Radeon Mobility Blacklist in Hardy Beta

Not being a man of patience, I figured with the final release of Gnome 2.22 included in the latest Hardy Beta, now would be a good time to jump on the Hardy band-wagon.

Everything seems to be working solid. They’ve even included the previously missing Keyspan module. Woo hoo!

Unfortunately I did run into one major issue, Compiz completely stopped working after the upgrade.

Doing some Googling revealed the following Bug no. 201330: Need to whitelist multiple ATI cards, or remove blacklisting.

Apparently an overly broad blacklist has been placed on all Radeon graphics existing in laptops. Good to know a bug has already been opened on the issue. I imagine this will be resolved before Hardy’s release.

In the mean time, those running Hardy Beta on hardware they know works with compiz can comment out the line 270 to 278 in

#don't run on laptops using ati driver
if laptop-detect; then
        for DRV in ati radeon; do
                 if egrep -q "Loading ${XORG_DRIVER_PATH}${DRV}_drv\.so" $LOG &&
                   ! egrep -q "Unloading ${XORG_DRIVER_PATH}${DRV}_drv\.so" $LOG;
                        verbose "Found laptop using ${DRV} driver. \n"
                        return 1

After making the above change, Compiz will work every bit as well as it has in previous releases.

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  1. Matty Dee Says:

    Pure genius! I installed Hardy on my Toshiba laptop a few days ago and I tried to get compiz working but no luck. I’ve just tried what you said in this post and it works a treat! So thanks for posting online, I’m sure it will help many others out!

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