Rubiks Cube

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This is a quick reference only. You must be familiar with the notation... You're probably best to find a more in-depth tutorial if none of this makes sense. :)


  • Corner Algorithm: Ri Di R D
  • Middle Layer (Left): Ui Li U L U F Ui Fi
  • Middle Layer (Right): U R Ui Ri Ui Fi U F
  • Third Layer Cross: F R U Ri Ui Fi (Blue 'L' shape Should be in upper left-hand corner, repeat if necessary)
  • Third Layer Opposite Edge Flip: R U Ri U R U U Ri
  • Third Layer - Edges: R U Ri U R U U Ri U (with two lined up sides (one in right hand, one opposite of you)
  • Third Layer - Corners: U R Ui Li U Ri Ui L

Solving the Cube

First Layer

  • Intuitively build a cross on the green face, ensuring non-corner edge pieces match center pieces of middle layer.
  • Position each green corner piece below its target destination on the third layer
  • With piece in place, hold cube green face up with target corner in bottom right-hand side
  • Repeat Corner Algorithm until corner piece is in correct position
  • Repeat for each corner until first layer is completely solved

Second Layer

  • Place cube green face down, blue face up
  • Find non-corner edge piece with no blue on it
  • Line piece up with centre piece of middle layer
  • Use either the Middle Layer (Left) or Middle Layer (Right) algorithms to place piece in the correct position in middle layer.

Third Layer

  • If you do not have a blue cross on the blue face, use the Third Layer Cross algorithm.
  • If you end up with backwards L shape. It should be placed at the top left.
  • Need two edge pieces to line up with the same color in the middle layer.
  • Place one lined up side in your right hand, the other needs to be opposite of you.
  • Position any correct corner, WITHOUT spinning any sides, to the lower right hand corner of the blue face (blue is still on top).
  • If no such corner exists (they are all in the wrong position) do the Third Layer - Corners algorithm from any position
  • Use Corner Algorithm with target corner at bottom right of blue face until corner is flipped correctly.
  • Rotate top clockwise to next unsolved corner
  • Use Corner Algorithm with target corner at bottom right of blue face until corner is flipped correctly.
  • Repeat for each last two steps for each unsolved corner.