Where are the high-end Bluetooth Mice?

For years I have been massively annoyed by the complete utter lack of high end Bluetooth mice. I’ve always written the issue off with an excuse along the lines of “they’ll come soon, it just takes time for the industry to adopt a new technology.”

Enough! I’m tired of waiting! I didn’t want to do this, but I no longer have a choice. I will now whine profusively about the issue. With any luck, maybe some executive at a major peripheral manufacturer will get a clue and build a new mouse just for me (I’m looking at you Logitech!) I’m going to pick on Logitech in specific only because they have been my favorite manufacturer of computer mice for as long as I can remember.

The issue is essentially this: I have several Apple computers. These computers are all equipped with Bluetooth as a standard feature. None of these computers are currently equipped with a Bluetooth mouse but are all equipped with a wireless mouse.

Why is this? Simply, nobody is willing to offer me a quality Bluetooth mouse in exchange for some of my money. Instead I need to unnecessarily waste a perfectly good USB port on a completely redundant and proprietary wireless mouse dongle.

Now certainly Bluetooth mice exist, but to date every one I’ve found falls into one of two categories:

  1. Limited mice, typically small and completely void of any features not found in a basic $10 mouse.
  2. Excessive mice that come with some sort of docking cradle, keyboard, or some other device that also adds Bluetooth capability to your computer.

The first option is useless to me. I don’t want a basic and tiny mouse to throw in my laptop bag. I want a fancy desktop mouse with all the fixins. Something exactly like the Logitech MX 610 I use now, just rid me of the lame USB dongle in favor of integrated Bluetooth.

The second option is also useless to me. I don’t want to add Bluetooth to a computer that already has Bluetooth just so I can use a mouse with a decent feature set.

An example of the latter is the Logitech MX900 which has a charging cradle that also doubles as the Bluetooth adapter. The mouse itself is perfect. I would throw the bundled Bluetooth dongle in the trash and use the mouse if I could, but the mouse requires the cradle to charge it.

Why won’t somebody sell me a Bluetooth mouse without assuming I’m going to use it with a laptop (hence small and portable and featureless) or that my desktop does not have Bluetooth (hence includes useless Bluetooth hub functionality)?

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