Running Motorola CNUT on Mac OS X

The AirSurfer WISP network I manage for Triton Networking Solutions Ltd. utilizes hundreds of Motorola Canopy Subscriber modules to connect individual broadband clients to our network.

In order to mass manage these devices, Motorola provides CNUT. CNUT is a great tool, but in spite of the fact that it was written in cross platform languages from day one (Currently Java, previously some Perl in the mix for good measure) it is only packaged for Windows and Linux systems.

I’ve been dissatisfied for some time in the exclusion of support for CNUT on my desktop OS of choice. Being in a creative and inspired mood late yesterday evening, I did what any self respecting, Canopy using, red blooded, vigilante coding network geek would do.

I downloaded the Linux package to my trusty Ubuntu based laptop, jumped through the installation hoops, ripped out all the Java jar and class files and began to play.

Behold! – CNUT running under Mac OS Tiger (10.4.9) on a PowerMac G5:

The resulting OS X disk image contains a Mac OS X Application Bundle with all the necessary dependencies to run CNUT. It has all been packaged in such a way as to look and feel as close as possible to a native application. Installation is as simple as drag and drop, as per the typical Mac OS experience.

Disclaimer: I have tested this package on both PowerPC and Intel based Macintosh computers. I have successfully used it to upgrade firmware on numerous modules in a production environment. To the best of my knowledge, it works at least as well as the official Motorola package. That being said, if my attempt at being helpful caused your Canopy Network to be annihilated in a fierce and fiery disaster of biblical proportions and voids your Canopy warranty, I hereby disclaim all liability.

In addition, this release is by no means endorsed, authorized or supported by Motorola. It contains their intellectual property including copyrighted and unaltered but substantially repackaged Java byte code and Trademarks. The package is being distributed with good intentions based on the concept of a community of users improving the solutions used for the greater good of the community.

If Motorola’s legal department becomes offended at the existence and distribution of this package, I will of course have to remove it. Though I am sincerely hoping they recognize this as a useful contribution.

8 Responses to “Running Motorola CNUT on Mac OS X”

  1. rob Says:

    Works! Tested with 3 different mac’s, nice job.

  2. Joe Says:

    Thanks for putting this together. My boss asked me to upgrade some of our radios but could not get CNUT to work in Os X and almost had to resort to using a windows machine. I am glad I get to use my Mac.

  3. Martin Says:

    Thanks! Thats fantastic. Of course the standard question, is there a CNut 3 coming :>

  4. Denis Lemire Says:

    Due to a recent change of positions, updating Canopy gear is no longer part of my role, hence I wasn’t even aware that CNUT 3 was released. I’ll have to have a look and see if it can be ported as well (as time permits).

  5. Bryan Says:

    If you give me a general idea of what it took to rip and convert it to .dmg, I’d glady work on CNUTv3 and release that. CNUTv3 is required for R9.0 which just came out.

  6. Dan Darden Says:

    I am definitely interested in this project as well. Any general information you have about how you proceeded in order to get this done would be great news so that I can help to compile a version for v3. I am using a iBook G4 running Leopard. Thanks. Anyone interested can email dld2517 at yahoo dot com

  7. Denis Lemire’s Site » Blog Archive » Running Motorola CNUT 3 on Mac OS X Says:

    […] a week short of two years ago I ported Motorola’s CNUT tool to OS X. I originally did so to satisfy my personal use but also decided to share the package for […]

  8. wendson Says:


    boa tarde,

    eu estava olhando esse site e me enteressei muito pois voces conseguiram rodar o CNUT no mac OS e gostaria de pedir ajuda para roda-lo no ubuntu 10.04

    agradeço se puderam me ajudar…

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