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Using a Logitech MX-610 wireless mouse I decided to test whether or not the new Energizer Lithium batteries are worthwhile. The results below:

First Trial

  • Energizer Lithium, installed Dec 12, 2006, died on May 30th 2007 (169 days!)
  • Energizer Alkaline, installed May 30th 2007, died Aug 30th 2007 (61 days)

Second Trial

  • Energizer Lithium, installed Feb 29, 2008, estimated battery death: Aug 16, 2008.
  • Energizer Lithium mysteriously stopped working March 11, 2008. Maybe some devices don't like them? Not sure why it worked so well the first time.


Based on a single test it would appear the Lithium batteries last nearly 3 times as long (2.77 to be precise). This is assuming you don't run into odd issues.