It’s a girl!

She’s here! Natalie Emily Lemire was born on September 6th 10:20 PM at the Grey Nuns Community Hospital.

Natalie weighed in at a colossal 4.15 kg (9 pounds, 2 ounces) and measured an impressive 59 cm.

To those 60% of you who voted boy on the poll Natalie would like to stress the following: “ha!”

6 Responses to “It’s a girl!”

  1. Florida Says:

    she’s gorgeous!! Big girl!! My son was 7lbs 13ounces!! Thats good though. She’s healthy…. I’m still soo jealous!! lol I miss you

  2. Melissa & Trevor Southorn Says:

    CONGRATULATIONS Jessie & Dennis!!!!
    Natalie is a beautiful baby girl (as you already know!!).
    I was part of the 60% saying boy, good thing I didn’t bet any money.
    Take care,
    Melissa & Trevor

  3. Judi Says:

    Congratulations to you both – what a gorgeous wee baby girl!! Please call when you get a moment and are not so sleep deprived you are foggy…hugs to all three of you.

    I have been saving a gift (for either gender of course) and would love to hear from you.

    We have exciting news – have placed an offer on a home in BC – might be moving very soon………

  4. MOM Says:

    I am very proud of my little girl, especially with such a beautiful french name………to let you know Denis, I got her some southers(suce) that will not be blue……
    she almost beat my weight at birth, but not quite……….a few more ounces and she would of being just like Mammy……..(grand-maman)
    Good job……………..

  5. Lauraine Says:

    Congratulations Denis and Jessie !

    I am the cousin of Quebec of your mother. Excuse my English… you have a very pretty girl!


  6. Gail Ellis Says:

    Congrats on your beautiful baby girl….children are a wonderful addition to your life…enjoy her….Larry & I are in agreement that she is beautiful…. It was very thoughtful of Dan to share her picture with us…congrats Denis & Jessie..

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