Playing in the world of WordPress.

I wanted to eventually do some content for this site but I’ve been far too lazy to continue with my purist ways. Instead of skillfully crafting yet another site in Vi, I figured I’d give WordPress a try and see what all the fuss is about.

So far so good. The installation was very smooth. I was able to write my own mod_rewrite rules and keep the WordPress files in their own directory, while still having it appear at the root URL of this site. This allows me to also have non-WordPress managed content.

My previous and aging attempt at a site was suffering from stale content due to me not having the time to jump through the hoops of updating it. The previous site was powered by my own slapped together code which is very heavily showing its age. In spite of its MySQL based content storage, it is actual a royal pain to post to (requires manual editing of MySQL tables). I’ve contemplated rewriting it, but who’s got the time?

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