GPT since their first Intel Mac shipped. Welcome to 2006, Dell! #progress

    Wed 2013.01.23, 4:40am

  678. As one who hates legacy tech, I'm thrilled my new work computer, a Latitude E6530 uses both UEFI and GPT. Finally!

    Wed 2013.01.23, 4:38am

  679. Can't wait to see the related "Windows 8 adoption" chart in another few years.

    Wed 2013.01.23, 3:33am

  680. New urinal at work flushes funny!

    Tue 2013.01.22, 9:39pm

  681. Wore my shirt inside out all day. Not a single person called me on it. #whoops #winning #justnoticed

    Tue 2013.01.22, 3:36am

  682. The dual displays will hide my shame nicely!

    Fri 2013.01.18, 9:20pm

  683. Poor , he's leaving ThinkTel... So... Naturally I took his monitors...

    Fri 2013.01.18, 9:20pm

  684. Yet another publisher has successfully removed their cranium from their rectum. That's GOTTA feel better!

    Wed 2013.01.16, 7:46pm

  685. $10 Card for $5: my first time whoring out a link, but can't turn down free coffee!

    Wed 2013.01.16, 6:16am

  686. New shoes... Aaw, ya!

    Sun 2013.01.13, 10:26pm

  687. 6.4×10^10 bytes... Must try not to break or lose it. #SmallGeeBees

    Mon 2013.01.07, 8:10pm

  688. The countdown to Google's self-awareness begins...

    Fri 2013.01.04, 5:55pm

  689. Epic.

    Thu 2013.01.03, 11:48pm

  690. Used iTunes 11's redeem by iSight camera feature on my xmas gift card stack. Awesome! This needs porting to iOS!

    Tue 2012.12.25, 6:34pm

  691. Nothing like piping tar through ssh to remind ones self why UNIX and derivatives are incalculably awesome.

    Thu 2012.12.20, 11:42pm

  692. Oh, Canada...

    Tue 2012.12.18, 6:42pm

  693. Picked up the hue starter kit. Very cool! ...but how do I group the bulbs, ?

    Mon 2012.12.17, 7:43am

  694. Tour of the ISS: Very cool.

    Sun 2012.12.16, 11:21pm

  695. 1U Atom, assemble! Now it needs a soul... Bring on the thumb drive...

    Thu 2012.12.13, 10:41pm

  696. Apparently today is new app day 4 is live. Impressively streamlined setup! Nice work!

    Thu 2012.12.13, 5:58am

  697. Google Maps by Google, Inc. Happy now?! I for one prefer Apple's Map app... Maybe not their data...

    Thu 2012.12.13, 5:45am

  698. Next can we scrap the MacBook scratching “please remove your laptop from its case” security theatre?!

    Thu 2012.12.13, 2:44am

  699. The alt-text hurt my brain...

    Thu 2012.12.13, 2:36am

  700. Bring the girls to the mall for their annual visit with Santa: ☑

    Wed 2012.12.12, 3:36am

  701. Just donated to the foundation. Probably owe them 'something' after over a decade of use.

    Sun 2012.12.09, 9:10pm

  702. Installed Asterisk 11 while retaining my 1.8.x configuration files. Everything still seems to work. Could it be so easy?

    Sun 2012.12.09, 12:43am

  703. Sweet rack mountable Atom goodness. #toys

    Fri 2012.12.07, 12:05am

  704. That thing where you stare at the Windows 8 logo as the installer boots off the thumb drive and you wonder if its progressing or has hung...

    Sun 2012.12.02, 8:30am

  705. Got impatient waiting for 9.1, decided to upgrade to RC3. Now my userland is 9.1 while the kernel is still 9.0. Oops! #compiling

    Sun 2012.11.25, 1:09am

  706. Why am I seeing poor performance, almost like a mismatched MTU, with an mpd5 PPTP tunnel on FreeBSD but not with the Windows VPN client?

    Sat 2012.11.24, 10:24pm

  707. Hooray for undocumented command line argument changes: tshark’s -S argument silently became -P Caught me off guard.

    Mon 2012.11.19, 8:26pm

  708. Look who finally showed up to the iTunes party!

    Mon 2012.11.19, 7:22am

  709. Apparently Edmonton's idea of snow removal is barricading my driveway with a small subset of snow from the road. My tax dollars at work!

    Fri 2012.11.16, 4:44pm

  710. Huge news for those wise enough to avoid buying "broken" DRM encumbered technology eBooks! Thanks !

    Thu 2012.11.15, 8:23pm

  711. Just lost power... Time for a candlelight supper.

    Thu 2012.11.15, 1:46am

  712. “Look! Jessica Alba and Gwen Stefani both use Windows Phone! Clearly I must rethink my choice of smartphone!” - Nobody

    Wed 2012.11.14, 11:47pm

  713. Started seeing LTE at home as of yesterday... It's a weak signal, but progress is progress!

    Sat 2012.11.10, 8:39pm

  714. My very first transaction goes to my wife, . #testing #itworks

    Thu 2012.11.08, 10:16pm

  715. The has arrived! #toys

    Thu 2012.11.08, 9:55pm

  716. Working from home, sliding from Office 2013 in back to OS X is reminiscent of the opening of Wizard of Oz. Whoa, colour!

    Thu 2012.11.08, 5:36pm

  717. Destination! Time for lunch?

    Wed 2012.11.07, 7:37pm

  718. Winter commutes. #fun

    Wed 2012.11.07, 5:14pm

  719. Just signed up for , but what if I run out of shaving cream?! What then guys?!

    Fri 2012.11.02, 9:57pm

  720. This cold left me no choice but to ingest the world's most powerful coma inducing agent. Goodbye, cruel world. #iSleep

    Fri 2012.11.02, 3:25am

  721. Does this mean Jediism will finally be taught in science class?

    Thu 2012.11.01, 9:11pm

  722. Am I the only one that will be a little weirded out seeing the magical Disney kingdom prelude on upcoming Star Wars movies?

    Tue 2012.10.30, 8:05pm

  723. New hot water tank to replace the 30 year old one. What a boring home improvement...

    Tue 2012.10.30, 7:50pm

  724. ...and this marks the first time Microsoft obtained my interest on the stage during a Windows Phone event...

    Mon 2012.10.29, 5:45pm

  725. So long, neglected for Mac client. After much reluctance, I’ve ditched all official apps for .

    Sat 2012.10.27, 11:31pm

  726. Just had one of these Ghost Pepper Burritos... Might be cliche to tweet what you eat... But damn, that was delicious!

    Fri 2012.10.26, 6:44pm

  727. IT dept. put the kibosh on my plans for a self-inflicted OS upgrade. I’m still getting used to being non-autonomous.

    Thu 2012.10.25, 8:52pm

  728. No upgrade path from Windows 7 Ultimate to Windows 8 Enterprise... Time to nuke and pave. #fail

    Thu 2012.10.25, 7:02pm

  729. Installing Windows 8, Office 2013 and Lync 2013 on my work PC. Oh, I’m going to miss colour user interfaces.

    Thu 2012.10.25, 6:47pm

  730. ...but why is portaudit broken?!

    Thu 2012.10.25, 12:46am

  731. How did I not know about ssh 'agent forwarding' until now?!

    Wed 2012.10.24, 11:04pm

  732. Just signed up for . Awesome.

    Wed 2012.10.24, 4:00pm

  733. Early signs suggest the MacBook Pro survived the coffee treatment. It boots. Keyboard works. It seems more perky than before. #iCaffeinated

    Tue 2012.10.23, 3:40pm

  734. Just spilled coffee over top my Retina MacBook Pro... I love Mondays.

    Mon 2012.10.22, 4:18pm

  735. Just one of many reasons why, if you can't avoid DRM'd content, you should at least strip it from your purchases.

    Mon 2012.10.22, 3:44pm

  736. Whoa... When did Panago get online ordering? One less reason to talk to humans.

    Sat 2012.10.20, 9:32pm

  737. Advantage of ADN: I can neglect it for a day or two and still catch up to my stream... Neat.

    Sat 2012.10.20, 4:20am

  738. I’ve never been crazy for ’s UI, but iCloud syncing with Mac may finally force me to shut up and learn to love it...

    Thu 2012.10.18, 5:47pm

  739. This is a venti caramel macchiato from . There are millions like it, but THIS one was purchased via Passbook.

    Tue 2012.10.16, 3:19pm

  740. Best LTE signal and speed I've seen yet! Excuse me while I change my pants!

    Thu 2012.10.11, 10:50pm

  741. Mysterious ice crystals falling from the sky! Everyone idle your engine all the way to your destination it's the only way to remain safe!

    Wed 2012.10.10, 2:40pm

  742. My wife invites her friend over... They play with dolls together... Is this normal?

    Fri 2012.10.05, 1:35am

  743. Who's Mac did they find that last bug on?! #MoarGeeBees

    Thu 2012.10.04, 10:38pm

  744. My thermostat just upgraded its software over the Internet all by itself. Nice, continues to impress!

    Wed 2012.10.03, 9:50pm

  745. Hear ye, hear ye! We put Natalie in Sparks: Girl Guide Cookies! Yeah, the chocolate mint ones! You know you want some!

    Tue 2012.10.02, 1:48am

  746. First LTE speed test! #yeg #shouldbedriving

    Mon 2012.10.01, 2:47pm

  747. Drat! has my area flagged as LTE 'coming soon.' Wonder what the timeframe for these areas are?

    Mon 2012.10.01, 1:50pm

  748. Excited about 's LTE launch for #yeg tomorrow, but does launch mean blanket coverage or sporadic pockets?

    Mon 2012.10.01, 1:09am

  749. Apple Maps isn't Google Maps, but its "good enough" for me and has slick nav... Maybe they should fix that icon though?

    Fri 2012.09.28, 2:09pm

  750. The girls playing in the autumn leaves... How ludicrously cute are they?! #iKids

    Tue 2012.09.25, 6:04pm

  751. Look at this item of pure awesomeness brought me from Hong Kong! Thanks, man! #iDol

    Mon 2012.09.24, 7:37pm

  752. Windows Phone was a growing neck boil. Signing a contract was a painful burst. iPhone 5: sweet relief! Don't judge me.

    Sat 2012.09.22, 5:27pm

  753. In weakness I ran around the city frantically attempting to sign a contract... Good thing Rogers sucks at surviving iPhone launches. #iPain

    Sat 2012.09.22, 5:18am

  754. Will power... Dwindling... I can sign my life away and end the pain... Help.

    Fri 2012.09.21, 11:27pm

  755. Joke is on me... Another 3 - 4 weeks with Windows Phone 7. Kill me. End the pain. #iDrama

    Fri 2012.09.21, 1:51am

  756. iDay is cancelled. Not waiting in line all night to sign my testicles to for 3 years. Unlocked, contract free or no deal! :(

    Fri 2012.09.21, 1:07am

  757. Last day with Windows Phone. It's been a LONG month...

    Thu 2012.09.20, 2:17pm

  758. Shame, 's idea of consistency is downgrading the iPad app to suck like other tablet apps instead of improving the sucky clients.

    Tue 2012.09.18, 10:20pm

  759. 9:30 PM - go to bed. 2:24 AM - still awake. This sucks. #insomnia

    Tue 2012.09.18, 8:24am

  760. Another year: a new iPhone launch approaches and another (my third) Magnetic Flipper pre-ordered from .

    Tue 2012.09.18, 1:59am

  761. Kudos to 's Kijiji prowess! Set of 4 hubcaps, identical to the one stolen, with RIMs and hardware. $20!

    Mon 2012.09.17, 12:31am

  762. Today marks two years since I've had a cigarette... That's twice as long as this time last year! #amazing #math

    Thu 2012.09.13, 8:32pm

  763. Mmmm, iOS 6 gold master goodness on iPad... #tastybits

    Thu 2012.09.13, 12:30am

  764. Want to crash Safari on iOS, load a poll results page. Works every time. Just me?

    Tue 2012.09.11, 1:34am

  765. Hey , your web site sucks. If you ARE abandoning your Mac client, please announce it officially so I can abandon you and move on!

    Sun 2012.09.09, 2:13am

  766. eBook DRM needs to be universally treated as shrink-wrap packaging. It must be diligently stripped, discarded before product consumption.

    Fri 2012.09.07, 12:39am

  767. My first e-ink device, a Sony PRS-T2 has arrived! 1st impressions are good! Reads my iBooks epubs nicely once I strip DRM nonsense. #toys

    Thu 2012.09.06, 2:04am

  768. Took the wife & offspring to the Alberta legislature centennial. Natalie is all for the fireworks. I'd post a pic, this phone isn't worthy.

    Mon 2012.09.03, 3:53am

  769. Does that not look like an NFC antenna behind the Apple logo?

    Wed 2012.08.29, 4:17pm

  770. W00t, 2011 MacBook Pro and iPhone 4S both converted back into #iCash within minutes of each other today.

    Tue 2012.08.28, 2:40am

  771. Hooray, firmware 1.2.1 for my SPA-112 ATA finally fixes the MWI bug. No more endlessly blinking light! #1stworldproblem

    Sun 2012.08.26, 6:20am

  772. Excited about my free upgrade to 5, but will it be the Pro or non-Pro version. Eta on upgrade keys? What a tease!

    Thu 2012.08.23, 5:27pm

  773. It's awesome when you get on the phone with someone responding to your Kijiji ad and they ask a series of questions each answered in the ad.

    Wed 2012.08.22, 12:59am

  774. Open question to Windows Phone users. Marketplace offerings seem pretty slim. Is there an impressive app without an iOS equivalent? Do tell!

    Tue 2012.08.21, 6:28pm

  775. Hooray, got my data plan working for my "Project Pain" phone with a quick assist from Rogers.

    Tue 2012.08.21, 4:11am

  776. WTF?! Here I thought I could safely park my f*cking car in a parkade for the duration of a work day. This is bullsh*t!

    Mon 2012.08.20, 11:59pm

  777. Project Pain: 1 month using a Windows Phone 7 device instead of my iPhone has begun. This experience shall leave scars!

    Mon 2012.08.20, 9:14pm

  778. Watching Futurama, while my wife watches the intolerable garbage that is "Big Brother." Thank you, !

    Mon 2012.08.20, 3:32am

  779. A cat has been squatting in our garage, eats our garbage. Turns out, it's female and has the ability to self replicate.

    Wed 2012.08.15, 8:07pm

  780. I don't normally run experimental builds, but when I do, I prefer them to support Notification Center.

    Wed 2012.08.15, 12:34am

  781. Is 'don't randomize my scroll position in the timeline while i read tweets' too much to ask of the latest client for iPhone?!

    Mon 2012.08.13, 11:57pm

  782. Excited to hear Hyper-V now supports server operating systems! Finally!

    Fri 2012.08.10, 3:04am

  783. Pinch me! I was starting to think this day would never come. Way to ship it, !

    Thu 2012.08.09, 1:11pm

  784. My thermostat lost its WiFi connection after a power outage. A reboot fixed it. Yeah, rebooting a thermostat, welcome to the future. #nest

    Thu 2012.08.09, 5:20am

  785. ♫ I owe, I owe... So back to work I go! ♫

    Wed 2012.08.08, 2:42pm

  786. Siri lives!

    Sat 2012.08.04, 12:13am

  787. Haven't heard from Siri since iOS 6.0 beta 3... Doing a restore on my phone, hoping that'll bring her back from the dead...

    Fri 2012.08.03, 11:58pm

  788. Hooray, my iTunes gift card has arrived! #overpacked #damagedgoods

    Wed 2012.08.01, 10:12pm

  789. My biological clock's idea of a built in alarm is to just wake me up every hour. What a lame feature, is there an update? #cantsleep

    Wed 2012.08.01, 10:06am

  790. Rebranding Hotmail to is a good move. The name 'Hotmail' conjures nothing but repulsion. Definitely time to move on.

    Tue 2012.07.31, 6:03pm

  791. Just used interfacelift's bulk download service. 227 backgrounds at MacBook Pro Retina resolution for $2.27... Easy sale!

    Mon 2012.07.30, 3:02am

  792. The trend continued to the front lawn... What a weird day... #paranormal

    Sat 2012.07.28, 3:19am

  793. This morning my office wasn't quite how I remembered leaving it the night before... #shenanigans #thirty

    Sat 2012.07.28, 3:15am

  794. Will Apple send me the password for the PDF containing the Mountain Lion redemption code before this cracks it? #drama

    Thu 2012.07.26, 12:59am

  795. Still waiting... Here kitty, kitty, kitty...

    Wed 2012.07.25, 10:41pm

  796. Have my Mountain Lion 'Up-to-Date' code, but still waiting for the e-mail with the password to unlock it. What a tease to save $19.99.

    Wed 2012.07.25, 2:05pm

  797. Now that Apple has enabled iTunes "Movies in the Cloud" for Canada, digital copies will actually be useful. #progress

    Sat 2012.07.21, 5:08pm

  798. iKids... Anything that doesn't have an intuitive multitouch UI is just plain dysfunctional in their world view.

    Tue 2012.07.17, 1:56am

  799. Warning: Do not look directly into Outlook 2013 with remaining eye!

    Mon 2012.07.16, 7:28pm

  800. Office 2013... Is Microsoft actively *trying* to make my eyes bleed?! Why must everything be white and square?! Ouch ouch, my poor retinas!

    Mon 2012.07.16, 7:21pm

  801. Selling my previous 13-inch, Early 2011 MacBook Pro. Questions? Offers?

    Mon 2012.07.16, 3:35am

  802. Worried about Apple's cash flow, Jessie and I decided to show or support. She got her OWN iPad and I have this awesome retina MBP! #iDebt

    Mon 2012.07.16, 1:57am

  803. AirPlay mirroring to Apple TV via Mountain Lion... Awesome!

    Wed 2012.07.11, 3:49am

  804. First tweet from Mountain Lion. I'm going to love the Twitter integration!

    Tue 2012.07.10, 7:42pm

  805. I wanted to buy 's book but insists on broken DRM. Can we fix this?

    Sat 2012.06.30, 5:16pm

  806. This twisted, hilarious play by play of a possible outcome to the is why I read comments.

    Thu 2012.06.28, 3:17am

  807. Bought a single share in RIMM for $9.17... Now I can pretend I'm an angry shareholder appalled by their final toilet circling... #hobbies

    Mon 2012.06.25, 4:31pm

  808. Just got 0wned by . Nice proof-of-concept: - - point noted, sir!

    Fri 2012.06.22, 7:22pm

  809. Well look at that, I've got 200 followers... OK, show of hands, how many of you are spambots?

    Thu 2012.06.21, 6:05pm

  810. Why didn't #C11 also ban the breaking of analogue locks? i.e.) Blu-ray/DVD packaging? It's far more effective at blocking media consumption!

    Wed 2012.06.20, 1:36am

  811. Finally watching the Avengers! #w00t

    Mon 2012.06.18, 1:04am

  812. My little preschool graduate... Congrats ! #prouddaddy

    Sat 2012.06.16, 12:04am

  813. Isn't it funny how there's only a correlation between property values and taxes when property values go up? #yeg

    Fri 2012.06.15, 10:37pm

  814. By 'automatic' camera upload means 'when I open the app' right? Don't think iOS APIs allow anything more. Am I wrong?

    Fri 2012.06.15, 12:54am

  815. No, he's right. Apple dynamically / remotely upscales content destined to retina displays - hence more bandwidth! #dumb

    Wed 2012.06.13, 8:50pm

  816. That's what I'm talking about!

    Wed 2012.06.13, 1:33am

  817. What could possibly go wrong?

    Wed 2012.06.13, 1:12am

  818. Ha, just got Sherlocked!

    Mon 2012.06.11, 6:41pm

  819. Hear ye, hear ye! A plea for just a few more buckazoids: #SpaceVenture #TGFA

    Sat 2012.06.09, 4:50am

  820. Seriously? Automatic syncing of all my books via ? You've now exceeded your awesomeness quota!

    Thu 2012.06.07, 9:37pm

  821. Hooray for #v6launch! Now if could give me a prefix, I'd like to some day retire my IPv6 tunnel to . #dienatdie

    Wed 2012.06.06, 12:13am

  822. Mission accomplished! installed. How anti-climatic.

    Tue 2012.06.05, 6:08am

  823. Wall damage from my old thermostat was too large for the trim plate. Waiting for the mud & paint to dry before installing is torture.

    Tue 2012.06.05, 3:23am

  824. ...and just like that, my evening is planned for me... has arrived! #toys

    Mon 2012.06.04, 8:40pm

  825. Slightly overdue for a bottle depot run... #fulljeep

    Sat 2012.06.02, 7:16pm

  826. Mega Run - free today in the App Store: if nothing else download for the awesome scream he makes when you die. #amused

    Sat 2012.06.02, 4:10pm

  827. Overall results, wouldn't have saved me enough to bother with contracts. would have soaked me. #nocontracts #uneducated.

    Sat 2012.06.02, 1:14am

  828. 1 year of my regulated rates: electricity averaged $10.30/kWh vs $8.00 with gas averaged $2.99/GJ vs $5.73/GJ with .

    Sat 2012.06.02, 1:13am

  829. I'll go with a volatile rate vs a consistent ripoff! Implying we avoid contracts due to lack of education is insulting.

    Sat 2012.06.02, 12:28am

  830. Can I get a second opinion?

    Fri 2012.06.01, 1:58am

  831. The reviews are in!

    Fri 2012.06.01, 1:54am

  832. My has shipped and is expected on Tuesday... but will it be ready for the day after? #v6launch

    Thu 2012.05.31, 4:48pm

  833. So if I ordered with concierge install service, but get over eager and install it myself... Can I cancel and refund the extra fee?

    Thu 2012.05.31, 4:06am

  834. Successfully ordered using , though I'm told the CC issue with their order page is now fixed as well. Hooray! #toys

    Tue 2012.05.29, 3:58pm

  835. Tried to order but the order page erroneously says my shipping address doesn't match two different credit cards. Its broken. #annoyed

    Tue 2012.05.29, 2:28pm

  836. Normally toasts flatbread based subs by default... Today they didn't ask & didn't toast. Cold lunch fail! #yuck #1stworldproblems

    Fri 2012.05.25, 6:41pm

  837. Alright, , you win. Half-price promo, vi bindings or not, I bit and purchased Coda 2. 10 minutes of playing, I'm already impressed!

    Thu 2012.05.24, 5:58am

  838. Well that was quick... wins a kitchen table on the Lemire Twitter Sweepstakes... Congratulations, sir!

    Thu 2012.05.24, 2:15am

  839. Who wants a kitchen table? Comes with 4 chairs, a leaf & a smile as you leave our house with it... #takeit #yesyou #yeg

    Thu 2012.05.24, 2:05am

  840. I love Dropbox because they give me bonus space for spamming my Twitter followers like a whore. #thereididit

    Wed 2012.05.23, 5:07pm

  841. Just imported my 'Things' data into the Things Cloud beta... This was a long time coming... #hooray

    Wed 2012.05.23, 4:26pm

  842. Hey! is reachable via #IPv6 early and the latency is better than via v4. Bonus!

    Tue 2012.05.22, 8:41pm

  843. This is a far better solution than a finger filth smeared 27 inch display! Looks very cool, indeed!

    Mon 2012.05.21, 8:34pm

  844. Landed in Edmonton, w00t!

    Sun 2012.05.20, 10:20pm

  845. Souvenir from the Victoria Bug Zoo?

    Fri 2012.05.18, 11:20pm

  846. Made my way through Butchart Gardens with the family, somehow missed it on prior visits to Victoria. #purdy

    Wed 2012.05.16, 10:00pm

  847. Rocky's meaning Ricky's... #damnyouautocorrect

    Tue 2012.05.15, 6:24pm

  848. At Rocky's, first time connecting to a Exo Hot Spot - nice speeds. #m0arbandwidth

    Tue 2012.05.15, 6:21pm

  849. Sea lion was totally robbed by this opportunistic seagull... Impressive maneuver, sir!

    Mon 2012.05.14, 7:03pm

  850. Realized I didn't have BC maps loaded into my iPhone, downloaded in minutes into while in a moving vehicle. Welcome to the future.

    Mon 2012.05.14, 6:01pm

  851. Not even 5 minutes past security and we've already had a 2-yr old meltdown. Play area saved the day.

    Sun 2012.05.13, 9:25pm

  852. Exercise: you're doing it wrong.

    Sun 2012.05.13, 4:59pm

  853. Maybe they should just equip Blu-ray players with a boot that kicks you in the nuts when legit media is detected:

    Thu 2012.05.10, 3:09am

  854. This is a Kickstarter I had to get behind. Bring your buckazoids, let's make it happen!

    Tue 2012.05.08, 6:19pm

  855. I may be the only one who gets this excited about high tech lighting but...

    Mon 2012.05.07, 8:48pm

  856. I whined on Twitter: and 4 days later it's fixed in iOS 5.1.1. You're all welcome. #nocoincidences

    Mon 2012.05.07, 5:25pm

  857. Finished all missions in I'm just... that... awesome. #addicted

    Sun 2012.05.06, 9:56pm

  858. One month until ! What has two thumbs & an IPv6 ready home network that's been waiting for this launch since 2007? #thisguy

    Sun 2012.05.06, 5:56pm

  859. Hmmm... Finally getting around to upgrading my colo'd server from 8.2 to 9.0-RELEASE... Must try not to break it...

    Sat 2012.05.05, 10:38pm

  860. A neat concept, but if I was in charge iOS would simply adopt vi style model editing and key bindings.

    Sat 2012.05.05, 3:55pm

  861. Whenever I download updates I'm greeted by this nuisance... and the counter seems to be incrementing. #why?!

    Thu 2012.05.03, 7:24pm

  862. Ah-ha! It seems TSO (TCP Segmentation Offload) was responsible for all the quirky TCP connection drops on my FreeBSD gateway. #moreyouknow

    Mon 2012.04.30, 7:19pm

  863. Six years, she says... Happy #anniversary, !

    Sun 2012.04.29, 2:43pm

  864. Finally got around to setting up mosh: - very cool! Would be a perfect fit for an app like 's 'Prompt.' #hinthint

    Thu 2012.04.26, 1:46am

  865. Click 'Go,' return to game without rating, collect 500 coins. Leave one star review on subsequent prompt. More coins!

    Tue 2012.04.24, 4:01am

  866. How does an image sharing service sell for a billion? What difficult problem prevented sharing images online pre-instagram? What a joke!

    Mon 2012.04.09, 5:12pm

  867. Don't act like you're not impressed...

    Sun 2012.04.08, 2:36am

  868. Today is one of those days where you stay home and take advantage of Lync... #nuhuhnotdriving

    Thu 2012.04.05, 3:17pm

  869. Bobby Mike from Nigeria wants to be friends on Facebook. Seems legit. #whatcouldpossiblygowrong

    Tue 2012.04.03, 3:58pm

  870. Hooray, the new YellowPages has arrived! #kathump

    Sat 2012.03.31, 8:35pm

  871. Finally!

    Sat 2012.03.31, 4:58pm

  872. Received my 'Florence' (Magnetic) iPad case from . As usual, they've exceeded my expectations. Nice!

    Tue 2012.03.27, 12:23am

  873. Am I the only one who completely disagrees with Outlook's assertion that "can not" is one word, not two? Is it an American thing? #grammar

    Mon 2012.03.26, 5:07pm

  874. Why the hell do I pay extra for if I can't watch the new ?

    Mon 2012.03.26, 4:25am

  875. All the potential difficulties swapping an HD out of a Mac Mini, I didn't think it'd be this little bastard. #screwed

    Sun 2012.03.18, 11:38pm

  876. In conclusion, I think I'm finishing the job with the last antenna plate screw left out. Who will know?

    Sun 2012.03.18, 11:17pm

  877. Well, this WAS going smoothly until I had to replace the AirPort antenna. I suspect the thermal sensor cable is interfering... #iFrustrated

    Sun 2012.03.18, 10:37pm

  878. Simplifying the office, and I are going to share a computer... Going to need more GeeBees in the Mini...

    Sun 2012.03.18, 9:18pm

  879. You'd think would be a little more opportunistic with their hours for locations next to Apple Stores during these launches...

    Fri 2012.03.16, 11:34am

  880. Awake. Current objectives: 1. Obtain caffeine 2. Secure position in iLine

    Fri 2012.03.16, 7:21am

  881. Time for a power nap before The semi-annual iQueue. #moarpixels

    Fri 2012.03.16, 3:12am

  882. I'm pretty certain this score approaches the constraints of what tetromino physics will allow.

    Wed 2012.03.14, 5:27am

  883. The 'Smart Cover' isn't as smart as I'd like. Ordered the Florence (Magnetic) from will it arrive before Fri?

    Mon 2012.03.12, 6:36pm

  884. I'm starting a car rental business using Bell & Telus marketing. It'll be called 'Ferrary Rentals' and have inventory of Ford Model Ts.

    Sun 2012.03.11, 5:36pm

  885. Pre-ordering is for wusses. I'm going to wake up ridiculously early in the morning and wait in a ludicrously long line instead. #iRitual

    Thu 2012.03.08, 3:51am

  886. The new iPad: resolutionary! #awesome

    Wed 2012.03.07, 8:32pm

  887. Confirmed, new iPad will have substantially more pixels in a 10" space than my 24" Cinema Display. Mind blowingly awesome. 2048x1536.

    Wed 2012.03.07, 7:27pm

  888. Oh, the sweet calm before the keynote storm...

    Wed 2012.03.07, 5:51pm

  889. Mmmm, sweet ! #toys

    Tue 2012.03.06, 10:10pm

  890. It would have been quicker to re-download the 5 GB of content in my vs making it spend the CPU time merging after a profile change.

    Tue 2012.03.06, 8:14pm

  891. Metro might be tolerable on a tablet. Likewise for #win8 sans Metro for the desktop. Forcibly combine the two and you have an abomination.

    Sun 2012.03.04, 12:20am

  892. Preparing to desecrate my MacBook Pro with a Boot Camp partition... #curiousity

    Sat 2012.03.03, 4:36pm

  893. Oh noes! Evil microwave radiation! It'll give them all ocular cancer! Won't someone think of the children?! #hysteria

    Fri 2012.03.02, 7:59pm

  894. Who at Microsoft thought it'd be funny if EOF added audio/video to a conversation in Lync?! #badshortcut

    Wed 2012.02.29, 8:49pm

  895. It's official... March 7th Apple Keynote! Prepare iDollars for deployment! #iPad3

    Tue 2012.02.28, 6:42pm

  896. My legitimately purchased iBooks can now be read forever, on any device. We need a bill to stop this evil! #C11

    Sat 2012.02.25, 6:15pm

  897. iBooks DRM has been cracked: now I can buy eBooks from Apple confident I can read them forever... Or until C-11 passes.

    Sat 2012.02.25, 5:52pm

  898. Thought I'd challenge The SIP School's SSCA exam while I was at it. So... painfully... close... #fail

    Thu 2012.02.23, 9:00pm

  899. Achievement unlocked: Obtain MCITP Lync Server 2010 certification. #w00t

    Thu 2012.02.23, 7:42pm

  900. Here goes...

    Thu 2012.02.23, 6:44pm

  901. Aaaw... Who's idea was it to cut the meatball sub from 's $5 foot-long list?! #grumblegrumble

    Tue 2012.02.21, 9:28pm

  902. iPad 2: Sold. OK Apple. I'm ready. What's in store for the next generation? #moarpixels

    Sun 2012.02.19, 10:07pm

  903. Some 'Kick Ass' beans from mixed with Blonde Veranda beans from . I shall call my creation 'Dirty Blonde Brew!'

    Sun 2012.02.19, 7:31pm

  904. scp desperately needs an option to not follow symlinks when recursively copying. Until then, rsync to the rescue!

    Sun 2012.02.19, 12:37am

  905. Another tough day, ending the road trip.

    Sat 2012.02.18, 3:30am

  906. This plane has USB ports, nice touch!

    Mon 2012.02.13, 4:38am

  907. Bill C-11 is a farce! These 'new exceptions' are useless as they all require circumventing protections. #balancedmyass

    Thu 2012.02.09, 4:11am

  908. Has the "App Exposé" option always been available in the Trackpad preferences in Lion? I distinctively remember missing this feature.

    Tue 2012.02.07, 7:22pm

  909. Steve Jobs in 2010: “If you see a stylus, they blew it” Samsung (super excited) in 2012: "The Samsung Galaxy Note has a STYLUS!" #fail

    Mon 2012.02.06, 3:31am

  910. Maybe their plan is to make it up with volume: #BeBold

    Sat 2012.02.04, 2:03am

  911. That's a whole lot of nostalgia for $15, thanks ! These will populate boxer nicely:

    Fri 2012.02.03, 4:56pm

  912. Why build a modern successor to their obsolete graphing calculator phones. All RIM needs is shiny marketing! #BeBold

    Tue 2012.01.31, 9:23pm

  913. The new AirPort Utility 6.0 is a dumbed down abomination. 5.6 can co-exist and is available here:

    Tue 2012.01.31, 3:17am

  914. 160 calories per serving, ptsh! When will they stop pretending a 'serving' is anything less than the whole damn bag?

    Sun 2012.01.29, 9:07pm

  915. Attempted to add X11 to my box and take XFCE for a spin... No dice. It seems the Intel GMA 3150 is not well supported out of the box.

    Fri 2012.01.27, 6:16am

  916. Until someone tells me otherwise, I'm thinking Safari is just getting hot and bothered over Apple's $46.33 billion dollar quarter. #iCash

    Tue 2012.01.24, 10:41pm

  917. Twice today, I'm startled by a jet turbine caused by Safari having its way with both my CPU's cores. What gives?!

    Tue 2012.01.24, 10:33pm

  918. Oooooh, shiny! #iCertified

    Tue 2012.01.24, 8:23pm

  919. Had my ring cleaned and redipped. Don't know if it'll solve the skin irritation, but it sure is shiny...

    Tue 2012.01.24, 2:23am

  920. So long old friend, thanks for the decade of cycles... #lasthalt

    Thu 2012.01.19, 1:59am

  921. My Mini-ITX Atom board has arrived. System is assembled, 9.0 has been installed... Now the endless port compiling... #shiny

    Wed 2012.01.18, 4:50am

  922. 'World IPv6 Launch' is June 6, 2012: Hooray! #babysteps #natmustdie

    Tue 2012.01.17, 6:06pm

  923. Attempting to consume literature via an old fashioned stack of dead tree based material. No zoom gestures. My place isn't retained. No fun!

    Sun 2012.01.15, 11:54pm

  924. Impressive web based port of "Cut the Rope." I think we can safely write off any future for Flash at this point.

    Tue 2012.01.10, 4:29pm

  925. Of the sites that require security questions, I prefer the ones allow a custom question: Q: Are security questions stupid? A: Yes!

    Mon 2012.01.09, 7:34pm

  926. Ordered AWESOME hardware to replace my ancient box! Mini-ITX Atom D525 and a Fractal Design Array R2 case. #wifesaidno #diditanyway

    Wed 2012.01.04, 9:40pm

  927. Time for my annual "Why do I have to spin up to run on my superior computer?!" tweet...

    Wed 2012.01.04, 2:30am

  928. The rumored Apple event this month involves iBooks? Maybe they'll drop the DRM nonsense like they did for music... That'd be huge!

    Tue 2012.01.03, 7:27am

  929. How much contempt for their readers does a web publisher require to inflict these obnoxious hovering ads on them?

    Tue 2012.01.03, 1:46am

  930. Happy New Year! #11111011100 #MMXII

    Sun 2012.01.01, 8:00am

  931. Dead iPod problem: solved! Ok... So I spoil her a little bit... But can YOU say no to that smile?!

    Sat 2011.12.31, 7:39pm

  932. Natalie's hand-me-down 2nd gen iPod Touch died... Will not power up. All attempts to convince her that it's a permanent problem have failed.

    Sat 2011.12.31, 5:25am

  933. Did the alarm built in to the iPhone clock app not go off, or have I become highly effective at disabling it in my sleep? #recurringquestion

    Fri 2011.12.30, 7:06pm

  934. Wha?! Who's there!? What do you want?! Oh... It's my inner monologue... Haven't heard you in a while... #emptyoffice #silence

    Tue 2011.12.27, 5:58pm

  935. It's almost like I'm not the only one trying to redeem an iTunes card at this moment...

    Sun 2011.12.25, 5:57pm

  936. For users bitten by the expiration of the bind9-sdb-ldap port: bind97-sdb is a drop-in replacement without the vulnerabilities.

    Sat 2011.12.24, 5:44am

  937. Hooray, my unrelenting consumption of is not going unappreciated! #moarcoffee

    Sat 2011.12.24, 4:08am

  938. Sold!

    Fri 2011.12.23, 3:23am

  939. When did start offering free DNS hosting? Excellent!

    Tue 2011.12.20, 6:41am

  940. UNIX argument to set your source IP address for... telnet: telnet -b traceroute: tracerout -s ping: ping -I Yay for consistency!

    Thu 2011.12.15, 11:05pm

  941. Only one useful piece of info in this error message Chrome is now spewing and it's truncated. Handy! #dumberrors

    Wed 2011.12.14, 7:48pm

  942. What kind of geek would I be if I didn't wireshark this Rogers 'One Number' business? It's SIP! Nice!

    Tue 2011.12.13, 9:06pm

  943. Checking out "Rogers One Number" Looks interesting!

    Tue 2011.12.13, 8:24pm

  944. What's with all the TextMate excitement? Text editing is a solved problem since 1976! This is the only editor you need:

    Tue 2011.12.13, 12:15am

  945. Finally trying out , it's a little too 'cute' for my liking, but has some NICE features... Why'd Twitter have to wreck Tweetie?! :(

    Fri 2011.12.09, 9:04pm

  946. Our tax dollars at work: #ludicrous #boondoggle

    Fri 2011.12.09, 4:18am

  947. What have they done to my Twitter client?!

    Thu 2011.12.08, 10:50pm

  948. Ah... Home sweet home... Home is where the bandwidth is!

    Sat 2011.12.03, 3:51am

  949. started fine, now at a complete standstill. Eta: maybe next week at this rate. Radio keeps saying we shouldn't be here...

    Sat 2011.12.03, 12:11am

  950. Attempting to get back home via the QE2... This ones on you, !

    Fri 2011.12.02, 10:59pm

  951. Attending the MS Lync Ignite sessions. Shamelessly completed my name tag sign.

    Mon 2011.11.28, 8:58pm

  952. Impatiently waiting for the update for the Canada only version... Why must we be last... Something we said?!

    Fri 2011.11.18, 12:11am

  953. How can the 'designers' in this video say anything beyond "MacBook Pro knock-off" with a straight face? #sad

    Thu 2011.11.17, 5:31am

  954. Well... I WAS making good time...

    Wed 2011.11.16, 1:34am

  955. Time for another treacherous commute...

    Tue 2011.11.15, 4:22pm

  956. Yuck. It's snowing.

    Mon 2011.11.14, 10:57pm

  957. Hooray for swag. Nobody makes hats with capacity for my cranius maximus, but cool nonetheless!

    Thu 2011.11.10, 5:13pm

  958. Kudos to for taking IPv6 seriously and moving forward: - pay attention !

    Wed 2011.11.09, 7:59pm

  959. 'Apple Store' App is finally in Canada:

    Tue 2011.11.08, 4:22pm

  960. Dear web developers that write code claiming my .name address is invalid: Please quit your job and die in a fire! #incompetentidiots

    Sun 2011.11.06, 4:06am

  961. I find it a little amusing that I learnt of the first snowfall of this year from Twitter... Instead of... Looking outside?

    Fri 2011.11.04, 2:10pm

  962. Hooray for #toys! One less reason to put down the iPhone, no more hunting for the remote. Thanks !

    Thu 2011.11.03, 11:59pm

  963. Success! Jessie and I now have a shared iCloud Photo Stream while still maintaining our own separate contacts, calendars, etc. Convenient!

    Thu 2011.10.27, 3:19am

  964. Thrilled with #yegcc's decision on the #yegarena. It'll make this view from my office window far more interesting!

    Wed 2011.10.26, 9:22pm

  965. Am I missing something or does FreeBSD's kernel based NAT not support redirect_address like the natd implementation?

    Sun 2011.10.23, 2:51am

  966. Adding Kraft Parmesan to Kraft Dinner... Why has nobody told me this before?!

    Sat 2011.10.22, 7:17pm

  967. Hey, this is the most brain damaged feature in television history. How does it know my kids aren't watching?!

    Tue 2011.10.18, 12:50am

  968. One iPhone down, one more to go. Selling ice water in hell would be more difficult...

    Mon 2011.10.17, 11:59pm

  969. Jessie and I have now posted our previous generation iPhones on Kijiji. Let's see how long they'll stay there...

    Mon 2011.10.17, 1:31am

  970. ...and now a truckload of e-waste. Apparently my basement is where old tech goes to die.

    Sat 2011.10.15, 11:15pm

  971. What a load of crap! Gotta purge every decade or so I guess.

    Sat 2011.10.15, 8:18pm

  972. Ok... AirPlay mirroring is very awesome!

    Sat 2011.10.15, 3:53pm

  973. Me: What do you look like naked? Siri: Shiny! So... awesome!

    Fri 2011.10.14, 5:01pm

  974. Targets acquired. Heading home.

    Fri 2011.10.14, 2:50pm

  975. I'm assuming the cheers are people leaving with iPhones. Can't see from here.

    Fri 2011.10.14, 1:59pm

  976. Sweeeeeet caffeine!

    Fri 2011.10.14, 1:13pm

  977. Southgate Apple Store is sold out of the 32 GB White iPhone 4S.

    Fri 2011.10.14, 12:51pm

  978. Booyah!

    Fri 2011.10.14, 12:45pm

  979. Line up behind me at the Southgate Apple store is starting to grow significantly.

    Fri 2011.10.14, 11:57am

  980. Killed some time with Tetris... Little more than two hours until the Apple Store opens... Need coffee.

    Fri 2011.10.14, 11:45am

  981. Only four more hours until Apple Southgate opens its doors... But when does the cart make its round? #yeg

    Fri 2011.10.14, 10:07am

  982. No longer last in line at the Southgate Apple Store.

    Fri 2011.10.14, 9:55am

  983. Not exactly first in line!

    Fri 2011.10.14, 9:38am

  984. I've arrived. There's something to be said about having the road all to yourself!

    Fri 2011.10.14, 9:35am

  985. Well... I'm awake. Might as well head to the Apple Store... How's that Southgate lineup looking?

    Fri 2011.10.14, 9:07am

  986. Alarm set... Time to get a little bit of sleep before facing the iStampede.

    Fri 2011.10.14, 5:14am

  987. New Ubuntu released?! This is the first release that I didn't start playing with in the beta stage in a LONG time. Better get on it!

    Fri 2011.10.14, 1:31am

  988. Seriously? First we lose the man who finally brought UNIX to the desktop, now we lose the father of UNIX?! What a week. RIP Dennis Ritchie.

    Thu 2011.10.13, 3:11am

  989. Well, it wasn't but my windows are clean... Thank you, kind sir!

    Wed 2011.10.12, 5:00pm

  990. That you again, ? Try not to leave footprints on my window this time...

    Wed 2011.10.12, 4:41pm

  991. If Siri is even 30% accurate, McDonalds could replace the employees that took my order with an iPhone 4S and it'd be a dramatic improvement.

    Tue 2011.10.11, 11:55pm

  992. Loving the iMessage synchronization between iOS devices. Ludicrously slick.

    Sat 2011.10.08, 2:32am

  993. What's this now? X-Files on ? Nice!!

    Thu 2011.10.06, 3:52am

  994. Farewell Steve, some people sold sugar water... You changed the world! #rip

    Wed 2011.10.05, 11:53pm

  995. The day of the iPhone 4S keynote I learn my car needs a $440 replacement 'multi-switch sensor' if I want my headlights to work again. #fml

    Tue 2011.10.04, 7:40pm

  996. It seems like Twitter might be the only realtime medium to survive this iPhone keynote. Impressive?

    Tue 2011.10.04, 5:02pm

  997. Question of the day: Will Apple somehow entice me into a new iPhone this year or can I skip a generation? What's Tim Cook'in?

    Tue 2011.10.04, 1:57pm

  998. Reading the 'Building Windows 8' blog and MS' statistical approach to software design sheds some real insight into how 'ribbon' happened.

    Mon 2011.10.03, 9:49pm

  999. Hey guess who's certified with 's awesome Bria product?

    Mon 2011.10.03, 7:11pm

  1000. Remember when you had to leave your home to rent movies... and then you had to remember to bring them back? Good times... #longago

    Sun 2011.10.02, 2:52am

  1001. Finally picked up a UPS for my box: Wait, discontinued? Silly Best Buy. All well, it's supported by apcupsd.

    Sat 2011.10.01, 3:36am

  1002. Hooray, after three long months the massive crater on my rear-end is finally better! #shiny

    Wed 2011.09.28, 3:19pm

  1003. Great view from the Muttart Conservatory. #yegFAD

    Sun 2011.09.25, 7:42pm

  1004. This will almost certainly replace my Harmony remote:

    Tue 2011.09.20, 9:38pm

  1005. The force is strong with this one...

    Sun 2011.09.18, 11:40pm

  1006. Cold called by . Sorry, I'm not interested in paper. Offering to deliver less often doesn't make the medium less obsolete.

    Tue 2011.09.13, 5:58pm

  1007. Woohoo, it's been a year since I quit smoking! #yayforme #madeit #moremoneyfortoys

    Tue 2011.09.13, 4:05pm

  1008. An Asterisk box I maintain was power cycled today. Its uptime: 1400 days. Last reboot was Nov 9, 2007. Impressive. #Gentoo #sadface #badups

    Fri 2011.09.09, 11:18pm

  1009. Clearly a prerequisite to further exploration. I applaud the notion:

    Thu 2011.09.01, 4:51pm

  1010. Slick JPEG recompression service, I'm impressed. My portrait went from 4.5 MB to just 651 KB. No perceivable artifacts.

    Wed 2011.08.31, 6:39pm

  1011. This is the best news I've heard all day, but I still wish they'd just let me leave with the pot and be done with it!

    Mon 2011.08.29, 9:54pm

  1012. There are no suitable words...

    Wed 2011.08.24, 11:58pm

  1013. Mmmm, 12 GB of SIP signalling... 18,043,854 packets... Going to chew this for a while...

    Fri 2011.08.12, 11:11pm

  1014. Xync works acceptably well, but they *desperately* need to hire UI and graphic design staff!

    Fri 2011.08.12, 1:48am

  1015. Boom.

    Tue 2011.08.09, 5:33pm

  1016. Sometimes its all about timing...

    Wed 2011.08.03, 7:59pm

  1017. Safari 5.1 in Lion has a broken address bar! Long URLs are truncated with an ellipsis - the crime is it also copies that way! #misfeature

    Sat 2011.07.30, 3:00am

  1018. After a week of use, I have to say I don't like Lion's 'Resume' feature. Call me old school, but I prefer apps to start with a clean slate.

    Fri 2011.07.29, 9:14pm

  1019. Being colour blind, this is especially critical: Contrast Rebellion - to hell with low-contrast fonts!

    Tue 2011.07.26, 6:49pm

  1020. Hooray for full-screen in OS X Lion! #hack

    Mon 2011.07.25, 11:02pm

  1021. Lookie here, it's an over the air update! Neat!

    Fri 2011.07.22, 9:54pm

  1022. In fairness, I really should have a 'Solicitors will be relentlessly mocked on ' sign on my front door...

    Fri 2011.07.22, 1:12am

  1023. Last time I had someone that aggressive, slimy and misleading on my doorstep they were wearing a tag instead of the one.

    Fri 2011.07.22, 1:02am

  1024. Telus would have won on price, but unfortunately, that's not very high on my 'important criteria' list when choosing service providers.

    Fri 2011.07.22, 12:55am

  1025. Telus scare tactics: implied security risk from cable's shared medium. The INTERNET is shared, moron, it's why we have cryptography.

    Fri 2011.07.22, 12:50am

  1026. Telus spent 15 minutes wasting their breath trying to sell me something... Anything. Told him to come back when "Optik" means FTTH. #sad

    Fri 2011.07.22, 12:45am

  1027. Lion download complete. Excuse me while I hug my DOCSIS 3 modem with its blazing 100 Mbps connection from . #biggerpipes

    Wed 2011.07.20, 1:01pm

  1028. Yay! Lion download in progress. #sold

    Wed 2011.07.20, 12:53pm

  1029. Waiting patiently in line in the Mac 'App Store' for Lion's release... Why hasn't anyone brought me a ?

    Wed 2011.07.20, 12:21pm

  1030. A pre-emptive 3% credit on my bill because the service I only pay $8 for was down briefly? Classy move ! #impressed

    Tue 2011.07.19, 3:33am

  1031. ...@ucmikew went to #WPC11 with and all I got was this AWESOME headset... #swag #thanks

    Mon 2011.07.18, 3:41pm

  1032. Seriously, , how am I supposed to flaunt my insane Tetris abilities without Game Center support on iOS?!

    Thu 2011.07.14, 2:17am

  1033. Is there some way around this error? Is there no way to reuse an address associated with an expired MobileMe for iCloud?

    Tue 2011.07.12, 3:54am

  1034. The cloud is that thing that let's me doctor my bad family photos, right? #WPC11

    Mon 2011.07.11, 4:44pm

  1035. Looks like Google+ is allowing invites again? Is there anybody left that wants one?

    Sat 2011.07.09, 11:55pm

  1036. I don't know how to put this, but I'm kind of a big deal. People know me...

    Sat 2011.07.09, 2:45pm

  1037. Finally got around to sorting out my Harmony 550 woes with the new 'Total Home Portal.' #success

    Wed 2011.07.06, 2:39am

  1038. Happy Canada Day, indeed! #sadbaby

    Fri 2011.07.01, 10:20pm

  1039. Just got onboard with Google+ thanks ! Initial impressions are good. #newtoy

    Fri 2011.07.01, 2:31am

  1040. My Plantronics met my Maytag last Friday. It's been in a coma until this morning. Now it lives! Woohoo!

    Thu 2011.06.30, 4:30pm

  1041. Looking a little ominous out there. #yeg #weather

    Wed 2011.06.29, 10:39pm

  1042. One more nail in the Flash coffin:

    Tue 2011.06.28, 7:29pm

  1043. What's with the smoky haze?

    Mon 2011.06.27, 3:53pm

  1044. My car got remodeled in the parking lot. At least they left a note. #sadface #poordodge

    Sat 2011.06.25, 1:20am

  1045. As slick as the Nokia N9 looks on the surface, why have they bothered to release a phone based on a platform they intend to abandon. #fail

    Fri 2011.06.24, 7:49pm

  1046. Nothing against the hot pink hand-me-down case I was using before, but this is an improvement. Thanks !

    Sun 2011.06.19, 8:39pm

  1047. I disapprove of the glass on the roof below my office that reflects the sun and blinds me as a pace around...

    Fri 2011.06.17, 11:03pm

  1048. Awesome. Screen Sharing under Lion actually bothers to look up AAAA records. #IPv6

    Fri 2011.06.17, 9:47pm

  1049. Syncing and updating my iPhone via a cable, theoretically for the last time. Hooray for WiFi syncing and over the air updates in iOS 5!

    Mon 2011.06.13, 4:26am

  1050. Hey! is finally in the Mac App Store! Sold!

    Thu 2011.06.09, 3:16am

  1051. Uh oh. Running Lion on my 2011 MacBook Pro, roaring fans whenever I launch mission control. Serves me right for installing a beta OS. :P

    Wed 2011.06.08, 4:46am

  1052. giggity giggity...

    Wed 2011.06.08, 4:12am

  1053. Any non-developers pay for a dev account with Apple just for early 'enthusiast' access? Was it worth it? #WWDC

    Mon 2011.06.06, 10:44pm

  1054. Does anybody know of a reasonably priced & safe cryogenic service? I'm not sure I can wait for iOS 5, Lion & iCloud consciously. #WWDC

    Mon 2011.06.06, 10:08pm

  1055. A good start...

    Fri 2011.06.03, 1:46am

  1056. How did I go this long without realizing Juniper's Junos is FreeBSD based? Why didn't anyone tell me?! That's awesome!

    Thu 2011.06.02, 9:39pm

  1057. All well, leaving the Nitro order arranged this morning as is. I'll get the new DOCSIS 3 modem and sort the billing out later.

    Thu 2011.06.02, 1:38am

  1058. Tried ordering Shaw's new 'Broadband 100.' Unfortunately Shaw's staff are blissfully unaware. Still quoting Nitro.

    Thu 2011.06.02, 1:36am

  1059. Just upgraded my SPA-2102 firmware from 5.2.5 to 5.2.12. Hopefully it now correctly distinguishes between 's chit-chat & DTMF.

    Wed 2011.06.01, 1:53am

  1060. Lion, iCloud and iOS 5, oh my! - but will there be 'One more thing...?' #WWDC #shiny #bits

    Tue 2011.05.31, 4:28pm

  1061. Linux kernel version reaches 3.0.0. Tough to call this premature after nearly 15 years in 2.x.x. Still, this will take some getting used to.

    Tue 2011.05.31, 1:02am

  1062. Turns out my WGA woes were caused by an incorrect date. Unacceptable nonetheless. It's not nice to disable your OS in a fit of paranoia!

    Sat 2011.05.21, 7:50pm

  1063. The only thing Windows activation and WGA has been successful at is preventing legit customers from using their software. This is garbage.

    Sat 2011.05.21, 10:22am

  1064. Finally! Looks like Shaw is modernizing their TV offering. They lose points for starting with Calgary though!

    Thu 2011.05.12, 2:38am

  1065. My bank now demands I setup retarded security questions but INSISTS on an all numeric 5 digit password. What's wrong with this picture?

    Thu 2011.05.12, 1:39am

  1066. Mmmmm, RAMtacular! #upgrades #moregeebees

    Thu 2011.05.12, 1:08am

  1067. Microsoft acquiring Skype could be interesting if they can enable calling directly between Skype clients and Lync. Why bother otherwise?

    Tue 2011.05.10, 4:14am

  1068. Time for a round of "Can I get to work without Scona road?" This should be fun!

    Mon 2011.05.09, 2:30pm

  1069. Dashboard has been happily chewing my disk, bringing my system to a crawl. Kudos to 'iotop -C 5 12' for identifying it as the culprit.

    Thu 2011.05.05, 1:11am

  1070. Aaaargh! I get Facebook, I get it, I've been tagged! Stop it! #notifications #excess #pain #flood

    Wed 2011.05.04, 11:20pm

  1071. As far as Outlook's spell checking is concerned, I do SIP trucking.

    Wed 2011.05.04, 10:45pm

  1072. Sweet view from Mount Tolmie Park.

    Sun 2011.05.01, 12:00am

  1073. ...and we've landed...

    Sat 2011.04.30, 6:25am

  1074. Delayed flight, but we're now onboard and awaiting take-off. Woohoo!

    Sat 2011.04.30, 4:46am

  1075. 5 years ago: no Twitter, iPhone or Blu-ray discs. What will our crazy world look like in another 5 years? Happy anniversary, !

    Fri 2011.04.29, 6:13pm

  1076. Hooray for Shaw upgrading the 'Extreme' package from 15/1 Mbps to 25/2.5 Mbps: Thanks for the heads up, !

    Wed 2011.04.20, 5:48pm

  1077. What's the deal with the app in the Canadian App Store: - it's only available in spanish!? #wtf

    Mon 2011.04.18, 10:54pm

  1078. Jessie brought home a "rat" (hamster)! What was she thinking? Natalie seems thrilled with the lil' dude.

    Mon 2011.04.18, 12:53am

  1079. Power outages again. This is getting annoying. I need to get a UPS before something bad happens to my file server.

    Sun 2011.04.17, 3:35am

  1080. So I have no power but can still get online via WiFi tethering. Apparently Internet is my most redundant utility. 2011 is awesome. #tech

    Wed 2011.04.13, 5:55am

  1081. Hey! Who turned out the lights?!

    Wed 2011.04.13, 5:35am

  1082. Google Reader is b0rked today. A twitter search confirmed I'm not the only one seeing it. Twitter: The "What's broken today?" search engine!

    Tue 2011.04.12, 1:47am

  1083. Finally getting around to updating my FreeBSD box to 8.2. Boo for "custom kernel" compile time on old hardware.

    Sat 2011.04.09, 9:04pm

  1084. I suddenly have a craving for ¼ of my daily recommended caloric intake in liquid form. Time for a Java Chip Frappuccino® from !

    Fri 2011.03.25, 6:27pm

  1085. Don't be sad if you missed the #iE9 launch, instead you can celebrate a browser that's still relevant, #fx4 launches today!

    Tue 2011.03.22, 3:27pm

  1086. Installing Windows Vista within VirtualBox on my SSD equipped MacBook Pro took under 10 minutes from start to finish. SSDs ROCK!

    Sun 2011.03.20, 3:12am

  1087. New MacBook Pro arrived. SSD makes a HUGE difference. Everything is just ridiculously responsive! #happy

    Tue 2011.03.15, 5:10am

  1088. Hey! My tweets post to Facebook again. My strategy of "not caring" combined with "doing nothing" has finally paid off! #winning

    Sat 2011.03.12, 9:17am

  1089. Shiny new MacBook Pro arrived in Calgary late this evening. Now I have to wait till at least Monday. That's just cruel.

    Sat 2011.03.12, 6:56am

  1090. Xcode 4 has built in git integration?! That is so awesome it's ludicrous! Best $4.99 I'll ever spend.

    Thu 2011.03.10, 12:33am

  1091. So close... Yet, so very far away...

    Thu 2011.03.10, 12:12am

  1092. Received my "IPv6 Certified: Sage" t-shirt from in the mail this evening. How delightfully geeky!

    Wed 2011.03.09, 4:15am

  1093. Added a brand new 13" i5 MacBook Pro with 128 GB SSD to my cart at My 3 year old clicked "Place Order." Accidents happen. #toys

    Sat 2011.03.05, 11:15pm

  1094. After painfully avoiding 'Weeds' all season, it's finally time for a marathon! Aww, yeah! #bluray

    Wed 2011.02.23, 4:14am

  1095. Noticed a strange inaccessible Q: drive on my work computer. MS Office Click-to-Run 2010 was the culprit. How (un)intuitive! Uninstalled!

    Tue 2011.02.22, 10:46pm

  1096. Spent our Family Day at Royal Alberta Museum. Natalie loved the Wild Alberta Gallery! Tired both girls right out! #yeg

    Tue 2011.02.22, 2:14am

  1097. Saw one of these ridiculously tiny thumb drives on 's keychain on Friday. No choice, had to buy one. #toys

    Tue 2011.02.22, 1:46am

  1098. I've saved nearly $300 over the 3 months since I told Alberta Energy 'Savings' to go 'fork' themselves. Best. Decision. Ever! #scam

    Fri 2011.02.18, 6:23am

  1099. I obsess enough over keeping my iPhone screen clean. Imagine a world full of finger oil smeared surfaces. Oh, hell no!

    Wed 2011.02.16, 8:53pm

  1100. Mario is so awesome that he was able to single-handedly sell me this primitive Wii system. Well that and years of my wife begging for one.

    Wed 2011.02.16, 6:13am

  1101. OpenDNS == Broken DNS

    Tue 2011.02.15, 2:15am

  1102. Battery for the mouse included with my HP Elite combo was dead this morning only 41 days after purchase. Long 4 month battery life, indeed!

    Mon 2011.02.07, 7:52pm

  1103. Fun: Downloading and installing a 3.5 GB package to build a 55 KB package. If anyone else needs sipsak for OS X:

    Sun 2011.02.06, 4:25am

  1104. Wife making me watch The Social Network. WTF, Zuckerberg uses emacs?!

    Wed 2011.02.02, 7:17am

  1105. The CRTC decision mainly allows the incumbent carriers to hurt the little ISPs reselling their "pipes" - don't miss the real issue.

    Wed 2011.02.02, 5:05am

  1106. Dear whining Canadians - Shaw charges $2.00/GB after 60 GB. Rogers charges *$51.20* per GB after 1 GB! #perspective

    Wed 2011.02.02, 4:58am

  1107. Does it count as situational irony when my modern netbook's GPU can't handle a vintage terminal?

    Wed 2011.01.26, 7:58pm

  1108. I'm so pleased with #yeg wasting substantial tax dollars on the "green light" cash grab equipment which they now acknowledge as useless.

    Tue 2011.01.25, 2:11am

  1109. Just installed my first iOS beta app via . It lives up to the hype. Very cool.

    Sun 2011.01.23, 7:20am

  1110. Just updated from 0.3 to 0.7. It's coming along nicely! New automated database upgrades eased the pain nicely.

    Sun 2011.01.23, 12:32am

  1111. Whoops, last pic was before I gave everything the cable management treatment. Much nicer now...

    Tue 2011.01.18, 3:14am

  1112. First day at the awesome new ThinkTel office in HSBC Bank Place. My desk is pretty much setup and good to go.

    Tue 2011.01.18, 2:57am

  1113. Both Angry Birds and Flight Control from the Mac App Store appear to work flawlessly on my Dell Mini 10V Hackintosh. Impressive!

    Sun 2011.01.16, 6:40am

  1114. Looking forward to iOS 4.3 - WiFi tethering, shiny!

    Wed 2011.01.12, 11:37pm

  1115. Why oh why is Chrome dropping H.264 support. This is an outrage! I'm switching back to ! ...Oh... wait... What?

    Wed 2011.01.12, 8:19pm

  1116. A visual for those wondering what I'm babbling about. Original Twitter for Mac icon on the left. Updated on right. Why?

    Wed 2011.01.12, 6:35am

  1117. First round of App Store updates! Angry Birds now works on my wife's aging Mac Mini & Twitter has a new blue but painfully textureless icon.

    Wed 2011.01.12, 6:26am

  1118. What's the deal with computers in TV shows lately? All Apple gear is unbranded, generic PCs ALL have an obnoxious Windows logo added. Why?

    Mon 2011.01.10, 5:14am

  1119. Open screen sharing to my Mini at home over IPv6, resize Twitter client to fit my tiny netbook and scp the plist back. That's how I roll.

    Thu 2011.01.06, 7:28pm

  1120. Netbook is up and running on 10.6.6, new Twitter client resize handle is off-screen. Must resize... Somehow...

    Thu 2011.01.06, 5:57pm

  1121. Time to go to work and see if 10.6.6 breaks my Hackintosh netbook.

    Thu 2011.01.06, 4:25pm

  1122. Apple App Store already open and a new Tweetie derived Twitter client?! Very awesome! #newtoys

    Thu 2011.01.06, 4:19pm

  1123. Another original product, the Microsoft Touch Mouse: - not to be confused with Apple's "Magic Mouse" from 2009.

    Thu 2011.01.06, 8:10am

  1124. Been tolerating lag and sluggish performance on my IPhone 4 for a few months. Just did a full restore, seems far more responsive now. Weird.

    Tue 2011.01.04, 4:25am

  1125. Happy '11s!

    Sat 2011.01.01, 7:05pm

  1126. OK, whoever at Microsoft FINALLY made CTRL+L work sanely in IE 9 needs to be promoted to CEO of Microsoft! He or she is my hero!

    Fri 2010.12.31, 12:00am

  1127. Just setup Synergy ( between my Hackintosh Mini 10v and my Windows 7 based HP ProBook. It is all sorts of awesome!

    Wed 2010.12.29, 6:42pm

  1128. Picked up an HP Elite Keyboard/Mouse combo to match my HP ProBook at work for only $39.99. Practically stole it! #toys

    Wed 2010.12.29, 12:19am

  1129. Tried the Internet Explorer 9 Beta. Still a crude and primitive browser. Why even bother? At this point they should just build IE on WebKit.

    Tue 2010.12.28, 3:41am

  1130. Success! Snow Leopard 10.6.5 is happily running on this Dell Mini 10v. Suddenly hardware that was sitting around is useful. Awesome!

    Sun 2010.12.26, 11:30pm

  1131. Install went flawlessly, now to tempt fate and install the 10.6.5 combo update.

    Sun 2010.12.26, 9:20pm

  1132. Project Dell Mini 10v Hackintosh has begun. If successful, this should hold me over until I can pick up a MacBook Air.

    Sun 2010.12.26, 7:45pm

  1133. When can I have a Linux distro that turns off the damn display when idle instead of making the screen black and leaving the backlight on?!

    Fri 2010.12.24, 5:05am

  1134. Time to dig out the car and head home... #snow

    Thu 2010.12.16, 2:31am

  1135. An official Google Latitude client for iPhone, awesome! I liked Latitudie's icon better though!

    Tue 2010.12.14, 6:30am

  1136. I was about to unfollow due to their excessive retweets, then I remembered you can silence RTs from a given user. Yay! #winwin

    Sun 2010.12.12, 7:22pm

  1137. Having way too much fun with VoIP. Every self-respecting geek should have a SIP trunk routed to a home Asterisk box, I tell ya!

    Thu 2010.12.09, 6:52pm

  1138. Just noticed I inadvertently trashed the notes on my iPhone at some point. Time Machine recovered them all via Apple Mail, painlessly. Nice!

    Mon 2010.12.06, 6:01am

  1139. Really like the clean looks of Reeder for Mac, but the color scheme doesn't have enough contrast. Barely readable if you're color blind.

    Sat 2010.12.04, 6:21am

  1140. Oh Windows, Outlook I've missed you!

    Thu 2010.12.02, 9:51pm

  1141. My ring was fixed up, ready to go (and shiny!) a day early. Whew, that feels better.

    Wed 2010.12.01, 4:21am

  1142. ...and that concludes my position at Tera-byte. New challenges and opportunities await with my new role at ThinkTel, beginning tomorrow...

    Wed 2010.12.01, 1:00am

  1143. Bent my wedding ring moving some heavy furniture around. Dropped it off to get fixed up. Feel completely naked without it!

    Mon 2010.11.29, 1:38am

  1144. Hooray for "Find My iPhone" being made free for newer 4.2.1 devices! This was the only MobileMe feature that tempted me!

    Mon 2010.11.22, 6:12pm

  1145. Just noticed Talon, one of my two cats, absolutely LOVES beef jerky. He'll literally gobble down a whole strip if offered. #whoknew

    Sat 2010.11.20, 6:46am

  1146. While there's something profound in the recursive nature of watching gcc compile gcc, the affect wears off after several hours. #gentoo

    Fri 2010.11.19, 12:01am

  1147. Hooray for Twitter push notifications!!!

    Wed 2010.11.17, 12:20am

  1148. Seems I just missed the 'Option key mapping' feature. Nice workaround!

    Sat 2010.11.13, 6:17am

  1149. iSSH support for external keyboards is getting better, but ESC and CTRL keys still don't work. iOS API limitations?

    Sat 2010.11.13, 5:53am

  1150. Details on enabling the missing AirPrint feature in 10.6.5: - works great! Why'd they remove this from the final build!?

    Thu 2010.11.11, 8:07pm

  1151. Extra hour or not, the concept of 'Daylight Saving' could not have been created by someone that wasn't at least a little bit brain damaged.

    Sun 2010.11.07, 6:42am

  1152. The iDECT is kind of cool: a cordless home phone that doesn't look like it was designed with tech from 10 years ago.

    Fri 2010.11.05, 3:49pm

  1153. Hooray! A Google Latitude app for iPhone with background location update, Latitudie 2.0! It's even cooler now that it works! #win

    Tue 2010.11.02, 9:06pm

  1154. iOS 4.2 on iPad officially rocks! All the apps I use that benefit from multitasking already support it. Everything feels faster. #happy

    Tue 2010.11.02, 3:38am

  1155. Still downloading iOS 4.2 for iPad & iPhone at a painful 60 Kbps. Things I do to get releases early... Multitasking on iPad, here I come!

    Tue 2010.11.02, 2:38am

  1156. Okay, iOS 4.2 build 8C134 has been released to developers. Must find a download!

    Mon 2010.11.01, 11:55pm

  1157. Apparently you CAN remove 'Back to the Future' discs from the package non-destructively: via

    Sat 2010.10.30, 7:10am

  1158. Whoever designed the case for the Back to the Future blu-rays should be fired! It's impossible to remove/replace the discs #1stworldProblems

    Sat 2010.10.30, 4:14am

  1159. Time machine backups to a drive connected to an AirPort Extreme worked for a few days, but can't be trusted. #dang

    Sat 2010.10.30, 3:02am

  1160. Lots of contradicting info regarding Time Machine backups to a disk attached via AirPort Extreme. Might as well just give it a try...

    Mon 2010.10.25, 3:06am

  1161. Dear WD, if your drives require a crapware removal utility: a) you're doing it wrong! b) make sure it works!

    Mon 2010.10.18, 5:10am

  1162. Potential new Mac virus spotted in the wild: better secure your systems before this becomes a widespread problem!

    Wed 2010.10.13, 3:35am

  1163. Books from are now in Apple's book store but cost more and deliver less vs books purchased directly from O'Reilly. #nothanks

    Tue 2010.10.12, 9:19pm

  1164. Haven't updated my install since commit aec7457 (predates the 3rd name change). All fixed up. It is nice to be current!

    Sat 2010.10.09, 5:02am

  1165. Geez, Kiprusuck can't even keep the puck out of the net long enough for me to gloat about the last goal! #oilers

    Fri 2010.10.08, 4:13am

  1166. Adobe has 2 products that are still relevant, Photoshop & Illustrator. If MS acquired Adobe, together they would have 2 relevant products!!!

    Fri 2010.10.08, 3:39am

  1167. The first of many! Sorry, Kiprusoff! #oilers

    Fri 2010.10.08, 2:36am

  1168. Rogers announces LTE technical trials in Ottawa: - when can I expect my LTE enabled iPhone 4GS?

    Wed 2010.10.06, 9:23pm

  1169. Chrome 7.0.517.24 is having way to many small and subtle but annoying issues for me. Reverted to Chrome 6.0.472.63 for now. #beta

    Tue 2010.10.05, 8:29pm

  1170. Watching "The Joneses"

    Sun 2010.10.03, 1:00am

  1171. Just got scolded by a Just Energy rep for "rudely" closing the door while saying "not interested" instead of wasting both of our time. Sigh.

    Sat 2010.10.02, 10:21pm

  1172. Heads up, if you upgrade Ubuntu Netbook to 10.10 from 10.04 the upgrade process doesn't install 'unity', leaving you with no desktop.

    Sat 2010.10.02, 1:21am

  1173. Updating the netbook to Maverick Meerkat. At this point if I waited for the final release I'd be breaking tradition.

    Fri 2010.10.01, 11:46pm

  1174. Microsoft: "The key advantage of Windows Phone 7 is we'll sue you if you use something else." so much for REAL merits.

    Fri 2010.10.01, 10:57pm

  1175. Apple TV has arrived, crazy tiny!

    Thu 2010.09.30, 6:44pm

  1176. Thanks, Telus, but if we're pretending it's the mid 90s shouldn't you also suggest an ideal res and color depth?

    Thu 2010.09.30, 5:24am

  1177. So much for FedEx's estimated delivery of today before 6:00 PM... Memphis?! But I want it NOW!! #whine

    Thu 2010.09.30, 3:50am

  1178. Just started using Droplr, an app for Mac. Check it out at

    Tue 2010.09.28, 9:45pm

  1179. I can understand the reasoning behind forking, but couldn't they have come up with a better name than LibreOffice?

    Tue 2010.09.28, 8:31pm

  1180. Just received a shipping notification message. My new Apple TV's long journey from Shenzhen has begun. #toys

    Mon 2010.09.27, 5:52am

  1181. Sweet, Family Guy is finally HD! Woohoo!

    Mon 2010.09.27, 3:08am

  1182. I just used my daughter as an excuse; truth is I've been wanting to do this for a while!

    Sun 2010.09.26, 8:04pm

  1183. Netflix is now in Canada! 1st impressions: selection is limited, desktop playback requires Silverlight - no thanks! Might rock on Apple TV.

    Wed 2010.09.22, 4:50pm

  1184. New Mini enjoying the company of even newer 24" Cinema Display. So DONE buying toys for a while! #selfcontrol

    Sun 2010.09.19, 5:25am

  1185. What is this funny looking object, now?

    Fri 2010.09.17, 11:07pm

  1186. Chapters has free return shipping & found the Blu-ray version with a t-shirt at . Bazinga!!

    Thu 2010.09.16, 12:38am

  1187. Yay! Season 3 of Big Bang Theory Blu-ra... DVD?! WTF?! I SWEAR I pre-ordered the Blu-ray... Order confirmation doesn't say! Must return! :(

    Wed 2010.09.15, 8:21pm

  1188. Whew, work iMac has new hard drive, all software reinstalled. All is back to normal.

    Wed 2010.09.15, 6:24am

  1189. Yay for bullsh*t HDCP restrictions in new Macs breaking legal content while doing NOTHING to curb piracy. Idiots!

    Wed 2010.09.08, 5:30am

  1190. Splurged on a new Mac Mini! Jessie upgraded to my old one from her PowerMac. Migrating data was a long but impressively seamless task. #toys

    Mon 2010.09.06, 7:11am

  1191. Hello Twitter for iPad! Woohoo!

    Thu 2010.09.02, 4:13am

  1192. I'm sure I won't be the first or last to whine about this awful iTunes icon. It doesn't match the others at all.

    Thu 2010.09.02, 3:10am

  1193. With some persistence, I've managed to get a headless VirtualBox running an Ubuntu guest within a FreeBSD host. Very cool.

    Tue 2010.08.31, 6:11am

  1194. Now that MPEG LA has eliminated royalties for free H.264 content: will use the built-in OS codec and move on?

    Thu 2010.08.26, 9:35pm

  1195. This clears everything up!

    Tue 2010.08.24, 9:23pm

  1196. While I appreciate iOS app updates being free, I think iTunes needs a tip jar for devs that routinely enhance and support their products.

    Tue 2010.08.24, 6:25am

  1197. Updated Google app for iPhone supposably adds mail & calendar push notifications, but it Doesn't seem to work. Anyone else have better luck?

    Tue 2010.08.24, 2:55am

  1198. Useless binary blob bundled with PNY products: can be converted into playable a movie: #f_ck_drm!

    Sun 2010.08.22, 8:30pm

  1199. If this air quality lasts any length of time, I'm going to save a ton of money on cigarettes. #freesmoke

    Thu 2010.08.19, 8:43pm

  1200. Facebook's new "Places" feature seems ridiculously limited. Did I miss something? Do we not have GPS in Canada?!

    Thu 2010.08.19, 4:34am

  1201. I wonder how many of these concerned parents have cordless and cellular phones, baby monitors, etc. Yay for hysteria!

    Tue 2010.08.17, 12:53am

  1202. Oracle suing Google over Java in Android?! Java was open sourced, but GPLv2 doesn't cover software patents. Uh oh!

    Fri 2010.08.13, 2:53am

  1203. What's with all these "Fembots" attempting to friend me?! Over 10 a day... Getting annoying. #facebook

    Thu 2010.08.12, 1:36am

  1204. Everybody loves shiny new accessories...

    Sun 2010.08.08, 2:52am

  1205. Just compared Telus & Rogers 3G speeds. Equivalent downstream, Rogers murders Telus upstream by a factor of 10!

    Sat 2010.08.07, 10:31pm

  1206. Between Skype, FaceTime and the new Vonage app for IPhone ( the carriers are destined to become "dumb pipes."

    Wed 2010.08.04, 11:24pm

  1207. Finally! Someone wrote a Google Latitude app for iPhone with background location update, Latitudie! It'd be even cooler if it worked! #fail

    Wed 2010.08.04, 2:59am

  1208. Hooray! My iPhone 4 "Magnetic Flipper" from has arrived! #happycustomer

    Tue 2010.08.03, 6:14pm

  1209. This Kijiji ad is just plain awesome! #yeg

    Tue 2010.08.03, 5:10am

  1210. My iPhone 3G went from being posted on Kijiji to sold in just 4 hours. What other phone resells so easily?

    Tue 2010.08.03, 3:45am

  1211. Anybody in Canada with iPhone 4 manage to get MMS working?

    Sat 2010.07.31, 7:38pm

  1212. How is it possible for the iPhone 4 to be THIS superior to my 2 year old 3G?! Ridiculous! There has to be a tear in space-time somewhere!

    Sat 2010.07.31, 2:22pm

  1213. It was an extremely long day, but SO worth it! iPhone 4 is activated, synced with my old 3G data and ridiculously awesome!

    Sat 2010.07.31, 1:46am

  1214. Still waiting in line, Rogers really dropped the ball today #nosurprise. My battery is going to die.

    Fri 2010.07.30, 5:38pm

  1215. Off to the Apple Store, w00t!

    Fri 2010.07.30, 11:54am

  1216. Yes, opting out of "communications about 'valuable' Microsoft products" was just a silly oversight on my part...

    Thu 2010.07.29, 8:06pm

  1217. Yay, updates for Mac, iPhone and iPad. This is one app that just keeps getting better!

    Fri 2010.07.23, 4:50am

  1218. Interesting correlation courtesy of

    Wed 2010.07.21, 10:40pm

  1219. Pre-ordered a Magnet Flipper from on July 9. Ship date was end of July, now shows Aug11-18 for new orders. Will mine be delayed?

    Wed 2010.07.21, 5:12pm

  1220. Finally! Popular Windows based malware has been ported to and is being sold for Mac OS X: - let me get my credit card...

    Tue 2010.07.20, 9:18pm

  1221. Since upgrading my iPhone 3G to iOS 4 I've received two over the air carrier updates. Is there a way to determine what these change?

    Sun 2010.07.18, 9:42pm

  1222. Watching Inception...

    Sun 2010.07.18, 4:01am

  1223. Snarky prediction for Apple's press conference this Friday: "We've fixed iPhone 4's reception issue, behold, the Verizon iPhone 4!" ;)

    Thu 2010.07.15, 2:09am

  1224. Great article contrasting all the iPhone 4 antenna hysteria with real world (albeit anecdotal) performance.

    Wed 2010.07.14, 6:32pm

  1225. Apparently Scott Forstall just joined Twitter (@Forstall). The account was marked as verified but now isn't. Wonder if it's legit...

    Wed 2010.07.14, 4:25am

  1226. Just upgraded 4 of my previously purchased O'Reilly dead tree books to eBooks for only $4.99 each! ridiculously awesome!

    Sat 2010.07.10, 4:34am

  1227. Grabbed a couple 3rd party ePubs online. They look great in iBooks on iPad/iPhone and no DRM. What's not to like?

    Sat 2010.07.10, 3:48am

  1228. Be sure to check out for your annual tax preparation needs. Runs on any OS you'd like, as long as it's Windows! :P #FF

    Sat 2010.07.10, 2:13am

  1229. The 'Previous versions' feature in enabled me to easily restore an inadvertently deleted record just now. Very nice.

    Fri 2010.07.09, 10:30pm

  1230. Kin is dead: Microsoft's biggest progression as of late is being quicker to realize when they've failed miserably. Sad.

    Wed 2010.06.30, 9:25pm

  1231. Weird power blip just now, caused my FreeBSD gateway to reboot but my three desktop survived. Odd.

    Wed 2010.06.30, 6:14pm

  1232. Just discovered free SSL certificates at, even works in most browsers. Finally a reasonable alternative to self signing!

    Tue 2010.06.29, 6:53am

  1233. Yes, it blends!

    Fri 2010.06.25, 8:36pm

  1234. Why the hell isn't #Futurama airing in Canada?! If only there was a global packet switched network that could sidestep such stupidity...

    Thu 2010.06.24, 5:06am

  1235. Just discovered PS3 Media Server: UI isn't so pretty (Java based) but it works very well for streaming to PS3 from OS X.

    Thu 2010.06.24, 3:46am

  1236. Alright, we're done with rumours and speculation, we've seen the teardowns and unboxing galleries. When do we find out if iPhone 4 blends?

    Wed 2010.06.23, 5:00pm

  1237. Before iOS 4 upgrade I had ~ 1 GB free on my 8 GB iPhone 3G. Now I have 4.2 GB free. Maybe it scaled down my 6000+ photos more than before?

    Mon 2010.06.21, 9:33pm

  1238. Apple iOS 4 seems to be available now.

    Mon 2010.06.21, 5:07pm

  1239. Trying out the keyboard dock for the iPad. It's okay, but I'm a little disappointed that CTRL keys don't seem to work with iSSH.

    Sat 2010.06.19, 11:29pm

  1240. iOS 4 supports IPv6? - cool!

    Fri 2010.06.18, 3:44pm

  1241. Sweet! Google Earth update with iPad support released. This should be cool!

    Tue 2010.06.15, 12:42am

  1242. App shopping with my wife... Jessie: Awesome, Guitar Hero for iPhone! Me: oooh, a sweet iPad RPN calculator! So I'm a little boring...

    Wed 2010.06.09, 1:40am

  1243. I thought being free from Flash was the best feature of the iPad, then I saw this:

    Tue 2010.06.08, 5:31am

  1244. No 'iPhone 4' in Canada until late July. Apple is just being courteous to all us Canadians who need to pay for their iPads first, thanks!

    Tue 2010.06.08, 4:56am

  1245. Guess I'll drag the Apple TV in the bedroom and order it from there instead. Thanks for nothing Shaw!

    Fri 2010.06.04, 4:50am

  1246. Thanks for the free movie for "customer appreciation" - not even in HD. Guess I know where I stand with Shaw! Lame.

    Fri 2010.06.04, 4:49am

  1247. First obstacle to Flash free web browsing after several days of iPad use: - all well, at least they're sorry!

    Wed 2010.06.02, 5:28am

  1248. Air Sharing HD update with Dropbox support just released, woohoo! Nice work, !

    Wed 2010.06.02, 12:42am

  1249. Did anyone else notice how insanely tiny their iPhone or iPod screen becomes after using an iPad for 24 hours?

    Sun 2010.05.30, 4:07am

  1250. Being unable to pry myself self away from this iPad, I have now read the entire contents of the Internet. Now what?

    Sun 2010.05.30, 1:30am

  1251. Now seeing the snow everyone was warning me about all day. What month are we in again?

    Sat 2010.05.29, 11:54pm

  1252. Time to stop fidgeting with this iPad and go to sleep. The battery life of this thing is far exceeding my own capacity.

    Sat 2010.05.29, 8:11am

  1253. Still syncing. This is torture. Want... to... play...

    Sat 2010.05.29, 1:14am

  1254. Eagerly awaiting my first iPad sync to complete. The nearly 6000 some photos in my library aren't speeding things up any.

    Sat 2010.05.29, 12:20am

  1255. Success! iPad 3G 32 GB has been acquired. Woot!

    Fri 2010.05.28, 10:56pm

  1256. Just sent my wife and mom on an iPad hunting mission. Let's see if they manages to snag one. Not sure if they've sold out yet.

    Fri 2010.05.28, 10:03pm

  1257. Woke up bright and early for the Apple Southgate grande opening. Got my t-shirt and still on time for work, woot!

    Fri 2010.05.28, 3:10pm

  1258. The Flash Forward finale was awesome. Too bad 's cranial rectal inversion issues will prevent a second season. #saveff

    Fri 2010.05.28, 5:26am

  1259. ...and apparently I missed an 'l' in 's name in my last post. The shock must have hindered my typing abilities...

    Wed 2010.05.26, 3:10am

  1260. My 3-month old daughter, , just puked ALL over my Logitech Harmony! Babies are awesome. :)

    Wed 2010.05.26, 3:04am

  1261. So very tired!

    Mon 2010.05.24, 1:24am

  1262. I may be in the minority here, but I'm happy to see the less than pretty 2 icon go in favor of the new Twitter branded icon.

    Thu 2010.05.20, 2:10am

  1263. Why do publishers of TV series box sets think I'd be interested in buying low-res DVDs of HD shows?! Where are the damn Blu-rays?!

    Tue 2010.05.18, 4:32am

  1264. Just scored 1502 points playing Run! (Quick) for iPhone! I ran until I collided with a steel wall.

    Sun 2010.05.09, 6:03am

  1265. Bunch of cops staking out my block. Wonder what's up?

    Sun 2010.05.09, 1:34am

  1266. - Just introduced my 2½ year old daughter to the wonders of keyboard shortcuts.

    Fri 2010.05.07, 6:17am

  1267. Only 40 days of battery life from my Magic Mouse (constant 9-5 usage on weekdays). This is less than admiral.

    Thu 2010.05.06, 10:17pm

  1268. What's THIS all about?!

    Tue 2010.05.04, 3:53pm

  1269. What a deal!

    Sun 2010.05.02, 1:23am

  1270. This is the most awesome flash game EVER!

    Fri 2010.04.30, 11:05pm

  1271. A 'bug' in Ubuntu prevents 'other OS' from booting after install? if the other OS is Windows, this sounds like a feature.

    Fri 2010.04.30, 9:14pm

  1272. iTunes frivolously 'optimizing' my 6314 pics when syncing to iPhone. Seems to happen if my iPhoto Library is open on another Mac in the LAN?

    Fri 2010.04.30, 3:45am

  1273. Courier tablet cancelled by Microsoft: as I expected. If only MS could make actual products instead of vapourware demos.

    Thu 2010.04.29, 9:00pm

  1274. Seriously? 2 for Mac still isn't out but Loren had time to add a slot machine to Tweetie 2 on iPhone?!

    Thu 2010.04.29, 1:41am

  1275. Allison's fancy new birth certificate was creased in the mail. Grr! Stacked O'Reilly books should flatten it.

    Mon 2010.04.26, 8:42pm

  1276. Curiously followed a link in a Twitter themed phishing e-mail. Apparently they don't want my credentials, just trying to sell Viagra. Funny!

    Mon 2010.04.26, 4:59am

  1277. Signed up for zoompass, it was advertised in my latest Rogers bill. Looks like a very slick Canadian alternative to PayPal.

    Sat 2010.04.24, 3:03am

  1278. Those lego men get EVERYTHING! #jealous

    Sat 2010.04.24, 1:47am

  1279. Pouring rain. Love it.

    Fri 2010.04.23, 7:09am

  1280. Who needs viruses and other malware when you have McAfee to trash your XP machines?

    Thu 2010.04.22, 9:19pm

  1281. Heaven...

    Thu 2010.04.22, 7:55pm

  1282. Downgraded from 5.0.375.9 dev to 5.0.342.9 beta, weird issues with the dev build not responding to keystrokes in form fields.

    Thu 2010.04.22, 3:32am

  1283. Just scored 1890 points playing Run! (Normal) for iPhone! I ran until I crashed into a giant boulder.

    Tue 2010.04.20, 6:30am

  1284. Mmmm breakfast... (@ Millwoods Dennys)

    Sat 2010.04.17, 9:08pm

  1285. As if buying one iPad isn't expensive enough, I'm sure the wife will want her own... and apparently one per cat as well:

    Thu 2010.04.15, 5:08am

  1286. Looks like my cost of living expenses for April have decreased dramatically but they will increase equivalently in May:

    Wed 2010.04.14, 3:37pm

  1287. Even Microsoft doesn't want to manage Windows based infrastructure:

    Tue 2010.04.13, 5:26pm

  1288. Whew, new toys to fix my ailing BSD box's dead HD. Critical services are back up. Now the real work begins.

    Tue 2010.04.13, 5:19am

  1289. I'm at Memory Express (10187 - 34 Ave, Edmonton).

    Tue 2010.04.13, 12:37am

  1290. This is probably the first device to impress me as a decent iPhone alternative: - Looks very cool!

    Mon 2010.04.12, 8:55pm

  1291. Yay for updates that remove functionality instead of enhancing it. Sony's forced PS3 3.21 update is sleazy at best.

    Mon 2010.04.12, 6:55am

  1292. Can't understand the logic of all the whiners wanting their $2.99 for Tweetie back now that Twitter bought it and made it free. Seriously.

    Sat 2010.04.10, 3:29am

  1293. Twitter bought ? Is this good or bad news for the desktop client?!

    Sat 2010.04.10, 1:30am

  1294. ...and suddenly my weekend was booked solid.

    Fri 2010.04.09, 9:55pm

  1295. Robotic sculpting of solid aluminium, this is way too cool!

    Fri 2010.04.09, 7:31pm

  1296. Great article on Apple's decision to restrict iPhone apps to those developed with Obj-C/X-Code

    Fri 2010.04.09, 3:36am

  1297. This YellowPages app is slick but is either confused about public schools or has inside info!

    Fri 2010.04.09, 1:43am

  1298. iPhone OS 4's "multitasking" looks slick but doesn't handle my use cases. No iSSH backgrounding for tunnels and no Colloquy/IRC. Aww. :(

    Thu 2010.04.08, 5:51pm

  1299. Feels like something bad is about to happen to my FreeBSD box. Doesn't anyone make good hard drives anymore?!

    Sun 2010.04.04, 6:06pm

  1300. This post brought to you via an iPhone tethered via USB on Ubuntu! Sweet, a working Linux kernel module is here:

    Thu 2010.04.01, 5:53am

  1301. Facebook needs a 'hide everything' feature for the News Feed.

    Wed 2010.03.31, 10:24pm

  1302. Rest in pieces SCO, you won't be missed.

    Tue 2010.03.30, 8:28pm

  1303. Hardship: Putting sugar in your coffee before you realize you're out of milk. Black coffee shouldn't be sweet, blech!

    Tue 2010.03.30, 3:37pm

  1304. My daughter consistently identifies the Windows logo as a Rubik's cube. What an ideal Microsoft free world she lives in! How I envy her!

    Tue 2010.03.30, 12:20am

  1305. My 4 month old tweet now has an answer, Thunderbird 3 can store tags/stars on the IMAP server: sweet!

    Fri 2010.03.26, 6:29am

  1306. A better (more official) link for the Rogers will not gouge you for iPhone tethering announcement:

    Wed 2010.03.24, 4:21pm

  1307. Hooray! Rogers has decided to let an opportunity to further gouge their clients slide - just this once:

    Wed 2010.03.24, 4:13pm

  1308. After a 62 day hiatus, the VAIO laptop is back on Ubuntu in time for the first Lucid Lynx beta. Fedora was alright, but curiosity killed it.

    Tue 2010.03.23, 4:11am

  1309. Am I the only one that hates video content online? Can't speed read or skim through it. Ugh. It was called hyperTEXT for a reason.

    Sat 2010.03.20, 5:46am

  1310. On the rare occasion OS X's GUI locks hard I can reboot it via SSH 99% of the time. Windows would have me kick the plug out. Long live UNIX!

    Wed 2010.03.17, 9:08am

  1311. Whatever happened to copy and paste under X11 being simply select to copy, middle click to paste. I miss this.

    Thu 2010.03.11, 7:01am

  1312. New Castle on tonight. Finally something decent to watch. Not a whole lot on lately.

    Tue 2010.03.09, 4:11am

  1313. Shaw appears to be having a really rough time this evening...

    Fri 2010.03.05, 8:30am

  1314. A net tax to clean infected computers says an MS VP?! I have a better idea. Let's have MS foot the bill for *their* mess!

    Wed 2010.03.03, 8:43am

  1315. I did not know Mike Myers played more than just Austin Powers in Goldmember until my wife pointed it out just now. How'd I miss that?! #fail

    Sat 2010.02.27, 8:16am

  1316. Just scored 2097 points playing Run! (Normal) for #iPhone. I ran until I was vanquished by a powerful wizard.

    Sat 2010.02.27, 5:57am

  1317. Post... Whew.

    Sat 2010.02.27, 5:41am

  1318. Someone must have accidentally let Geek Squad staff near 's servers.

    Thu 2010.02.25, 9:34pm

  1319. HAST - committed to FreeBSD HEAD, looks very cool.

    Sat 2010.02.20, 7:56pm

  1320. Hacking ViGedit it needs markers and jumping between braces via '%' amongst other things. Python makes this painful. :(

    Sat 2010.02.20, 4:24am

  1321. ...and don't get me started about using spaces for indentation. Tabs, man, tabs!

    Sat 2010.02.20, 4:14am

  1322. Seriously, how do Python scripters live without braces to delimit blocks?! Gah! What a terrible syntax, or lack thereof!

    Sat 2010.02.20, 4:03am

  1323. Testing out

    Fri 2010.02.19, 8:19am

  1324. vigedit has potential to be awesome but unfortunately appears to be in its infancy. :(

    Fri 2010.02.19, 4:00am

  1325. Yay, the display glitches in the gnome-screensaver in Fedora 12 have been fixed in an update today. (2.28.3-1.fc12.x86_64)

    Wed 2010.02.17, 4:13am

  1326. Yanked the HD from a failing PC and put it into an Ubuntu box. Impressed, it immediately warned me of failures.

    Sat 2010.02.13, 8:29am

  1327. Just scored 1150 points playing Run! (Normal) for #iPhone. I ran until I was blown to bits by a falling bomb.

    Thu 2010.02.11, 7:16am

  1328. It's a girl! (again!) :D

    Thu 2010.02.11, 3:29am

  1329. Hooray! Facebook did something intelligent! Facebook chat now uses XMPP! and

    Wed 2010.02.10, 9:16pm

  1330. Looks like Google has added 'Buzz' to my Gmail account. Peachy!

    Wed 2010.02.10, 5:34pm

  1331. Cool, Google added Beaumont, AB (amongst other smaller municipalities) to Street View...

    Tue 2010.02.09, 10:10pm

  1332. Just scored 881 points playing Run! (Quick) for #iPhone. I ran until I was mauled by a purple zombie.

    Sun 2010.02.07, 4:24am

  1333. Just discovered Pino - Finally a decent native Linux Twitter client. Lacks features but convenient for basic use.

    Sat 2010.02.06, 8:14am

  1334. Very impressed with CIBC's new iPhone app. Makes me want to do more banking with them. Well done!

    Sat 2010.02.06, 5:45am

  1335. Alright, I give up. How do I filter out everything but 'Status Updates' in the new Facebook front-end?

    Fri 2010.02.05, 5:02am

  1336. Just scored 398 points playing Run! (Quick) for #iPhone. I ran until I was sliced by a spinning blade.

    Fri 2010.02.05, 4:41am

  1337. When life throws you unicode text files with 'non-breaking space' characters: perl -e 'while (<STDIN>) { $_ =~ s/\xc2\xa0/ /g; print }'

    Thu 2010.02.04, 8:08pm

  1338. Apparently YouTube has launched on IPv6... Can't seem to resolve v6 IPs for it yet though: how unfortunate. :(

    Tue 2010.02.02, 1:28am

  1339. Just scored 505 points playing Run! (Normal) for #iPhone. I ran until I was slapped by an evil walrus.

    Sun 2010.01.31, 6:33am

  1340. If Microsoft pulled a stunt like this with Internet Explorer they would be bankrupt before the end of the day.

    Fri 2010.01.29, 9:49pm

  1341. Comcast actively experimenting with IPv6 kudos to them for having some foresight!

    Wed 2010.01.27, 11:48pm

  1342. Frantic Steve Jobs Stays Up All Night Designing Apple Tablet:

    Wed 2010.01.27, 6:22pm

  1343. Seeing a ton of Facebook notifications regarding comments on statuses & photos that smell like malware to me.

    Tue 2010.01.26, 7:35pm

  1344. My Intel WiFi doesn't stop working when I wake my laptop from sleep in Fedora like it does in Ubuntu. How convenient!

    Mon 2010.01.25, 3:35am

  1345. New IKEA dresser for "baby's" room and cutesie little wall shelf for Natalie's room assembled and mounted. Mission accomplished.

    Sun 2010.01.24, 2:36am

  1346. Need to treat your wounds while buried under a pile of rubble in Haiti? There's an app for that!

    Wed 2010.01.20, 9:53pm

  1347. Oh, please no: - I assumed Verizon was the only corp dumb enough to make Bing a default. Hopefully just an ugly rumor.

    Wed 2010.01.20, 6:39am

  1348. Not terribly impressed by KDE 4. Looks like 'yum groupinstall "GNOME Desktop Environment"' should fix things up.

    Wed 2010.01.20, 5:34am

  1349. It kind of irks me that most Linux distros support net installs and have working WiFi out of the box but can't do net installs via WiFi. :(

    Wed 2010.01.20, 2:43am

  1350. Voices in my head are telling me to give Fedora with KDE 4 a try. Haven't tried either in a VERY long time.

    Wed 2010.01.20, 2:08am

  1351. Just woke up from an insane dream! Stole this brand new ride & pimped it out then was cruising around in it! Got caught, owner was SOO mad!

    Thu 2010.01.14, 12:16pm

  1352. This is why classic RTs suck: - unnecessary clutter of timelines. Now if would release Tweetie 2...

    Wed 2010.01.13, 11:58pm

  1353. Whoo hoo, Acorn 2.2 released!

    Tue 2010.01.12, 9:04pm

  1354. Eew! The 'Personas' feature in Firefox 3.6 has to be the most hideous looking abomination of UI theming I've ever seen.

    Tue 2010.01.12, 1:01am

  1355. Hmmm, decisions, decisions!

    Mon 2010.01.11, 10:18pm

  1356. Want! -

    Thu 2010.01.07, 10:27pm

  1357. So far this keynote is terrible... I've seen bad infomercials that were far more compelling.

    Thu 2010.01.07, 4:38am

  1358. Go figure, Balmer's keynote requires Silverlight. MS never misses a moment to push that garbage.

    Thu 2010.01.07, 3:40am

  1359. Waiting for Balmer's CES keynote: Watching Microsoft attempt to produce useful products is usually good for a laugh!

    Thu 2010.01.07, 2:56am

  1360. TruePower UCS Power Outlet with Built in USB Ports - - want!

    Tue 2010.01.05, 10:58pm

  1361. Apparently DVD discs aren't up to the task of surviving a 2 year old. Guess I'll start preemptively ripping 'em.

    Mon 2010.01.04, 8:19am

  1362. First day of 2010 down, 364 to go. Only 3,651 days until the end of this decade, make the most of it people!

    Sat 2010.01.02, 8:41am

  1363. GO OILERS!!

    Thu 2009.12.31, 5:54am

  1364. I'm sick of FAT32 and all its ancient limitations! Why, OH WHY, don't device manufacturers move into the 21st century and use ANY OTHER FS?

    Thu 2009.12.31, 2:16am

  1365. App Store Expense Monitor: - crazy, I've thrown $194.46 to the iPhone app store to date!

    Wed 2009.12.30, 12:23am

  1366. Ubuntu Karmic seems to have trouble waking my VAIO's Intel 3945ABG wireless card after waking the system from sleep. How annoying.

    Tue 2009.12.29, 6:37am

  1367. Just bought the Playstation 3 adapter for my Harmony 550 remote. Now everything works. Awesome!

    Sun 2009.12.27, 11:47pm

  1368. Oh no! Chrome under Ubuntu has caught a virus that appears to be turning my OS into XP, this is an outrage! :P

    Wed 2009.12.23, 6:39am

  1369. Avatar was awesome!

    Sun 2009.12.20, 3:33am

  1370. Sena was nice enough to include an extra screw so when I chuck one in frustration trying to mount this belt clip I still have another. Nice!

    Fri 2009.12.18, 6:24pm

  1371. Screenshot of the defaced moments ago:

    Fri 2009.12.18, 7:55am

  1372. It would appear Twitter is hacked! Wonder if SMS tweets still work.

    Fri 2009.12.18, 7:46am

  1373. Hacked together my own simple Gravatar code before I noticed Wordpress has a built in get_avatar() function. Bah, I always do that!

    Fri 2009.12.18, 6:03am

  1374. Pastebot is awesome - - I'm extremely impressed! That's all I've got to say about that.

    Thu 2009.12.17, 6:37pm

  1375. iStat up and running, slick! Would have tried it long ago if I realized it ran on FreeBSD.

    Thu 2009.12.17, 2:47am

  1376. Screw this cold nonsense... All setup to work from home for now... Should be much warner here.

    Wed 2009.12.16, 3:05am

  1377. My office is a toasty 7°C at the moment. This weather rocks.

    Mon 2009.12.14, 7:15pm

  1378. Went retro and downloaded Mega Man 9 for PS3 this weekend. Damn game is stealing my dignity... 3 bosses down... 5 remain. How frustrating!

    Mon 2009.12.14, 6:45am

  1379. Ok, what's with the iPhone App Store prompting me to download updates I've already installed? This is happening a lot lately.

    Fri 2009.12.11, 5:15am

  1380. I've been annoyed by a TV stand door that scraped the bottom of the stand when opening for OVER 5 YEARS. Spent 2 MINUTES fixing it today! :)

    Fri 2009.12.11, 4:50am

  1381. Crazy sculptures created from old hard drives:

    Fri 2009.12.11, 2:53am

  1382. Mmmm... Bigger tubes!

    Fri 2009.12.11, 12:28am

  1383. Looks like replacements can be easily ordered. The last review describes my issue exactly. Guess I'm not alone.

    Thu 2009.12.10, 12:22am

  1384. The band for my headset finally gave in to the pressure of grasping my oversized cranium and cracked... How annoying.

    Thu 2009.12.10, 12:12am

  1385. I was about to whine about Chrome looking hideous under Linux, but then I found the 'Use GTK+ theme' button. Now I'm impressed.

    Wed 2009.12.09, 4:02am

  1386. I wonder if Thunderbird 3.0's fancy labeling and tagging features can store the metadata on an IMAP server. It's kinda useless otherwise.

    Wed 2009.12.09, 2:44am

  1387. No Chrome extensions on OS X yet. How rude! :(

    Tue 2009.12.08, 8:31pm

  1388. Finally an (official) Google Chrome beta for OS X:

    Tue 2009.12.08, 6:23pm

  1389. Mmmm, time for some 'Home Syle Donair...'

    Tue 2009.12.08, 3:56am

  1390. $60 billion lawsuit against the recording industry for infringement! Cute seeing them attacked with their own nonsense!

    Tue 2009.12.08, 12:41am

  1391. Nice! Rogers has a semi-slick iPhone app for checking your account usage: how did I miss this?

    Sun 2009.12.06, 11:57pm

  1392. I MAY need to shovel off my deck today...

    Sat 2009.12.05, 10:04pm

  1393. Finally watching Terminator Salvation.

    Sat 2009.12.05, 4:29am

  1394. Trip home wasn't bad at all, got home just before six!

    Sat 2009.12.05, 2:36am

  1395. The mission home begins...

    Sat 2009.12.05, 1:12am

  1396. I have arrived... w00t! People were having a lot of trouble getting up the hill. Kinda glad I stole the wife's Jeep this morning!

    Fri 2009.12.04, 8:15pm

  1397. Almost there, just around the bend... Should only be another day or two...

    Fri 2009.12.04, 7:51pm

  1398. Hope I don't get a speeding ticket!

    Fri 2009.12.04, 6:35pm

  1399. Wish I had a pneumatic tube to suck me into work... It'd be much quicker than THIS!

    Fri 2009.12.04, 6:04pm

  1400. Almost there? Nope!

    Fri 2009.12.04, 5:34pm

  1401. I could have jogged to work quicker...

    Fri 2009.12.04, 5:26pm

  1402. The commute from hell continues... Sloooowly...

    Fri 2009.12.04, 5:19pm

  1403. Winter! Yuck yuck yuck!!!

    Fri 2009.12.04, 4:41pm

  1404. Playing with gource: - very neat looking visualizations of git version control history, like so

    Fri 2009.12.04, 7:38am

  1405. The Alliance for Code Excellence site is written in ASP. Wonder how many offsets THEY have purchased?

    Thu 2009.12.03, 10:10pm

  1406. Google Streetview is now live in Edmonton! I can see my house from here, tee hee!

    Wed 2009.12.02, 8:42am

  1407. I really resent that having to manually skip through several 'chapters' of ads for other DVDs when playing a disc for my 2year old daughter.

    Mon 2009.11.30, 5:53am

  1408. I just generated my #TweetCloud out of a year of my tweets -

    Sun 2009.11.29, 7:06am

  1409. This hockey game is NOT going well. :(

    Sun 2009.11.29, 4:27am

  1410. The new Air Sharing iPhone update rocks! Mobile access to my files via SSH FTW!

    Sun 2009.11.29, 3:28am

  1411. Silverlight on iPhone? That's a disturbing thought, I don't want it anywhere near my desktops, let alone my phone! -

    Sat 2009.11.28, 6:09am

  1412. About to reboot my home server with the 8.0-RELEASE kernel. No turning back now.

    Sat 2009.11.28, 4:32am

  1413. Prebuilt Google Chrome OS image for Dell Mini 10v. Nice!

    Fri 2009.11.27, 10:01pm

  1414. Why do I have the sudden urge to play Jenga?

    Fri 2009.11.27, 7:16pm

  1415. Experimenting with FreeBSD jails. They seem quite slick so far.

    Fri 2009.11.27, 5:28am

  1416. Another day, another 8 Google Wave invites to dispose of. They're giving 'em away like candy now. Anyone left that needs one?

    Thu 2009.11.26, 8:40am

  1417. Just discovered pkg_cutleaves for cleaning BSD packages. Slick!

    Wed 2009.11.25, 4:16am

  1418. Are they seriously going to question our goal AGAIN?!

    Tue 2009.11.24, 4:39am

  1419. Let's go Oilers!

    Tue 2009.11.24, 3:31am

  1420. Have 5 more Google Wave invites to pass around. Anybody want them or has supply now exceeded demand?

    Mon 2009.11.23, 8:18pm

  1421. #Haiku: Obsolete software / Useless in every way / Must install Linux. Enter the contest:

    Mon 2009.11.23, 6:13am

  1422. Receieved an extra Wave Invite in my e-mail, but I already have an account. What to do, what to do!?

    Sat 2009.11.21, 8:44pm

  1423. Chrome OS doesn't appear interested in getting any further than the splash screen on both my laptop and netbook. Probably too soon to play.

    Sat 2009.11.21, 8:15am

  1424. Curiosity has the better of me. Attempting to write a bootable Chrome OS USB key...

    Sat 2009.11.21, 7:50am

  1425. I thought Win7 vetoed my snubbing of Silverlight... Nope, actually 7 unique updates for the same damn thing. Lame!

    Sat 2009.11.21, 4:05am

  1426. This just in, Windows Mobile based phones can now be made useful!

    Wed 2009.11.18, 8:05am

  1427. Twitter has enabled the new/beta retweeting on my account. Neat! Now for to enable it...

    Wed 2009.11.18, 4:47am

  1428. How have I been using FreeBSD for this long without noticing BSNMP built into the base (

    Wed 2009.11.18, 2:32am

  1429. Demo of Chrome OS this thursday. I'm intrigued.

    Wed 2009.11.18, 1:08am

  1430. Spent the evening upgrading a six year old FreeBSD 4.8 installation to 8.0-RC3 on rather old hardware... Not so thrilling, but successful...

    Tue 2009.11.17, 7:24am

  1431. My wife is at a doctors appointment for a blood test and is now IM'ing me from her iPod using an unsecured router. I've taught her well! :)

    Sat 2009.11.14, 8:09pm

  1432. They can't touch the Mac Mini's design and OS, but the Dell Zino HD announced today is still kinda slick for the price:

    Fri 2009.11.13, 6:35am

  1433. Went to Best Buy to buy a cheap $25 wireless laptop mouse (on sale) for Jessie. Walked out with a $60 Logitech V450 Nano. No self-restraint.

    Fri 2009.11.13, 4:59am

  1434. I'd like to meet whoever decided CTRL+L should open a dialogue in IE instead of simply focusing the address bar. What were they thinking?!

    Wed 2009.11.11, 6:09am

  1435. Ionic batteries you say? Sounds promising.

    Sat 2009.11.07, 12:57am

  1436. Finally dug up the answer ( to my recent question ( WIN7 media is NOT 'universal' but IS fixable.

    Fri 2009.11.06, 11:44pm

  1437. No Microsoft, I don't want to install Silverlight. Never will. What part of 'Hide Update' is too difficult for you to understand?

    Fri 2009.11.06, 3:29am

  1438. Chrome is shaping up to be a very impressive browser, but I don't comprehend how it went from 1.0 to 4.0 in under a year... Odd versioning!

    Thu 2009.11.05, 6:04am

  1439. First time I've introduced a portability bug between 32 and 64 bit hosts in perl. That'll teach me for being 'clever' with shift operators!

    Wed 2009.11.04, 9:08pm

  1440. You can't install 'Professional' via 'Home Premium' media... You could with Vista. Upgrade media limitation?

    Mon 2009.11.02, 6:15am

  1441. Attempting to install Windows 7 'upgrade' in a clean VM with and without key. Trying to confirm the OEM/Upgrade/Retail medias are identical.

    Mon 2009.11.02, 5:06am

  1442. Completed a 3rd Windows 7 install today. On 2 of the 3 PCs everything worked without having to hunt for drivers. Impressive by MS standards!

    Sun 2009.11.01, 7:44am

  1443. Oh hello! What have we here?!

    Fri 2009.10.30, 6:23am

  1444. The look & feel of Ubuntu Netbook Remix seems to have cleaned up very nicely in today's Karmic release!

    Fri 2009.10.30, 4:06am

  1445. This hockey game has taken a TERRIBLE turn for the worse... This is getting painful!

    Fri 2009.10.30, 3:51am

  1446. Karmic Netbook Edition doesn't work with my Broadcom BCM4312 wireless out of the box, fortunately there's an easy fix:

    Fri 2009.10.30, 3:27am

  1447. Just finished setting up gitosis ( What a sweet setup! Easily grant access to repos without giving out shells.

    Fri 2009.10.30, 1:36am

  1448. Mmmm... Karmic released and new Apple TV firmware... Days with new software are good days (excluding MS patch Tuesdays)...

    Thu 2009.10.29, 11:58pm

  1449. Ooops... It would appear I've been had. :P

    Wed 2009.10.28, 5:07pm

  1450. Hmmm, Google Chrome OS beta now available Interesting, but why the rather dated Gnome 2.24?

    Wed 2009.10.28, 5:01pm

  1451. Ubuntu's installer is slick, but its decision to disregard existing EXT3 partitions in favor of shrinking the NTFS one was not so bright...

    Wed 2009.10.28, 1:51am

  1452. Aw crap! I'm so sick of junk mail!

    Tue 2009.10.27, 3:20am

  1453. A package! What could it be?

    Tue 2009.10.27, 3:19am

  1454. Wow, the Windows 7 Product Guide weighs in at a massive 62 MB! It's as bloated as the product line it describes!

    Mon 2009.10.26, 7:54pm

  1455. Only MS could write an OS updater dumb enough to download a security patch for IE 7 only to replace it with IE 8 in the same run...

    Sat 2009.10.24, 2:05am

  1456. Interesting... My portage profile appears to have been deprecated in favour of default/linux/x86/10.0, no announcement on yet...

    Fri 2009.10.23, 8:50pm

  1457. Just to set the record straight on MS' new ad campaign - Windows 7 was NOT my idea! Using ANYTHING but Windows was MY idea... :)

    Fri 2009.10.23, 6:01am

  1458. Everytime Khabibulin allows a goal I wonder if 'rewinding' the PVR and giving him a 2nd chance would help matters...

    Fri 2009.10.23, 2:15am

  1459. New Apple ad "Broken Promises" rocks...

    Fri 2009.10.23, 1:44am

  1460. Neat JS typing test: - Whew, better let the keyboard sit and cool for awhile. :P

    Thu 2009.10.22, 4:56am

  1461. Tried NetNewsWire and Newsie... Not all that impressed. Byline is still king of the Google Reader RSS apps for my use...

    Thu 2009.10.22, 2:37am

  1462. Jessie's LG Keybo (LG9100) dies and reboots when connecting to Linux or OS X as USB mass storage. Apparently it only talks to Windows. LAME!

    Wed 2009.10.21, 5:03am

  1463. Before you can understand recursion, you must first understand recursion.

    Wed 2009.10.21, 4:25am

  1464. Want!

    Tue 2009.10.20, 4:39pm

  1465. Damnit, apparently some ballgame on Fox shoved House into Lie to Me's timeslot thus ruining the PVR recording. Sucky!

    Tue 2009.10.20, 5:52am

  1466. Next up against the wall will be devs that don't comprehend that drivers weighing in at 10's or even 100's of MBs are bloated garbage!

    Tue 2009.10.20, 4:27am

  1467. One day I'll find & kill the bastard behind all the BS spam infested driver sites that eclipse the legit driver downloads in Google's index!

    Tue 2009.10.20, 4:08am

  1468. Freeing another netbook (an Asus Eee PC) from the slavery of Windows XP.

    Sat 2009.10.17, 9:37pm

  1469. Apple is now allowing in-app purchase for free apps - - Nice!

    Thu 2009.10.15, 9:24pm

  1470. Smokers will use ashtrays if they actually exist? You don't say! -

    Thu 2009.10.15, 4:18pm

  1471. At 5 KM/hour this will be a LONG commute!

    Wed 2009.10.14, 2:47pm

  1472. Well this isn't going to work...

    Wed 2009.10.14, 2:41am

  1473. Waiting for Clonezilla to copy a partition off of yet another dead Maxtor drive.

    Wed 2009.10.14, 2:19am

  1474. Good game!

    Sun 2009.10.11, 4:46am

  1475. Go Oilers! Go!

    Sun 2009.10.11, 3:18am

  1476. Nice view!

    Sun 2009.10.11, 2:12am

  1477. Going to the Oilers game, woohoo!

    Sun 2009.10.11, 1:36am

  1478. A workaround! Dereferencing the hash appears to eliminate the mystery value based keys from appearing. This still doesn't make ANY sense.

    Fri 2009.10.09, 9:48pm

  1479. Woohoo, Tweetie 2 has arrived!

    Fri 2009.10.09, 8:36pm

  1480. Why are my perl hash values becoming keys?!

    Fri 2009.10.09, 6:33pm

  1481. What just happened?!

    Fri 2009.10.09, 3:58am

  1482. Ah, Ubuntu betas. Over 260 updates in only 4 days - and now I have two battery level icons... Will I ever learn to wait for the release?

    Fri 2009.10.09, 2:44am

  1483. Received my reminder of what winter driving is about this morning. Whitemud overpass on 50th was SLICK! Barely avoided remodelling the car.

    Thu 2009.10.08, 3:40pm

  1484. Just worked out differences between the old Rogers 'System Access Fee' vs their new 'Regulatory Recovery Fee.' The old way saves me $0.13...

    Wed 2009.10.07, 6:13pm

  1485. I miss Roloson... :(

    Wed 2009.10.07, 3:29am

  1486. Dear Shaw, your PPV 'service' is a joke... Maybe you should fix it some day!

    Wed 2009.10.07, 1:50am

  1487. Dropbox looks slick! But... How does it figure I deleted a file 7 hours before creating it? Or joining even?

    Tue 2009.10.06, 8:04pm

  1488. Bell & Telus to carry the iPhone next month, nice! Maybe a little competition will correct the insanity of Rogers charging $8 for caller id!

    Tue 2009.10.06, 3:27pm

  1489. Fixed a dumb bug in a perl script I'm writing. Too many cookies in my cookie jar. Tossing my cookies every loop iteration solved all...

    Mon 2009.10.05, 7:28pm

  1490. Dora the Explorer toddler bed - "New Easy to Assemble Design!" -- BULLSHIT! :P

    Sat 2009.10.03, 10:55pm

  1491. Upgrading my laptop to Karmic Koala... I can never wait for the final releases... No willpower.

    Sat 2009.10.03, 8:08pm

  1492. I despise this VAIO for not holding a charge.

    Sat 2009.10.03, 6:31pm

  1493. Fixed my Twitalytic instance. Apparently it doesn't like humans tearing out random rows from its tables. Whoops! Off to bed I go.

    Sat 2009.10.03, 7:14am

  1494. Watching Defying Gravity in distorted standard definition. How very sucky! I blame ABC.

    Sat 2009.10.03, 4:54am

  1495. ASCII files with DOS style line endings are vile! s/^M//g

    Sat 2009.10.03, 3:43am

  1496. Google's invite only concept is brilliant. Would the world's geeks be clamouring over 'Wave' so frantically if they could sign up on a whim?

    Wed 2009.09.30, 10:13pm

  1497. Less 'play' and more 'go to bed' might be a good idea right about now...

    Wed 2009.09.30, 6:31am

  1498. Push email to iPhone via Google Sync also works for Google Apps domains. Nice!

    Wed 2009.09.30, 6:16am

  1499. Apple should really allow users to hide or delete useless built in iPhone apps. Honestly, I have no desire to ever record a 'Voice Memo.'

    Wed 2009.09.30, 2:50am

  1500. WTF, why is the Whitemud all backed up?! :(

    Tue 2009.09.29, 11:41pm

  1501. Google sending out 'Wave' invites to the first 100,000 people that signed up, tomorrow. Could have sworn I signed up. Can't remember...

    Tue 2009.09.29, 10:59pm

  1502. "Proven antivirus protection for free?" - How can something JUST released be "proven?!" Oh, Microsoft. :P

    Tue 2009.09.29, 8:15pm

  1503. Finally got Haiku alpha to boot in VirtualBox. Cheated! Pre-partitioned the drive with Linux fdisk. Installed a standard MBR using FreeBSD.

    Sat 2009.09.26, 3:11am

  1504. SleepNow ( is just what I needed. Combined with Wake-On-Lan I can now remotely put to sleep and wake my Macs. Cool!

    Sat 2009.09.26, 12:42am

  1505. Just purchased NetNewsWire... Torn between it and Gruml. I like Gruml's feature-complete Google Reader support, but NNW feels more refined.

    Thu 2009.09.24, 6:00pm

  1506. Whew... After blood sweat and tears my upgrade is done and my photos and music survived. Nice and spacious!

    Wed 2009.09.23, 2:30am

  1507. Gentoo just saved my ass! Free beer for the person who decided to build the LiveCD kernel/mods with GPT and HFS+ support. You suck Knoppix!

    Wed 2009.09.23, 12:57am

  1508. Whoa is me! The 80 GB HD I was replacing with the 500 GB died in mid backup! Sucky! Up and running with the 500 GB. Need to restore data. :(

    Tue 2009.09.22, 8:48am

  1509. Better setup Time Machine in preparation for the whopping 500 GB HD upgrade... Was getting cramped in here -

    Tue 2009.09.22, 2:29am

  1510. Watching Defying Gravity... Being a Canadian still rocks, you suck ABC!

    Sat 2009.09.19, 2:09am

  1511. Still waiting, got my Tetris fix already... Now what?

    Wed 2009.09.16, 8:21pm

  1512. Waiting...

    Wed 2009.09.16, 8:06pm

  1513. Fix to shortcomings of Apple's App Store - compare it to the WinMobile Marketplace! Apple looks flawless In contrast.

    Wed 2009.09.16, 6:17am

  1514. Ah ha! Must have been some dork playing on his iPhone instead of driving! ;)

    Fri 2009.09.11, 11:33pm

  1515. Ugh! Traffic sucks!

    Fri 2009.09.11, 11:26pm

  1516. Why must iTunes absolutely INSIST I download over 10 GB of content already on my Apple TV?! How rude!

    Fri 2009.09.11, 4:08am

  1517. Hmm... What to watch? Obama, Obama, or Obama... Damn, he's on every single HD channel!

    Thu 2009.09.10, 1:02am

  1518. iPhone 3.1 now syncs faces with iPhoto, now if only it would sync events as well, they'd really have something...

    Thu 2009.09.10, 12:51am

  1519. Uh oh, vacation is over. Off to work I go.

    Tue 2009.09.08, 2:16pm

  1520. Wow... Upgrading en-freebsd-doc from ports pulled in and built 108 dependencies! That's a little much. Better stick to the binary next time.

    Tue 2009.09.08, 4:30am

  1521. Somewhere between FreeBSD 8.0 BETA1 and BETA4 my ZFS woes have been resolved. Nice! Also liking the new USB thumb drive install images.

    Tue 2009.09.08, 1:47am

  1522. Just noticed some new 'CompuFix' place around the corner from my house... That could be handy for some quick parts if the price is right...

    Sun 2009.09.06, 3:57am

  1523. Waiting impatiently for a virus scan on another b0rked PC. Am I the only one who finds it sad that Windows requires another OS to repair it?

    Sat 2009.09.05, 6:58am

  1524. Home, sweet home!

    Tue 2009.09.01, 1:21am

  1525. Homeward bound, quick pit stop near Calgary for some baconators and we shall be on our way...

    Mon 2009.08.31, 9:26pm

  1526. My new best friend in the room is now hard at work... Excellent!

    Mon 2009.08.31, 3:57pm

  1527. My iPhone battery is almost dead... Then no more Internet for me! :( Forgot my cable at home... How unfortunate...

    Mon 2009.08.31, 5:21am

  1528. Bow View Lodge's internet is pay per use... How lame is that?!

    Mon 2009.08.31, 4:35am

  1529. Off to Banff we go!

    Sun 2009.08.30, 3:55pm

  1530. Just another addition to the shrine...

    Sat 2009.08.29, 4:53am

  1531. Yay!! :)

    Sat 2009.08.29, 2:56am

  1532. Is downloading sufficient or do I actually have to use it?! My charitable nature only goes so far! - :D

    Thu 2009.08.27, 10:04pm

  1533. Wow... It is absolutely dumping... Cool! :)

    Thu 2009.08.27, 4:27am

  1534. Working on a script to convert my iTunes+ M4A files into MP3 while preserving metadata so I can burn them to a disc that'll play in my Jeep.

    Wed 2009.08.26, 1:42am

  1535. If install Ubuntu Netbook Remix on a Dell netbook and are having problems with cursor movements on clicks. Install this:

    Sun 2009.08.23, 8:48am

  1536. Wiping XP off the wife's new netbook in favor of Ubuntu... It's the right thing to do...

    Sun 2009.08.23, 6:30am

  1537. Yay! Successfully installed Snow Leopard via my USB thumb drive.

    Fri 2009.08.21, 5:44am

  1538. Sweet, repartitioning the USB stick as a GUID seems to have done the trick...

    Fri 2009.08.21, 4:53am

  1539. God damn laser calibration! Always giving me grief...

    Fri 2009.08.21, 3:18am

  1540. 15 DL DVDs $39.99. Snow Leopard Family Pack $49.00. Wasting the money on blanks to get Snow Leopard just over a week early: priceless! :P

    Fri 2009.08.21, 3:10am

  1541. Made it to Best Buy on time, w00t!

    Fri 2009.08.21, 2:56am

  1542. Well damnit... Off to get some dual-layer media then...

    Fri 2009.08.21, 2:41am

  1543. Hmmm, that didn't work... Wonder if I can use "Remote Install" utility to install from the image via another machine over the network...

    Fri 2009.08.21, 2:21am

  1544. Finished copying Snow Leopard onto a USB key... Time to play.

    Fri 2009.08.21, 2:05am

  1545. Whoa, Duke 3D released for iPhone! That's impressive in a "When I was your age my computer could barely handle it." sort of way...

    Tue 2009.08.11, 1:46am

  1546. The experimental Google URL ( redirects to on iPhone but that URL doesn't exist. Ooops!

    Tue 2009.08.11, 1:20am

  1547. Kill IE6? IE8 doesn't even support CSS 3 and is behind all other current browsers. How about killing IE in general?

    Thu 2009.08.06, 1:21am

  1548. I got him! I got him! Muh ha ha ha! Down with the fly!

    Wed 2009.08.05, 8:55pm

  1549. Home, sweet home...

    Mon 2009.08.03, 9:15pm

  1550. Rain, rain, go away! Come again another day...

    Sat 2009.08.01, 11:24pm

  1551. Out camping, looks like my data still works out here... Score, I can still get my net fix...

    Sat 2009.08.01, 7:15pm

  1552. Wonder if they've managed to turn it into a decent text editor: Emacs Hits Version 23 (via )

    Thu 2009.07.30, 7:58pm

  1553. Allowed Achilles into my office, if he's like my cats, he'll get that damn fly!

    Thu 2009.07.30, 4:24pm

  1554. As soon as this massive fly buzzing around my office makes a wrong move, he's a goner. He's taken a few brute hits, but he lives so far.

    Wed 2009.07.29, 10:03pm

  1555. ...and suddenly, if at all possible, Yahoo is even LESS relevant...

    Wed 2009.07.29, 4:37am

  1556. Thanks for all the birthday wishes!

    Tue 2009.07.28, 4:59am

  1557. I'm so proud to be an Edmontonian right now:

    Mon 2009.07.20, 9:03pm

  1558. That can't be good... (CN Tower)

    Sun 2009.07.19, 5:30am

  1559. Mega Man II has been ported to iPhone... That is awesome! How retro. :)

    Sat 2009.07.18, 10:14pm

  1560. I hate this damn parade...

    Thu 2009.07.16, 3:16pm

  1561. Attempting to make the "Can we go to Memory Express and buy 4 GB of RAM" face within visual range of my wife.

    Sat 2009.07.11, 7:02pm

  1562. FreeBSD upgrade fail! ZFS has all but my root filesystem and won't startup with the 8.0-BETA1 kernel. It appears to want more than 1 GB RAM.

    Sat 2009.07.11, 7:00pm

  1563. Attempting freebsd-update from 7.2 to 8.0-beta1...

    Sat 2009.07.11, 5:24pm

  1564. Just finished a Qmail/vpopmail script that immediately pushes Prowl notifications on delivery of new mail. Cool!

    Sat 2009.07.11, 6:41am

  1565. Just discovered Byline, an iPhone UI for Google Reader. Seems slick so far.

    Fri 2009.07.10, 11:59pm

  1566. Updated my Irssi prowl notification script - - to use the new API key system. You're welcome.

    Wed 2009.07.08, 6:00am

  1567. Stayed up WAY too late coding a perl plugin to integrate my IRSSI proxy with Prowl... Success! Must sleep now...

    Tue 2009.07.07, 8:24am

  1568. Mmmm, dinner!

    Tue 2009.07.07, 1:25am

  1569. Growl + Prowl + perl + iPhone push notifications = infinite possibilities! Awesome!

    Mon 2009.07.06, 9:00pm

  1570. Mother nature has forsaken me and rained on my camp fire... How very saddening...

    Sun 2009.07.05, 4:33am

  1571. Sitting around the fire, doing tech support for Frank's mom via my iPhone and having a beer...

    Sun 2009.07.05, 3:57am

  1572. Another day, another scumbag telemarketer reported to the Do not call registry. Not sure if it does anything, but its worth a shot.

    Sat 2009.07.04, 2:08am

  1573. XHTML 2 Cancelled (via ) - How unfortunate. I find HTML 5's direction far less appealing than XHTML's.

    Fri 2009.07.03, 4:23pm

  1574. Oh no! Roloson has forsaken us! :(

    Wed 2009.07.01, 7:40pm

  1575. Holy shit, Apple finally approved the long overdue #Tweetie update! I'm stunned.

    Wed 2009.07.01, 5:23am

  1576. My pregnant wife MUST HAVE peanut butter... I swear she'll die if age doesn't get some soon... Out the door I go...

    Mon 2009.06.29, 2:06am

  1577. Just ordered Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade for my VAIO notebook at its special pre-order price... I feel dirty... Time for a shower.

    Sun 2009.06.28, 4:54pm

  1578. At Best Buy aquiring a replacement for my coffee soaked Apple keyboard... I'll try to be more carefull with this one... :p

    Sat 2009.06.27, 8:47pm

  1579. Off to retrieve some McBreakfast...

    Sat 2009.06.27, 4:16pm

  1580. Trying TweetDeck while I impatiently wait for Tweetie's update to be approved... Surprisingly impressed so far... Especially for a free app.

    Wed 2009.06.24, 2:05am

  1581. Hmmm, how to get rid of this nuisance without unleashing an angry swarm?

    Tue 2009.06.23, 4:12am

  1582. Watching "Cake Boss," not sure why... But now I want cake...

    Tue 2009.06.23, 2:08am

  1583. Amazing how quickly all my frustration towards Apple delaying push is melting away now that Beejive is out... Now just need Tweetie updated.

    Tue 2009.06.23, 12:26am

  1584. Finally!!! - 3.0 for iPhone is finally in the App Store - enjoy! (via )

    Tue 2009.06.23, 12:18am

  1585. ...and my keyboard is screwed.... Switching to standby non-allunimum Apple keyboard. Now I can hear the racket of my typing again. :(

    Mon 2009.06.22, 5:50pm

  1586. Damnit... Just spilled a full cup of coffee on my keyboard. I hate it when I do that!!!

    Mon 2009.06.22, 5:09pm

  1587. Look what I found!

    Sun 2009.06.21, 3:33am

  1588. Watching Wipe-Out. :)

    Sun 2009.06.21, 3:05am

  1589. Hitting up the new Bed Bath & Beyond with my wife.. Got my sweet coffee maker out of the deal... Win!

    Sat 2009.06.20, 7:44pm

  1590. iPhone app devs, please hold off new iFart and Flashlight apps for a sec so Apple can find time to click "approve" on the push apps already!

    Sat 2009.06.20, 3:10am

  1591. WTF, all the currently available push apps are for apps that don't really need it... Damn you, Apple! Hurry up with the updates already!

    Fri 2009.06.19, 3:32am

  1592. Then I could stop refreshing the updates area like an obsessed mad man and wait for the badge to increment... Sigh... All well.

    Thu 2009.06.18, 5:53am

  1593. In lieu of push apps being ready with the launch of iPhone 3.0 today, you'd think Apple could at least make the App Store app utilize push.

    Thu 2009.06.18, 5:52am

  1594. Tried tethering my iPhone to my Linux laptop. No dice, looks like this is a "Windows/Mac" only game until somebody writes a driver.

    Thu 2009.06.18, 5:46am

  1595. Sweet, tethering is now enabled... Free for iPhone users while Rogers decides how much more to gouge (next 6 months)...

    Thu 2009.06.18, 4:05am

  1596. On hold with Rogers... Let's see if I can get tethering enabled...

    Thu 2009.06.18, 3:24am

  1597. Downloading BeejiveIM... Better be worth its relatively steep price...

    Thu 2009.06.18, 2:59am

  1598. Okay, it's past midnight... Where are my push enabled iPhone apps?

    Wed 2009.06.17, 6:01am

  1599. Oooops! I did it again! :)

    Tue 2009.06.16, 11:44pm

  1600. The fit PC 2 looks rather cool -

    Mon 2009.06.15, 5:58am

  1601. Bought an Ericson HBH-PV703 Bluetooth headset 57 days ago... Used daily on my commute, I'm recharging it for the 1st time today. Impressive!

    Fri 2009.06.12, 6:01am

  1602. Hitting up the Burger Baron in my ol' hometown! :)

    Fri 2009.06.12, 1:35am

  1603. Waking up sucks!

    Thu 2009.06.11, 2:11pm

  1604. Alright, one more smoke and then i'm off to bed... Sleep is good.

    Thu 2009.06.11, 6:58am

  1605. I want one of these:

    Thu 2009.06.11, 5:49am

  1606. Woohoo! My copy of Version Control with Git has arrived. :)

    Thu 2009.06.11, 5:16am

  1607. M'eh, it's an external, now I'm not quite as impressed. All well...

    Wed 2009.06.10, 6:55am

  1608. Wow, 4TB drives from Western Digital: - want!

    Wed 2009.06.10, 6:54am

  1609. WTF is with these whacky widgets appearing obtrusively in the background of Slashdot comments lately?!

    Wed 2009.06.10, 5:37am

  1610. Good news everyone! Futurama shall return again... Cool! -

    Wed 2009.06.10, 5:10am

  1611. Well, that was a hellish commute .

    Tue 2009.06.09, 3:52pm

  1612. 99th down to one lane for no apparent reason makes me happy... :p

    Tue 2009.06.09, 3:12pm

  1613. Playing with my early copy of iPhone 3.0 software... Seems solid... No real push enabled apps to play with yet though...

    Tue 2009.06.09, 5:26am

  1614. Goodbye Gentoo, you're fired! It's been fun, but Ubuntu is reclaiming my laptop...

    Sun 2009.06.07, 3:11am

  1615. My copy of "Version Control with Git" has shipped. w00t!

    Fri 2009.06.05, 7:38pm

  1616. Damn, I hate these bullshit Facebook quizzes, I do out of boredom that ask for a cell number at the end hoping I won't see the $5/week scam.

    Wed 2009.06.03, 5:17am

  1617. All done. Motorola CNUT 3.x now runs on OS X -

    Wed 2009.06.03, 4:40am

  1618. Attempting to re-package CNUT 3.12 for OS X...

    Wed 2009.06.03, 3:10am

  1619. ...and here's why I'll never trust any search engine Microsoft develops...

    Tue 2009.06.02, 5:17am

  1620. Oooh! Check out Microsoft's new search engine "Bing." Seriously, hurry before they realize they/it still sucks and rebrand it again.

    Tue 2009.06.02, 4:52am

  1621. Banishing Inferno to the basement...

    Tue 2009.06.02, 3:01am

  1622. Stupid Rogers. Their promotional "MEGA VALUE PLAN" has no value whatsoever when you weigh in all the factors... Tards -

    Tue 2009.06.02, 12:57am

  1623. My vacation is now over. :( Off to bed so I can wake up on time to grab a cappuccino and return to the whole "working for a living" routine.

    Mon 2009.06.01, 6:03am

  1624. Shaw must just be getting saturated in my area. Now, in the middle of the night I'm getting my usual 15 Mbps again. Time for upgrades, Shaw?

    Sat 2009.05.30, 7:11am

  1625. Shaw seems disturbingly slow at the moment... Only getting ~ 3.5 Mbps... Usually get 15 Mbps pretty consistently. What's up?

    Sat 2009.05.30, 4:38am

  1626. Why, oh why is Seven Pounds not available for rent in HD on Apple TV? All well, not giving Shaw $7.99 for the privilege. Standard def it is.

    Mon 2009.05.25, 5:26am

  1627. Going across the street to Fat Franks to get me a hot dog, gigady!

    Fri 2009.05.22, 7:09pm

  1628. Just discovered a slick and free iPhone app called 'Mover.' A neat UI for sharing photos and contacts over WiFi. Ok seriously, going to bed!

    Thu 2009.05.21, 7:30am

  1629. Must... Fall... Asleep...

    Thu 2009.05.21, 7:13am

  1630. One more reason to hate Rogers -

    Thu 2009.05.21, 6:21am

  1631. Waiting on hold for a Rogers rep... Wonder if they're actually around at this hour or if they just put me in an infinite queue for laughs.

    Thu 2009.05.21, 5:28am

  1632. Damn all these cliffhanger finales... What's the deal?!

    Thu 2009.05.21, 3:03am

  1633. Watching Criminal Minds...

    Thu 2009.05.21, 1:00am

  1634. Need to get me one of these: for the next time the car taunts me with its check engine light.

    Thu 2009.05.21, 12:44am

  1635. Received my Ubuntu 9.04 CD in the mail. It's taunting me with its fancy new artwork... It wants to be installed over my finely tuned Gentoo.

    Wed 2009.05.20, 1:17am

  1636. Really should setup ZFS on my gateway box and be done with fsck nonsense...

    Wed 2009.05.20, 12:49am

  1637. Power is back up, now I need to get all my computers back up and happy again.

    Wed 2009.05.20, 12:42am

  1638. My wife found my Home Depot card again, dammit!!

    Sat 2009.05.16, 7:58pm

  1639. Downloading Worms for PS3. Awesome!

    Sat 2009.05.16, 2:27am

  1640. Mmm... OS X screensavers. - :)

    Fri 2009.05.15, 5:28am

  1641. Evacuating CN!!! Run for your lives!

    Wed 2009.05.13, 5:08pm

  1642. looks nice and should serve Linux users well, but I think they got a little carried away with the whole social networking thing.

    Wed 2009.05.13, 4:35am

  1643. Checking out the new site.

    Wed 2009.05.13, 4:25am

  1644. Why, oh why does a little snow slow down traffic so drastically?!1

    Tue 2009.05.12, 11:44pm

  1645. Leopard 10.5.7 Update released, w00t!

    Tue 2009.05.12, 8:33pm

  1646. WTF, why is VirtualBox's DHCP server passing as the primary nameserver to my Gentoo virtual machine?

    Tue 2009.05.12, 5:38pm

  1647. Installing perl forks: 'Fixing prototypes in forks.xs' seems to take an absurd amount of time... Waiting...

    Tue 2009.05.12, 5:12pm

  1648. Watching the finale of Castle...

    Tue 2009.05.12, 2:07am

  1649. Hmmm, Shaw phone service seems to be down... How odd...

    Tue 2009.05.12, 12:43am

  1650. New version of Things for iPhone is out, w00t!

    Mon 2009.05.11, 12:37am

  1651. Wait a minute... I'm still awake? How silly! Time to stop pretending I'm a web designer and go to sleep...

    Sun 2009.05.10, 8:22am

  1652. Alright, Tomcat either hates me, FreeBSD or both. Either way, I'm going to bed.

    Fri 2009.05.08, 5:32am

  1653. Yay, got Apache Tomcat up and running...

    Fri 2009.05.08, 2:44am

  1654. Traffic sucks!

    Thu 2009.05.07, 11:27pm

  1655. Allright, it's definitely past my bed time... Good night!

    Wed 2009.05.06, 6:54am

  1656. Sweet... All set for Windows 7 drivers. 64-bit drivers for most VAIO notebooks can be found here: - you're welcome. :)

    Wed 2009.05.06, 3:18am

  1657. Now that I've got GRUB reinstalled I can boot into a REAL OS (Linux) and run lspci to find out what chipsets I still need drivers for.

    Wed 2009.05.06, 2:44am

  1658. Thanks for wiping out GRUB. Good ol' Windows (not that I didn't expect it). Also wish I kept the drivers I downloaded for the beta.

    Wed 2009.05.06, 2:19am

  1659. Installing Windows 7 RC. I suppose it would be too much to ask the installer to tell me the partition types when it asks me to select one?

    Wed 2009.05.06, 1:49am

  1660. Downloading Win7-RC within VirtualBox. Nice of them to make the download site incompatible with anything but Windows/IE/ActiveX. How lame!

    Tue 2009.05.05, 11:03pm

  1661. I love coming to work only to discover my headset didn't sit it its cradle properly overnight and is now stone dead.

    Tue 2009.05.05, 3:34pm

  1662. Yay... Inferno all upgraded... Better get to work now.

    Tue 2009.05.05, 2:30pm

  1663. Screw it! This FreeBSD update on inferno is taking too long. I'll go to bed and leave it 'till tomorrow, what could possibly go wrong?

    Tue 2009.05.05, 5:58am

  1664. Trying out the facebook twitter app.

    Tue 2009.05.05, 5:41am

  1665. Geez... Running freebsd-update on inferno takes FOREVER. Might be time to consider retiring this old Thunderbird (

    Tue 2009.05.05, 5:06am

  1666. Upgrading inferno to FreeBSD 7.2-RELEASE.

    Tue 2009.05.05, 3:05am

  1667. Time to go watch Castle.

    Tue 2009.05.05, 1:59am

  1668. Yay! All fixed up... Going home. :)

    Mon 2009.05.04, 11:26pm

  1669. I need to stop fixing Gentoo vulnerabilities towards the end of the day... Now I have to wait for PHP to recompile before going home. :(

    Mon 2009.05.04, 11:06pm

  1670. Chillin' lazily on the couch watching TV... Worn out from dragging two truckloads of junk to the landfill... Waiting for my McFlurry... Mmm.

    Mon 2009.05.04, 3:39am

  1671. Oooh, FreeBSD 7.2 has been released. Nice!

    Mon 2009.05.04, 12:52am

  1672. Sweet, accidently found an Easter egg in the Fortune app for iPhone... Now I feel clever. :)

    Sun 2009.05.03, 2:58am

  1673. Starting to look more summer like out here! Natalie loves it!

    Sat 2009.05.02, 7:11pm

  1674. Sweet! VirtualBox is being ported to FreeBSD! -

    Sat 2009.05.02, 4:29pm

  1675. Alright, one last smoke and I'm going to bed.

    Sat 2009.05.02, 7:59am

  1676. It appears Twitux may be my best option for treating my twitter addiction under Linux. Don't imagine Tweetie will ever be ported.

    Sat 2009.05.02, 2:04am

  1677. Cisco lists 1 lame "advantage" of Proxy ARP and 6 disadvantages, why is it enabled by default on their routers?!

    Fri 2009.05.01, 4:46pm

  1678. Enough! I'm going to bed.

    Fri 2009.05.01, 6:13am

  1679. Downloaded NetBSD 5.0 yesterday... As its the one BSD I haven't played with... Disappointingly it won't boot within VirtualBox. How odd!

    Fri 2009.05.01, 5:58am

  1680. Wow, it was a bit of a fight ( but it looks like the system is now happily running Jaunty. I'm impressed and bewildered!

    Fri 2009.05.01, 4:47am

  1681. Still letting apt work its magic. I'll be thoroughly impressed if that system functions normally after all this.

    Fri 2009.05.01, 4:14am

  1682. Oh yeah, that system is pissed right off now... I just might be able to recover it from here though... Here's hoping. :)

    Fri 2009.05.01, 3:59am

  1683. Uh oh... Its either happily rebooting or broken... Neat experiment, yes? Bright idea... umm? Maybe not?

    Fri 2009.05.01, 3:14am

  1684. Upgrading my brother's Ubuntu desktop to 9.04 using update-manager via SSH X11 forwarding over an IPv6 connection. Cool. :)

    Fri 2009.05.01, 2:38am

  1685. Downloading NetBSD 5, I'm just plain curious. Never actually got around to trying NetBSD.

    Thu 2009.04.30, 4:03am

  1686. Going home, w00t!

    Wed 2009.04.29, 11:05pm

  1687. Successfully made a Prolific UC-232A USB to serial adapter work with OS X using an open source driver: Sweet!

    Wed 2009.04.29, 7:44pm

  1688. Don't do drugs and try to talk tech!

    Wed 2009.04.29, 5:27pm

  1689. textmate ( looks like it could be slick. If only it had vi key-bindings I could use it as a text editor.

    Wed 2009.04.29, 6:09am

  1690. Finally going home... Woohoo!

    Wed 2009.04.29, 1:49am

  1691. Sleepy, tired... Zzzzz...

    Tue 2009.04.28, 6:31am

  1692. Windows 7 - Enabling users to virtualize a lousy ancient and useless OS within a newer, shinier and still useless OS!

    Tue 2009.04.28, 5:23am

  1693. Playing with Perl::Critic ( Looks interesting. Will have to take a closer look at this as time permits.

    Tue 2009.04.28, 4:58am

  1694. Google profiles, cause the world needed one more way to track my every move:

    Tue 2009.04.28, 3:49am

  1695. Time to put away the perl interpreter, wrap things up and call it a day.

    Mon 2009.04.27, 11:14pm

  1696. Thus ends another weekend... Time to sleep...

    Mon 2009.04.27, 5:35am

  1697. Wow, it is remarkable how much more responsive Courier IMAP is on my P4 3.2 GHz colo vs my aging AMD 850 MHz Thunderbird based home server.

    Sun 2009.04.26, 6:11am

  1698. Mission accomplished.

    Sun 2009.04.26, 1:25am

  1699. Making her some Kraft Dinner to exact "Kraft" specifications may smooth things over. Worth a try.

    Sun 2009.04.26, 1:02am

  1700. All this mail migration stuff has bored my wife so severely she's resorted to watching Harry Potter on TV. This can't be good.

    Sun 2009.04.26, 12:58am

  1701. Think I'm all done... Too bad for my 24 hour DNS TTL though. That was stupid. :P

    Sun 2009.04.26, 12:39am

  1702. Playing with the idea of moving mail from my home server to my Tera-Byte colocation.

    Sat 2009.04.25, 10:27pm

  1703. Did I fall asleep, miss summer and skip straight to fall? Last I looked it was supposed to be spring. Damn Alberta.

    Fri 2009.04.24, 3:46am

  1704. Hooray!!! It compiled! It actually compiled!!! Who knew defining NPTL_KERNEL_VERSION in make.conf would do the trick?!

    Thu 2009.04.23, 8:59pm

  1705. Trying again to build glibc.

    Thu 2009.04.23, 6:21pm

  1706. Alright, Criminal Minds is over and my FreeBSD updates are done. I'm going to bed.

    Thu 2009.04.23, 6:14am

  1707. Well, might as well go watch Criminal Minds while BIND recompiles.

    Thu 2009.04.23, 5:00am

  1708. I should probably update the FreeBSD base on my home server as the the power outage killed my uptime a couple days ago anyway. I need a UPS.

    Thu 2009.04.23, 4:40am

  1709. Why, oh why won't this Gentoo box build glibc?!

    Wed 2009.04.22, 4:12pm

  1710. Idling at the Tim Horton's drive through to celebrate Earth day... :)

    Wed 2009.04.22, 2:19pm

  1711. Whoa! It's not even 8 AM yet and I'm up and ready to go, and I have enough on my Tim Card for a cappuccino. It'll be a good day!

    Wed 2009.04.22, 1:52pm

  1712. Need a good twitter client for Linux. Maybe I'll give TweetDeck a try...

    Wed 2009.04.22, 12:58am

  1713. How is it that mod_perl is lowercasing the field-name key in my DBI row hashref?!

    Tue 2009.04.21, 7:38pm

  1714. It's 2009 and our clocks still blink 12:00 after a power outage, WTF?!

    Tue 2009.04.21, 6:59am

  1715. Emerging iwl3945-ucode- seems to break WiFi on my Gentoo notebook. Reverted to and masked that beotch. All is well now.

    Tue 2009.04.21, 4:54am

  1716. I have power again, yay!

    Tue 2009.04.21, 2:49am

  1717. What the hell, my power just went out... :(

    Tue 2009.04.21, 1:54am

  1718. I think they put baby crack in these Goldfish crackers. My daughter simply can't get enough of them!

    Tue 2009.04.21, 1:43am

  1719. Ubuntu 9.04 will be out in 3 days. Will Gnome 2.26 hit the Gentoo portage tree first? If not, I may question my current distro choice. :)

    Tue 2009.04.21, 1:32am

  1720. My wife bought me a Rubik's cube... Sweet!

    Mon 2009.04.20, 11:54pm

  1721. That's enough for today. Time to go home.

    Mon 2009.04.20, 11:08pm

  1722. Not sure how I feel about Oracle acquiring Sun... How will this affect MySQL and ZFS?

    Mon 2009.04.20, 5:09pm

  1723. Ah, Going to sleep, the thing to look forward to when you wake up in the morning. :)

    Sun 2009.04.19, 7:53am

  1724. Going home. :)

    Sat 2009.04.18, 12:22am

  1725. I'm on twitter and my chair squeaks like a tweetie-bird, coincidence?

    Thu 2009.04.16, 4:43am

  1726. Why must I wait 8 hours for batteries to charge when I buy a new toy? :(

    Thu 2009.04.16, 4:05am

  1727. Hmm. Just bought Tweetie. Much better UI compared to TwitterFon.

    Thu 2009.04.16, 3:57am

  1728. Seriously people. Its a virus. It's infecting Windows machines... This is news, because?!

    Wed 2009.04.01, 4:35am

  1729. Conficker?! Windows has sooo many damn viruses that all the good names are taken!

    Wed 2009.04.01, 4:32am

  1730. MacTavish, you bonehead!

    Wed 2009.04.01, 4:13am

  1731. Time to sleep...

    Mon 2009.03.30, 6:19am

  1732. Damn Shaw and their audio cut-outs!!

    Mon 2009.03.30, 3:35am

  1733. M'eh

    Sun 2009.03.29, 12:30am

  1734. Hooray! VESA console is now coexisting with X peacefully. :)

    Sat 2009.03.28, 3:32am

  1735. Upgrading xorg-server from from to 1.5.3-r5. Damn ~ keyword!

    Sat 2009.03.28, 2:12am

  1736. Tweaked almost all the nagging issues out of my Gentoo install... Was it worth it?

    Wed 2009.03.25, 6:27am

  1737. Sorry Microsoft, even free porn isn't enough to persuade me into installing Silverlight! (

    Mon 2009.03.23, 6:08am

  1738. Oooh, look... The final IE8 has been released... Does anybody care? :P

    Thu 2009.03.19, 5:12pm

  1739. Going to bed...

    Thu 2009.03.19, 6:45am

  1740. Alright, so I have a working 'base...' Now the fun of compiling everything I need to actually have a useable laptop. That'll take some time.

    Thu 2009.03.19, 5:21am

  1741. Damn... Didn't even break my Windows 7 partition in the process... :P

    Thu 2009.03.19, 5:06am

  1742. It lives! :)

    Thu 2009.03.19, 5:04am

  1743. Nope... Screwed up my grub.conf. :(

    Thu 2009.03.19, 4:58am

  1744. Rebooting... Will it boot?

    Thu 2009.03.19, 4:56am

  1745. Still compiling...

    Thu 2009.03.19, 4:48am

  1746. Compiling the essentials... syslog, cron, dhcp client... Yeah, and a boot loader...

    Thu 2009.03.19, 4:44am

  1747. Emerging vi before I go NANO CRAZY!!!

    Thu 2009.03.19, 4:35am

  1748. Sweet, kernel is done compiling... Just needed to get distracted with trying to make a non-sucky twitter background...

    Thu 2009.03.19, 4:34am

  1749. Still compiling...

    Thu 2009.03.19, 4:23am

  1750. For once the wife is probably right... I think I'm just installing Gentoo cause I like pain...

    Thu 2009.03.19, 4:22am

  1751. My wife hates "tweeter"

    Thu 2009.03.19, 4:17am

  1752. Attempt failed... Still compiling... She's still giving me dirty looks for wiping Ubuntu... :(

    Thu 2009.03.19, 4:15am

  1753. Attempting to make conversation with my wife while my kernel compiles..

    Thu 2009.03.19, 4:13am

  1754. Still compiling; good cigarette...

    Thu 2009.03.19, 4:13am

  1755. Compiling is taking too long... Guess I should smoke.

    Thu 2009.03.19, 4:09am

  1756. Compiling the kernel...

    Thu 2009.03.19, 4:07am

  1757. Wussing out and installing genkernel for now...

    Thu 2009.03.19, 4:06am

  1758. She doesn't get it.

    Thu 2009.03.19, 4:04am

  1759. Explaining to my wife why I'm installing Gentoo instead of Ubuntu... Sigh.

    Thu 2009.03.19, 4:03am

  1760. Profile set, locales generated...

    Thu 2009.03.19, 4:02am

  1761. Syncing portage...

    Thu 2009.03.19, 3:55am

  1762. Chroot'ing...

    Thu 2009.03.19, 3:55am

  1763. Tweaking my make.conf, why must stage3 include nano but not vi?! Sacrilege!

    Thu 2009.03.19, 3:54am

  1764. Extracting portage snapshot...

    Thu 2009.03.19, 3:48am

  1765. Groovy, grabbing a portage snapshot.

    Thu 2009.03.19, 3:47am

  1766. Download complete... Extracting stage3 tar-ball...

    Thu 2009.03.19, 3:45am

  1767. Drive partitioned, filesystems created... Downloading a stage3 tar-ball...

    Thu 2009.03.19, 3:42am

  1768. Allright, all backed up... Destroy!

    Thu 2009.03.19, 3:35am

  1769. Backing up my Ubuntu home directories in preparation for a long painful Gentoo installation.

    Thu 2009.03.19, 3:23am

  1770. Compiling takes way too damn long...

    Tue 2009.03.17, 9:16pm

  1771. My laptop boots Haiku via USB, my Pentium-D desktop not so much. Still has a ways to go before its useful. Still makes me nostalgic though.

    Fri 2009.03.13, 2:56am

  1772. dd'ing the Haiku image to a usb stick. Will it boot on real hardware?!

    Fri 2009.03.13, 2:12am

  1773. Victory!

    Thu 2009.03.12, 5:10am

  1774. Trying to sucker someone to be a twit like me and join Twitter... Maybe I'll see the point of this then?

    Thu 2009.03.12, 4:58am

  1775. Let's see if SMS updates are working...

    Fri 2009.03.06, 4:24am

  1776. Man, these chocolate covered coffee beens should be illegal. They're way to good. Wonder how many I have to eat to get a caffeine high?

    Mon 2009.03.02, 10:57pm

  1777. I'm wondering two things. Why are people so fond of this twitter thing, and why doesn't it let me upload a photo with Safari beta?

    Mon 2009.03.02, 8:10pm