Twitter murdered my will to Blog

As a new year approaches, I find myself glancing at this site in realization… Gee, it’s now a matter of months until I can say I haven’t posted here in two years!

That’s quite alright… Unless I have something substantial to justify one of my long winded posts, its just so much easier to spew at 140 character intervals! I’m now a fully formed twitter addict.

No need for alarm though, you can still come here to ease your insatiable need for all things ‘Denis!’

Thanks to the magic of ThinkUp and some custom tweaking, all of my carefully crafted fits of narcissism are available in near real-time by following the “Tweets” link above.

I think this fits well with the “lazy sysadmin” mentality I’ve developed over the years… A quick tweet is all that’s required to distribute a tasty soundbite or hunk of verbal diarrhea to this site, Facebook and a plethora of mobile devices. What’s not to like?

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