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Tab width

Code MUST be indented with tabs. Anyone who tells you otherwise is simply foolish or misinformed. For those who don't like massive indentations, that's why tabs are magical. Below you can set your tab width for a few of the worthy text editors (4 columns in these examples). Any text editor that doesn't let you specify tab widths isn't worthy of the title. No further discussion is necessary.



set tabsize 4



set ts=4



set tabstop=2

general vi notes

Berkeley Vi Customization

The clone of Vi included in the FreeBSD base system is Berkeley Vi (nvi). The following can be added to ~/.nexrc to enable auto-indentation and automatic line wrapping:

set autoindent
set wraplen=78


Execute command between markers:


Find and replace between line numbers:


In x or y above . represents the current line, $ the last line. Markers may be prefixed with '